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From Maria - 04/12/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
my father used to tell me that i was looking a little fatter or that i was constantly eating when I was very thin. This negative attention made me want to eat more because i figured im disgusting now, why not? then as mother began lecturing me about food choices I went on a crash diet, losing 19 pounds in three weeks. I thought this would make me happy but it didnt. I gained all the weight back. When I got to High School I came into my own and became truly happy THIS IS WHAT GOT THE WEIGHT OFF, i was too busy to think about food. HELP YOUR KIDS GET HAPPY AND ENCOURAGE THEM, DONT ATTACK THEM WITH CELERY AND CARROTS!

From stacey, Child's Age 8 - 04/04/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am exstreamly conserned about my 8 year old daughter stacy. She is 4 foot 6 and ways 140.It scared me because i way 140. She is exstreamly active and dose soccer 2 times a week she also dose baseball and gymnastics. My other daughter is 11 and 80 pounds.We eat very healthy and i make a point to exsersise every week. The other thing is i am not sure if she nose that she is over weight. She wears very tight cloths that make her look even bigger.But unlike most over weight children she doesnt haven fat cheeks chubby fingers or anything, all her weight is at her belly. Her stomack is so huge, it sages over her pants, and in the past year, 2 roles have formed there. I have been waching stacy closly and she is encreadble, she eats so much. More then is think able. This is what she eat for dinner last nigh when we went out to a freinds houuse. Two large peeses of chicken, a scoop of marrconie... (view more)
Reply from valerie, Child's Age 7 - 04/17/07  - IP#:
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From maddy, Child's Age 10 - 04/03/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am a single mom in the military so when I deployed 2 years ago my children went to stay with there grandmother. My 8 year old son went from 95lbs to 168lbs in the 9 months I was gone. There grandmother blamed it on the steroids in his asthma medication, but I later found out that the real culprit was eating whatever they wanted and being couch potatoes. 2 years later, he is 148lbs and 6 inches taller. This was due to limiting portion sizes, no junk food in the house and limiting tv and video games. He's still the biggest kid in his class, but he's also the tallest. We're still climbing this uphill battle but we'll get there. I'm hoping by the time he reaches High school his height and weight will balance out. It's amazing how 9 months of damage can take years to recover from.

From roger, Child's Age 14 - 03/30/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hi i am woried about my son.He is 14 and 245 and he is 5 feet 8 inches tall.He has been skinny all of his life but in the past 2 years he has put on 130 pounds.I did'nt know about ti untill the other day it was the first time i had seen him 2 that he is living with me his pants don't fit and the buttons poped of.He will be starting school and i'm afrad he is going to get piked on.he has strech marks evryware and his pants are to big fore me.He don't eat that much junk food but he eats alot.he likes to go on walkes but i can tell he's ganing what shoud i do.
Reply from Erik Ludwig, Child's Age 18 - 10/29/07  - IP#:
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From Lisa, Child's Age 15 - 03/27/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My Child started gaining weight when she was around 7. I would see her eat whole loaves of bread but, I was busy at work so i never dealt with it. By the time she was 13 she was over 200 pounds. Now she's 15 and 180 and 5ft.5in. Tall. I suggest that all of you with younger children to monitor them and speak up when they overweight. They may be angry with you at the time but I promise you it's for the better when you force them not to overweight or force them to walk or play a sport. A friend's child of mine has recently passed away because of his obesity. His mother told me she wishes she would've done something. Do you want to live in regret?

From Debbie, Child's Age 13 - 03/07/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am having a bit of a problem. My daughter has been differn't lately. She dropped out of all her sports. Since she has dropped out she has gained 20 pounds since. I brought her to the doctor to check her height and weight and she is 5 foot 3 inches and 181 pounds. We went to the beach last week and she insisted on wearing a bikini and that's when it got worse, i took pictures of her in her bikini and showed her. She told me she likes being overweight. This week i demanded her to do 10 push ups and 20 situps in front of me and she barely made it through situps and she fell during pushups. I dont her to go through an unhealthy life as a teen. So i am going to keep buying her smaller sizes than she is to determine her to fit into those pants. am i being harsh or is this okay?
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From Anita, Child's Age 10 - 03/07/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My child is 10 years old and her name is Rachel she turned 10 on august 23,2006 and she weights 115 pounds and she is 4'11,she is teased in school for her weight,IS SHE OVERWEIGHTT?
Reply from Lisa, Child's Age 17 - 04/08/07  - IP#:
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From David, Child's Age 11 - 03/05/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My last message on here was on 10-29-2006. I gave a message about my daughter being 140lbs. She gained up to 153lbs. but has now lost down to 145lbs. since she has been put on a weight watchers diet. She lost very quickly at first as the first bit was water retention. She is getting to like the diet. I think the rest of the weight loss will be much slower as it is not water. It is the opinion of the doctor that she is now on the right path.

From vanessa, Child's Age 11 - 02/16/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
i went shopping with my 11 year old duaghter a week ago, i hadnt gone shopping whith her in a long time so i was surprised to see that nothing fit her even in the biggest possble size.i new she was a bit heavy but i had been to busy to really watch her closly.since about 8 months ago she had been wereing bagy clothes so i never really saw what was under there.i made vanessa try on a two pese bathing suit hoping it would fit her and she told me it did. when she steped out of the changing room in the two peace bathing suit i was shocked by her body.she had 4 gigly rolls of fat arond her stomack.she looked obese.i was shocked that she had 4 rolls of fat.her thise were huge and i notised she had strech marks arounb her stomack and thise.i tried to act like i hadnit notised anything.i talked to my husband and we desided to take her to the docter i didnt want to tell her why we were going to... (view more)
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From Joyce, Child's Age 11 - 02/14/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son was always skinny. I sent him to sleepaway camp this past summer and he came back 25 pounds heavier which is alot because he is only 5 feet tall. His clothes were all tight, most of pants didn't even button. I had to buy him all new clothes. Now, 6 months later, his new clothes are all to tight as he has put on another 15 pounds making him 135! When I try to talk about it with him, he just says, "So what if I'm a little fat, whats the big deal?" It doesn't bother him at all. How can I convince him to lose weight?
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From Pat, Child's Age 19 - 02/12/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Well here is an update on my daughter she went into the hospital a few months ago for congestive heart failure and we almost lost her. well they kept her in the hospital for four months till she lost weight, shes down to 580lbs which is better that the around 900 the hospital had her at before. around 200lbs was just fluid. well shes been sticking to her diet which is really good shes got a small amount of mobility back but we take her to water aerobics were she works out as much as she can. if anyone has anygood ideas it would be appreciated on how to exercise at a high weight. well happy holidays everyone
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From Kaylee, Child's Age 16 - 02/08/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi, my daughter is 16 and she 5'7'' 165 pounds. I know it's not that bad. She used to be very active. Played almost every sport she has given every sport at least one try. But since we moved to a new school she quit all her sports. Well she does colorguard which consists of spinning flags and equipment and occasional dancing. But I think her weight problem is a bigger cause. She parties a lot with a bad crowd. I think she drinks. I'm not a 100% sure. But I always smell it on her breath. She sneaks in the hours 4 or 5 hours after curfew. Her curfew is 12:00 A.M. This morning (a school night) she came in at 4:45 a.m. I don't know what to do. If I yell at her she leaves. I've tried almost everything to do for her. And I'm afraid her siblings are going to be like her. her sis is 15 and is starting to act like her. ANd her 13 year old brother is sneaking out now to. What should I do?
Reply from andrea, Child's Age 16 - 04/12/07  - IP#:
Reply from To Brooke, Child's Age 16 - 03/01/07  - IP#:
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From Amelia, Child's Age 11 - 02/08/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi, my daughter is only 11 years old but has been consitently overweight since she was a baby. Right now she's 5'4" and weighs 148 lbs. I know that's not obese, but considered clinically overweight. Our family is the model of healthy eating and exercise. I, her mom, participate in triathlons and her dad rides bikes. My daughter rides horses and takes Tae Kwon Do. She's active and most of the time, makes reasonable food choices. I don't know what to do. My husband and I argue continuously about how frank to be with our 11-year-old about her size. I don't want her to think we think she's fat and I don't want to drive her to anorexia. Complicating matters, is her 13-year old sister who's painfully thin and can eat whatever she wants. For other parents of pubescent children, please tell me what else to do to get my child's weight under control!
Reply from Carla, Child's Age 10 - 06/27/07  - IP#:

From Tammy, Child's Age 13 - 02/07/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter, Alexia, likes to eat these snack bars called Nutty Bars, and I was wondering, there are two bars in one package, and it says on the back of the box that each one has 320 calories. Does that mean 320 calories for each actual bar, or 320 calories for each package? I buy them a lot, so I was just wondering if they were contributing to my daughter's weight gain.
Reply from sonya, Child's Age 11 - 03/15/07  - IP#:
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From Ryan, Child's Age 13 - 02/07/07 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son recently became wicked obese he quite all sports and never want to exercise right now his is 5'5 and 230 pounds he always eats junk food a few day a go i bought a party size bag of ruffles and he ate the whole thing he is a size 45 pants and when we go to the beach his stomach hangs down almost to his knees i do not know wat to do help
Reply from Jeremy, Child's Age 15 - 06/14/07  - IP#:
Reply from Missy, Child's Age 12 - 03/14/07  - IP#:

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