From Jackie, Child's Age 12 - 09/27/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i have a 12 year old dd and her doctor has recommended weight watchers so im going to do this with her but i feel she needs kids her own age to help her and to cheer her on she is very sweet but just addicted to food and sometimes sneaks food without even realizing what she is doing. i have 4 girls from 14 to 5 and they are very emotional so if im dealling with one the other 3 feel left out just wanted my daughter to know that yes there are other children her age going at this to and that she is not alone
Reply from brandi, Child's Age 12 - 10/14/07  - IP#:
hi im your daughters age im starting to lose weight if she goes on the kid chatroom from this website she can talk to kids like her and i and they give us advice and tips on what can help us lose weight i hope this helps

Reply from jackie, Child's Age 12 - 09/28/07  - IP#:
thank you that is very helpful i will let join in on wed's chat we got our bikes out and went for a 3 mile ride yesterday but today it looks like rain maybe we can squeze a fast walk in

Reply from Jenny, Child's Age 12 - 09/28/07  - IP#:
Jackie, I think many kids are shy and embarassed about posting, but I think many read the messages on the board. My daughter also sometimes goes to the chat group with Lucy on Wednesday evenings on this site, which is very helpful. Lucy is a dietician. - Jenny

Reply from jackie, Child's Age 12 - 09/28/07  - IP#:
thank you and i did let her post on the preteen site but it looks like there is very few that visit reguarly but she was deffinitly moved by the stories and i think she feels that she is not alone

Reply from Jenny, Child's Age 12 - 09/27/07  - IP#:
Your daughter can post a message on the preteens bulletin board on this site. There are a lot of kids that post, who are going through the same thing. They help and support each other. My daughter likes that board. - Jenny