From Dinah, Child's Age 12 - 09/17/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I've not read any examples quite like my son's, and I know they're out there. Maybe my post will get a response. My son is 5'7" and 175 lbs. He has been "off the chart" with his height and weight since he was a baby. He was an average baby at birth (7 lbs 11 oz); but at the very first check-up he took off and was probably in the 97% even then. :o) He is VERY athletic and participates in Baseball and Basketball. Folks have suggested he play football since he was very young, but by the time he was interested, he already weighed too much to play on the youth leagues in our area. He also wears a size 12 shoe, and it was suggested by the doctor that there's a good chance he will grow to be 6'4". If you distribute the 175 lbs over a 6'4" frame that might not be too bad, and I still keep thinking he's going to hit that growth spurt; but it's also obvious that he needs to lose some belly fat. We also think he's dealing with the disorder called gynocomastia; which only exaggerates the problem. He's not overly sensitive about his weight; he's aware of it. We've discussed it, but he is "somewhat" sensitve. Occasionally he will say "are you saying I'm fat" and he will get that hurt look on his face. Even if I just say, "you don't need to be eating that right now" or "you just ate!" ... I think I know everything we need to do. I'd have to have been living in a cave not to know that we need to buy healthier food and limit unhealthy ones. Limit TV, video game and computer time. Even though he's very active he still seems to find plenty of time to WATCH sports on the TV, too. :o) And he does play video games (almost all of them are team sports games (football, baseball, basketball...) You're porbably wondering what I'm asking then. :o) I suppose I'm looking for advice on the best way to remind him to make good choices, without alientating him. I would hope my son knows that I love him no matter what, but when he responds negatively to my reminders, I feel like he thinks I don't love him if I MENTION his weight. I KNOW he WANTS to be in better shape. It's one of those things where when he's OLDER he will be ANGRY at his parents for not "MAKING HIM" eat better and exercise. This is the first year in middle school that he is eleiglbe to participate in interscholasitc athleteics. He wants to try out fro the basketball team, but he's afraid of not making it. I know that's not unusual even for skinny kids, but I'm CERTAIN if he was in better shape his chances of making the team would improve and/or he would be less effected by not making the team. Regardless, getting in better shape is something that we need to work on NOW. I realize it will just get more difficult if we don't. Sorry this is so long, I'm having problems verbalizing exactly what sort of help I'm looking for. I think just suggestions for talking to my son or reminding him of what he REALLY wants without making him think it's THE most important thing; or that I love him less RIGHT NOW. Thanks.
Reply from camron, Child's Age 14 - 11/01/07  - IP#:
that was very rude for Zu to say those kind of things trust me ur son is gonna be fine just give him healthy things he has a whole life ahead of em so i wouldnt even listen to Zu and just keep ur sons confidence very high cause my parents didint and i had to learn how to appreciate myself

Reply from Robin, Child's Age 1 - 10/22/07  - IP#:
I am a nurse and you are doing the right things by trying to make a change. You have picked the right time because middle school is an important social time. GET everyone MOVING together and walk to the store, school or practice fields. Bring bags or backpacks to the grocery and have him be the manly one to carry the gallon of skim milk. Try to BUY HEALTHY foods like fruit, raw vegetables, fat free popcorn and pretzels. Do not buy soda, sweets, chips dairy or fried food. Everyone in the house should eat the same healthy meals like BAKEd, BROILed or STEAMed meats and vegetables. Keep it easy by throwing them in a pot or foil pack with some herbs and seasoning.

Reply from Samantha, Child's Age 12 - 10/13/07  - IP#:
hi dinah im here to tell you what i do with my daughter. all i do is buy her 100 calorie snacks. she loves them because they come with chocolate or different types of cookies and crackers so if he wants to eat just give him those my family and i are vegitarians so it kinda helps my daughter but yet its the junk she likes so just buy 100 calories snacks and low fat foods and lots of fruits he can eat instead of chips and stuff i hope im helping you

Reply from sue, Child's Age 13 - 10/08/07  - IP#:
ok well your son will have a growth spurt and if he gets to be 6'4 and like you say he is very active he should probably weigh more than 175 lbs my friends son is 6'3 and he weighs about 185 he is not fat at all and i know that your worried about his eating habbits so well do something about it control his intake your his mom and in about two years you will have absoulty no say in what your son eats and the nagging thing isn't working if you want him to eat better you need to cook the meals everyday and have a snack when he gets home from school then close the kitchen til dinner feed him a good dinner that is balanced like if he gets seconds on mashed potatos then make sure he has a second vege but rember he is almost a teenage boy and trust me they eat alot!!! and they should to keep there bodys going it is very good that your son excircises and GOOD LUCK:)

Reply from Zu, Child's Age 14 - 09/19/07  - IP#:
He's playing you. You have the power. He knows it. You're the one who doesn't get it. You aren't afraid of food like you're afraid of drugs, so you're passive. Being obese is a matter of life and death. My husband's co-worker just buried her 16 year-old son, who died from complications of obesity! She overfed him as a baby, toddler, youngster, and he was set up to be a teenager who was addicted to eating. She did it to him. She had plenty of warning from his pediatrician. Even if she didn't, she could see that he weighed too much. How sad for a parent to sabotage her son's chance for a normal life. Fight for your son's health and life. Get help for yourself. Talk to his pediatrician.