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From Jayden, Child's Age 16 - 11/23/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello everyone,
My 16-year-old son lived with his mother (my ex-wife) up until last year since he was 5 years old. My ex-wife has always had full custody of him since we broke up and hadn't seen him last year. My ex-wife died from a heart issue, she asked me to take care of my son. I couldn't say no, and I didn't want him to end up in foster care. When I first saw my son in such a long time, I was rather shocked by how big he was. I didn't say anything for about 12 months, as it wasn't appropriate due to him recently surfing a loss. When first mentioned it to him, he started crying, I knew there was an issue. So I left it for a while. After a few weeks, he wanted to talk about his weight issues. He told me that he had been bullied for being fat at school for years, I didn't know this. We decided that we take him to the doctor for a check-up, his weight was 426lbs. The doctor told us that he need to lose weight. I don't know what I should do now?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 13 - 11/24/21  - IP#:

From Tom, Child's Age 12 - 10/21/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son had always been surprisingly fit, He never worked out or anything but somehow he was always toned and never had to worry about what he ate because it didn't seem to effect his weight. It was like this up until the beginning of last year right when the pandemic was starting to get out of control. Instead of his usual sports inspired days, he spent most of the day playing video games. I tried to encourage him to do things outside but he seemed to like his new lifestyle better. It went on like this for 3-4 months and I didn't notice anything different up until when I was looking at a photo of him from last December in our pool. In the photo he looked different somehow from the present. We were swimming the next morning in our pool when I finally realized what was different, he had gained at least twenty five pounds. He seemed like a different person, more interested in gaming then sports. The weight gain has continued and although hes playing soccer now, hes gained over 50 pounds in total
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From Niko, Child's Age 10 - 10/15/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hey, my son is nearly immobile, does anyone have any advice for caring for people that size?
Reply from Thomas, Child's Age 9 - 10/17/21  - IP#:

From Justin, Child's Age 11 - 10/10/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Not the parent, but an Uncle here. Hello people, kinda wanted to poke in here to ask for advice.
I have to look after my Nephew for the foreseeable future, as my Brother has major amount of traveling to do for his work over the next few months.
I haven't had seen him since he had his kid.
so I was in for quite a surprise when I met Martin.
he's 11, and a normal height for his age
but hooh, boy
the weight is anything but.
I asked him to spet on a scale, which he did after some complaint of having to get up.
346 Lbs (156 KG)
I somewhat struggle to care for this kid, and I'm just expected to do so.
he's somewhat spoiled and expects me to bring the food to his room.
In the week or so he has been here already, I haven't seen him leave the room outside of bathroom visits.
And he struggles to walk that way, I had to put a few chairs along the way from the room to the bathroom.
It feels more like what caring for a kindergarten kid feels like.
do any of you guys have Helpful advice for me?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 13 - 10/15/21  - IP#:

From Katarina, Child's Age 15 - 09/04/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello fellow parents. I'm a single mom and I have 2 kids, of which my 15 year old son is overweight. I'm really desperate for any tips or help. He used to be slightly bigger than average, about 80kg/175 pounds around 2 years ago during a doctors check up. 2 days ago he once again got on the scale at the doctors (preparation for a minor surgery on his hand) and he exceeded the weight limit of 150kg on the medical scale. (around 350lbs)
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 09/11/21  - IP#:
Reply from Katarina, Child's Age 15 - 09/04/21  - IP#:
Reply from Katarina, Child's Age 15 - 09/04/21  - IP#:

From Melanie, Child's Age 15 - 08/27/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I'm having problems with my daughter, Krista. She has always been very big, weighing around 240 lbs before the pandemic started. She was fairly active despite her size, though. But then we went into lockdown and for the first few months she preferred to stay in her room and became a lot less active. She also started eating more. To put it mildly, her weight ballooned and now, 18 months later she is a little over 350 lbs. I have tried talking to her about it but she doesn't seem to listen. She just tells me she knows she is big and to leave her alone about it. But she just keeps eating and I'm certain she is just going to keep getting fatter if she doesn't stop. I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do.

From Thomas, Child's Age 9 - 08/17/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello everybody! Father of two boys here aged 7 and 9. I am a bit worried about their weight. Our family are all on the bigger side, and I have to admit neither me nor my wife sets a good example, as we are both quite overweight. Eating good food has always been important to us, and in a busy everyday, exercise has not been the priority. Covid, home office and closed schools exaggerated the problem, and both boys definitely got bigger the last year. They are sort of active, but also eat like adults, and giving in to getting or making desserts and snacks has become a standard. They are not huge, but definitely on the plus side and some. Both happy and healthy. I am not very worried, but if it continues this way, they will be quite big. Are my concerns legit, or do you think it will even out as they grow taller?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 08/21/21  - IP#:

From Simon, Child's Age 15 - 08/07/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I have two sons, John (15), and William (17). Both of them are on the larger side, John more so than William. They were always on the chubbier side, but ever since the pandemic they have gained a considerable amount of weight. I’m not sure how much they actually weigh, but John is 5’6 and probably around 250, while William is 5’9 and probably the same weight. William carries his weight decently well (stockier/thick build), but John’s weight gain is very evident. He carries a lot of it in his hips and lovehandles. I have tried to get them more active, but both boys are homebody’s and would rather stay and play video games inside.
I’ve spoken about this to my wife and she feels that the boys sizes are completely fine. She also completely spoils them, brings them fast food nearly every day on her way home from work as a snack for the boys. This snack has turned into a full blown meal,... (view more)

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From Paul, Child's Age 10 - 08/03/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hey, recently I had a moment or rather I should say several, where I was just like, Woah my son has gotten big.
I adopted Micah when he was 8, back then he was rather normal sized if somewhat tubby and out of shape.
I didn't pay close mind to that since I was more trying to have him happy and get settled in here. He's a nice Lil dude but has some issues, lots of foster kids do, but I wouldnt be a good dad if I didn't try to help him, yknow?
so some time passed, now it's a bit over 2 years later.
and he went from tubby to just huge and in hindsight I'm surprised I didn't notice, we spend lots of time around each other, you know?
Recently his bed just fell apart under him and he had some other mishaps happen, like him delaying going to the bathroom so much he didn't make it in time.
or like, we had to get new clothes for him since he didn't fit in the previous... (view more)

Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 08/04/21  - IP#:
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 17 - 08/03/21  - IP#:
Reply from Paul, Child's Age 10 - 08/03/21  - IP#:
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From Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 07/19/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Just got back from the doctor with my son Lane. He's entering 8th grade next month and he wants to play sports so the need for the physical. Since last February he's increased in height by 2 inches, to 5'4". His weight is 301, so he's lost 6 pounds. The doctor says everything is good in terms of blood pressure,  cholesterol and blood work. Puberty has kicked in and the doctor tells me Lane should end up being 5'9" or 5'10".We started a vegetable garden in the backyard last spring and it's 99% Lane's project, which I encourage because it's good exercise for him. He got recognized for contributing vegetables from the garden to our local food bank. I know he's still a very big boy, size 52 jeans and size 3XL tee shirts but he's happy and has friends. I know he is very overweight but things are going well so I'm not inclined to rock the boat. He's looking forward to football practice starting next month.
Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 07/20/21  - IP#:

From Kay, Child's Age 15 - 07/16/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I posted here about my daughter Phoebe last year. At the time she was 5'2" and weighed 230 lbs, having gained over 50 lbs largely due to online school. I wish this was going to be a positive update, but I'm afraid not. I thought things opening up more and going back to in person school in March would help. The family, though the rest of us are a healthy weight, have been trying to support her in being more active and making better choices, but it's been an uphill battle. Though going back to school made her more active, it has also given her the opportunity to sneak more junk food. I keep finding hidden wrappers.
In the past 11 months, she's gained another 55 lbs, weighing in yesterday at 285 lbs. She's still 5'2". It's so sad to see so much weight piled on to such a short frame. She is being investigated for sleep apnea and is pre diabetic. I can't get her to take it seriously.... (view more)

Reply from Christine, Child's Age 13 - 08/12/21  - IP#:

From Malinda, Child's Age 13 - 07/06/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello. I have been looking for a site like this for awhile. My son Tyler who is 13 gained over 25 pounds durning quarantine, starting off at being 4’11 and 83 pounds. He went all virtual last year and was at home all day. He hadn’t been dressing up or anything, so by wearing pajamas all day it was hard to tell he had put on any weight. It was two months ago when I realized how big he had gotten. You see, during covid I did notice that he was starting to fill out his clothes, but I just figured it was growing, though he only grew an inch. Anyways, i noticed his weight two months ago when I got a new job. I was able to be at home for more of the day. I started to realize how wide his body had gotten, especially his legs. He had on a fairly old pair of clothes and they barely fit him. The shirt couldn’t fit over him and left a gap around his waist, where you could see how big his love handles had gotten. His belly shook when he walked. I was so shocked. I don’t know what to do and how to say it to him. Please help me
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 07/07/21  - IP#:

From Lucas, Child's Age 16 - 07/06/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son Anthony is 16 years old and is as of a few days ago 5'10 and 265 pounds. The last time he was at the doctor was before quarantine in early 2020. At the time he was 5'8 and 180 pounds. He has always been on the pudgier side, but at least he was active in school. I tried to keep his eating under control during quarantine, but I would often find snack wrappers in the trash bin from the night prior when I woke up the next morning. This school year he went in for most of the year, with the additional privilege of being able to drive in. I believe that he and his friends would go to the mall nearly every day and hang out before coming home, and everyone would eat at the mall.
I knew that he was getting bigger and I did comment on it briefly throughout the year to him, but I didn't know that it was 75 pounds in a year and quarter. He's been a bit lazier over the course of the year ... (view more)

Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 07/20/21  - IP#:
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From Martin, Child's Age 13 - 05/14/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My twin sons Cole and Austin have been putting on a lot of weight lately. About 2 years ago, Cole was a skinny kid at 5'1", 100 lbs, and so was Austin, at 4'11" and 95 lbs. Over the past two years, they have both become obese. Around March of 2020, just before everything shut down, Cole was 5'3", 150 lbs, and Austin was 5'0", and 140 lbs. The shutdown amplified their weight gain, and now, Cole is 5'4", 195 pounds, and Austin is 5'2", 190 pounds. They both seem quite happy with their weight, and more than once I have seen them playing with it. I suspect they have a competition between them for who can get the fattest. I have told them (gently) that they need to stop eating so much, but they don't listen even when I explain the health risks. The doctor says that they are both healthy despite the obesity, although they are both at high risk to develop obesity related health problems. They don't really care even when the doctor tells them to be heathier. Any advice?

From Loren, Child's Age 14 - 04/09/21 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Please help me. I’m at a loss, with all three of kids weight gain. I have three beautiful children Boston who is 14, Tanner who is 10 and Kayla who is 8, the problem is they have all gained quite a bit of weight over the past year. A bit of background last year we moved across the country to be closer to my family, so on top of an already stressful year with online school and cancelled activities they were forced away from their friends. Both my husbands parents also passed away and due to them living overseas we couldn’t travel to the funeral to say goodbye. Last year was tough and admittedly I slacked up a bit on monitoring junk food and screen time. My kids screen time increased incredibly partially due to online school and to communicate with their friends which they had left behind. To be honest we were all stressed and definitely not doing as much physical activity as usual and... (view more)

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