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From Karl, Child's Age 11 - 04/01/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am struggling with my step-sons weight. I've been married to his mother for about a year and didnt want to bring it up while we were dating or engaged but he is huge and no one seems to care.
He won't let himself be weighed so I don't know how big he actually is and it's a delicate subject around my wife. She and her family and his bio-dad feed him what he wants, when he wants. My wife will cook for us and a separate meal for him that's exactly what he wants. Every single day. He is definitely overweight and I'm worried he is going to become obese (or he might already be obese).
I dont know what to do about it either. His life is in his computer chair surrounded by all the snacks my wife brings him and stuck in front of a screen. She doesn't regulate his bed time so he'll stay up until 4 am playing grab a few hours sleep before school and again I can't seem to get it through ... (view more)

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From Mark, Child's Age 15 - 03/30/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi all, I have a problem with my step-son's weight. Since July or August, he has gone from 150 pounds at 5'10 to 218 pounds at 5'11. He used to be on the cross country running team, but we moved this summer and has become extremely lazy since then. As far as I know right now, Mark eats breakfast at home and at school, lunch at school, a snack after class, a fast food (like a hamburger) on the way home, dinner and then some form of dessert. I have told him repeatedly that this is unhealthy and he needs to stop, but as he uses his own money, I can't stop him unless I take his money, which I can't because it is his earned money. Mark tells me that he will stop, but has become very nonchalant about it. It does not help that his mum does not think he is fat. His current activity level is extremely low, and he is starting to get winded from physical activity due to his rapid weight gain. At this point, I am totally out of ideas.
Thanks. If you have any ideas, you can email me at ( or post here.
Reply from Andrea, Child's Age 15 - 08/12/15  - IP#:

From Matthew, Child's Age 16 - 03/26/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son 16 year old son has always been in great physical shape. We all take great care of our health and he has two older brothers (17 and 19) who also continue to exercise and stay trim. Carter has always very skinny, healthy, athletic and usually one of the best on every sports team. About 6 months ago and almost as if overnight, he had quickly deposited a very generous amount of subcutaneous belly fat, a full set of belly rolls and his chest fattened into mounds. He is a very smart kid, gets good grades and he basically said he didn't feel like doing any of the sports he was the team captain or a lead position on and decided to get lazy, eat more snacks than any person could ever need and lay around in his bed and play his xbox.
Within 4 months my boy had put on over 40 pounds. He'd never gained any weight before but last summer he couldn't even run a normal speed or keep... (view more)

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From daniel, Child's Age 11 - 03/25/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
NOTE Im the child not the parent
recently I have been gaining a lot of weight and when I sit down my belly spills about 3 inches over my pants I also have 3 big belly fat rolls I need help to lose weight do you have any ideas thanks
Reply from Andrea - 08/01/15  - IP#:
Reply from Mark, Child's Age 13 - 03/26/15  - IP#:

From kallee, Child's Age 11 - 03/25/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Lately my 11 year old son has been gaining a little weight and today I woke him up when he sat up I immediately noticed 3 fat rolls on his belly two big ones and a medium sized one and his belly hangs 3 inches over his pants I asked him if he think he's fat he said he didn't know I asked our doctor and he said he was over weight PLEASE HELP ME how do I get him to realise how over weight he is PLEASE HELP ME
Reply from Andrea - 08/01/15  - IP#:

From Lesli, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
my 11 year old son weighs 42kgs and has an average height for his age. Yesterday I saw him sitting on the coach with out his t-shirt on and his belly now hangs about 3 to 4 inches over his pants and I am a little worried about his weight WHAT DO YOU THINK. PLEASE HELP ME.
Reply from Andrea - 08/01/15  - IP#:

From Christia, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
for the past few months my 11 year old son has been gaining a lot of weight and now when he sits down his belly hangs over his pants about 3 inches or so HELP
Reply from lesli, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15  - IP#:

From Matt, Child's Age 13 - 03/20/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I'm the child, not the parent. I'm fairly tall, but weigh 259 pounds. I cant do much exercise, my flab gets in the way of me doing even one situp, and it touches the ground during pushups. I'm astounded when I look in the mirror, my mountain of fat hangs over my pants.
Reply from Josh, Child's Age 19 - 03/24/15  - IP#:

From Jesse, Child's Age 16 - 03/18/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 17. She weighs 180 and is 5'8" tall. She's just a big girl, big bones. She's very busy with work, school and activities. She's of the mindset that she's fine. That's a good thing. And she's a sparkling gorgeous girl. But I still think she could lose a little. Not much - just maybe 20 lbs? I don't buy junk food for the house, but because she's out a lot, she gets it. And because of her activities, she's eating late at night a lot which is bad. Any advice?
Reply from kallee, Child's Age 11 - 03/26/15  - IP#:

From Karl, Child's Age 11 - 03/12/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I posted this in a reply to someone else's but haven't heard back so hopefully someone reads this and can help.
I have a problem with my new wife's son. Nobody knows his weight because he won't allow himself to be weighed but everyone (wife, her parents and family) just feeds him whatever he wants. He is the pickiest eater in the world and he is obviously quite overweight if not obese! I dont know what to do about it either. His life is in his computer chair surrounded by all the snacks my wife brings him and stuck in front of a screen. She doesn't regulate his bed time so he'll stay up until 4 am playing grab a few hours sleep before school. His diet is high in fat, sugar and salt and that's about it. No nutritional value!
He goes to his dads house and I suspect its the same thing.
I feel like i'm the only one in the family afraid for the poor boy's heart, but as the newcomer to all of this I don't know what to do or say and I don't want to start a fight that ends with us divorcing over this.
Reply from Karl, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15  - IP#:
Reply from Christia, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15  - IP#:

From andy, Child's Age 12 - 02/27/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am married to a lovely lady who has a daughter from previous. daughter is 12 and vastly overweight. I occasionally bring this up with my wife who says she is working on it. we go out with her parents and they buy her hot chocolate with whipped cream in it. We go to the market, my wife buys doughnuts and whipped cream for her daughter. daughter gets home from school. mum pours her a bowl of crisps with mayonnaise to keep her going. we eat round my wife's family, they give her chips, mayo, ice cream, biscuits, chocolates. She will NOT eat vegetables.... Is it me or is this some sort of family insanity? HELP!
Reply from Karl, Child's Age 11 - 03/01/15  - IP#:
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From Katya, Child's Age 14 - 02/27/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter Hania is 14, 5'3" and weighs nearly 90kg according to the family doctor, so she is incredibly overweight for her height and age and she is withdrawing from friends and activities she used to love because of it. Her brother never had weight issues (18 starting uni interstate) and my husband and I have always been at a healthy weight and into fitness. Hania has never been drawn to sport but we made sure she swam and played basketball, until she quit both about a year ago but we feed her well, so we aren’t sure how we’ve let this happen but we want to help her and improve her confidence. I don’t know how to broach the topic of her weight without hurting her and I worry I’ll damage her confidence personally but something needs to be done. We don't keep treats in the house but I know she buys junk with her birthday and Christmas money. I need advice ASAP I want to help her lose... (view more)

From Jessica, Child's Age 16 - 02/14/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello. I'm writing as I'm feeling increasingly powerless about my sons weight. He has always been bigger, probably even obese, when he was younger and I accept full responsibility for it. However, since he hit his teens his weight has continued to rise. He's now over 420lbs (I don't know by how much) and refuses to do any form of exercise or eat anything considered healthy. Of course I've tried simply refusing to give him the food he wants but when I do, he refuses to speak to me until I give in and meanwhile uses his own money (from his part time job which earns him over £50 or $80 a week) to buy fast food for every meal of the day. He's been putting on 4-5 lbs a week so far this year and I'm terrified about how big he could become but have no idea what to do. I'd really appreciate any advice if anyone has ever been in the same situation as doctors haven't been at all helpful so far. As I say I feel completely powerless and I'll take any advice I can get.
Thank you so much for reading.
Reply from Mark, Child's Age 16 - 02/14/15  - IP#:

From Ava, Child's Age 12 - 02/01/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I met the most kind selfless lady yesterday shopping for a dress for my 12 year old daughter for my mothers 70th birthday. We didn't know what size she needed so I asked the associate. My daughter was in the bathroom and I told the associate she was 5'2", but a bit fat, and we didn't know what size she would be. I also told her that my daughter hates shopping. She then said "I think I get it, does she get kind of embarrassed when the matter of size comes up?" So my daughter came out and the associate went up to her and made her a deal, every dress she tried on the associate would try on as well, and if it fit the associate it would be good. ( the associate was about the same size). They started with the first step which was getting measured. For anyone under 13 they take your height and weight rather than waist, hips, and bust. First she measures and weighed my daughter who was 5'2" and ... (view more)

From Jolene, Child's Age 13 - 01/19/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello everyone. I posted here last summer about my son John. My husbanded and I adopted him two years ago (he's my husband's cousin's son and had been terribly neglected). John has steadily gained weight and has gone from very underweight to very overweight. He has a huge appetite and all efforts I've made to control his intake have failed because my husband doesn't agree with me and John just loves to eat so much that I don't want to forbid him. He has gone out for wrestling at his Middle School (8th grade) and his weight gain has slowed but not stopped. A week ago when he wrestled he told me he weighed in at 193 (he's about 5 feet 3 inches tall).
My problem and where I need your advice is this: last Thursday my husband and I got called to my son's school because he had been in a fight. We were shocked and when we got to school found that John had a cot his face. It turns out that ... (view more)

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