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From Jessica, Child's Age 12 - 07/10/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I'm writting this about my son, David. He's 12 now. When David was about 6, he begain to gain massive weight, even though he had a small appitite (sp?) and played soccer, basketball, and baseball. When I took him to the doctor, the first thing he did was press on his stomache, which David CRIED! We found out then that he had developed a rare version of IBS, which didnt allow for him to go to the bathroom. We were refered to a nurtionist. Now, I'm not telling parents to do this for your children, my son is a rare case, but David basically lives on SlimFast, Carnation instant breakfast, and lowfat milk. Once every other day he can have a solid meal, but only an apple, grilled chicken, fish, or meat, high fiber veggies. It hurts to know he can not eat like a normal child, but the inpact has made a HUGE difference. He lost close to 25 pounds in one week (going to the bathroom). He regained... (view more)
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From Bina, Child's Age 13 - 06/27/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I have 13 year old twins. They are about the same height (5'3") but one weighs 110, and the other weighs 211! How do I help the overweight one lose weight without depriving the normal weight one?
Reply from Blanch - 06/29/10  - IP#:

From Simone, Child's Age 14 - 05/30/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I didn't see my son was fat for a very long time. I'm a single mom and I work a lot, he was never teased in school about his weight and he never said anything about it either. We were going on a vacation a few weeks ago and when we got to the desk to check-in at the airport, the lady there drew me aside and pointed out that I would have to purchase an extra seat for Andrew, my son, because he was not going to fit on one. I argued it and argued it but she wouldn't give in and I gave up and bought an extra one for him. He was absolutely mortified on the plane when he couldn't get into a single seat. I had never seen him so visibly upset as in that moment. It ruined the rest of the holiday for him. Normally he's the first one in the pool, shirt off enjoying himself but he just sat wearing a t-shirt on the pool side and refused to go in. Since we've got back I've noticed he's been eating... (view more)
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From Jeni, Child's Age 12 - 05/03/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi: I am responding to a newspaper article. One of the statements was, "parents play biggest role in contributing to childhood obesity." I have to say in my granddaughter's case I disagree. She was born prematurely at 28 weeks. Sometimes being a small premie can contribute to future weight issues. Also, her parents have tried really hard not to let her become obese. She eats a healthy diet, and they see she gets plenty of exercise. They have given her information, and tools to make healthy choices. In her case, she has some relatives that have weight issues, (Dad, and paternal grandparents.)

From Tim, Child's Age 16 - 05/02/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son has put on 40 pounds in the last 6 months! I dont think he has really eaten more or stopped exercising, and am too scared to ask him about it! is this bad? what shall i do?
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From Ann, Child's Age 8 - 03/29/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hiya guys, As an obese single mum I am very concerned about my daughters weight. My job involves sitting at a computer all day and i usually eat a lot whilst doing my job. I'll go through 10 packets of potato chips a day and I'll have a pie for lunch maybe a snadwich as a snack and i mostly drink coca cola. Im really concerned as my daughter is 8 and weighs 111 lbs and she seems to be copying my eaating habits and going through potato chips, donuts, yogurts, ice cream and candy as fast as me. She has a ginormous gut like me and it hangs right over her pants. What should I do? I know its just a bit of puppy fat but I don't want her to end up 84lbs overweight like me!
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From lin, Child's Age 10 - 02/18/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter has been overweight her entire life. I love her with every inch of my soul. I have tried very hard to help her slim down. Nothing is working for us. My cousin is a boxer she train's 3x a week! She also has dance lesson's 2x a week. We eat healthy, there are no veggie's the child won't eat. I have taught her that she is beautifull, to keep her head up, and to always be proud of herself. I want this weight loss for her so badly, she is strong but I know it hurt's her. Can anyone help us?? Been to doctors been to nutritionist... Had bloodwork-- done it all!! ??????
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From Jim, Child's Age 7 - 02/08/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My 7 year old daughter is about 20 pounds overweight. Can anyone recommend any good parenting books that offer practical advice?
Reply from Julie, Child's Age 2 - 02/08/10  - IP#:

From anna, Child's Age 9 - 02/05/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
my daughter is 9 and is about 5foot 1 and is 125lbs is she over wieght
Reply from Taylor, Age 16 - 02/05/10  - IP#:

From Carrie, Child's Age 9 - 02/03/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 9 and she has a weight problem. I say weight problem because, I'm not so sure it is an eating problem. We keep a food diary and she eats healthy ( according to her nutritionist). She dances for 2 hours a week as well as plays soccer after school. We have tried everything, I am at a loss because dispite our efforts she continues to gain. We have done tests at the doctors and all came out normal. I fear that even though I think we are eating right and she is plenty active, I may have some blinders on to what I am doing wrong. Her nutritionist asks her if her food diary is correct ( and it is, there would be no point for a nutritionist otherwise). Anyway- to my point, I have come to the realization that as hard as I try to "healthy up my family" as we call it at home, when it comes to her, I can't do it alone and really neeed help.I have been thinking of sending her to a weight loss camp. I have looked at several and have one that focuses on nutrition, activity, positivity and being healthy not being thin. Has anyone ever turned to a camp for help?
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From Shannon, Child's Age 1 - 01/14/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
A researcher at Boston University is looking for the opinions of parents who have children with weight issues. For more information and to participate, please follow this link:
We thank you very much for your participation.

From Toni, Child's Age 10 - 01/09/10 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I have two daughters, ages 10 and 13. It's strange that I find myself here since I myself have never been overweight, and have never really had a weight problem. Because of this, I guess that I was blind to see that my children do, in fact, have weight issues. I don't know how to talk to them. When I was a teen, I was bulemic for a short time, along with many of my friends. It just seemed like the "in" thing to do. I don't want this to happen to my children. They get criticized at school and by other adults. They don't like team sports, so they're not involved in those. They're very artistic and quiet, sweet kids. I have noticed that the first place that they go after school is straight to the kitchen, and they begin to binge. However, the way that I parent is whenever the children do something that they are not supposed to do, I tell them why. Telling them, "Honey, put down ... (view more)

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From Linda, Child's Age 16 - 12/27/09 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter Brittany is 16, almost 17 and i am very concerned about her weight. She went to the doctor the other day for just a simple check up and she begged them not to weigh her. Of course they have to but i was not present while the weighing was being done. When we were waiting for the doctor i asked her what she weighed in at and she told me 300lbs. Looking at her i was just shocked because we had just bought her new clothes again because she could not fit into her old ones. Then they made her put on a gown and while she was taking her clothes off it really hit me how large she had become. Finally the doctor came in and checked everything and then started telling me about Brittany's weight. I found out then that she really weighed in at 394lbs. i was in shock and could not even talk. Of course when we got in the car i talked to Brittany about it, but she did not want to talk about... (view more)
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From Mary, Child's Age 13 - 12/25/09 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter. Is 13 years old and weighs 289 pounds. We had a doctors visit last month. And we walked in fine not thinking about her large belly at all. I never realized how large she truly was .she is my daughter I think she is perfect. We got called back and I knew when the nurse weighed her it was the office the always say the weight just so you know it before you get to see the doctor. The only reason they would not say it out loud is I they don't want your child to know. So we went to wait for the doctor in the room. She changed into one of those little paper overall types cover ups. Since there are no sides for thefirst time I saw her huge her stomach was there are strech marks And rolls all over her. The doctor came in and checked her over. When it was done she asked Taylor to stand in the hall for a minute.when the door was firmly shut she brought up her weight. What... (view more)
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From michelle, Child's Age 5 - 10/17/09 - IP#: Click here to reply  
child has large belly and gained 20lbs in 1 year. no other symptoms I am worried for her as I am overwieght since I was a child as well.
Reply from Ashlie - 10/24/09  - IP#:

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