From Anna Basler, Child's Age 3 - 12/09/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have a 3 year son that weights 27lbs and my sister has a 3 year old daughter that is 65lbs. Our kids love to play with one another throughout the week. I feel that her daughter is way overweight to only be three years old. She always seems to been hungry when I see her. During dinner this child's plate looks like an adults! It make me anger to see the way she's getting worse. Where from the south and my mom believes in soul food and having a child eat as much as they can. Therefore my son weighting only 27lbs my mother thinks he is not healthily I think it's where my sisters daughter is so much bigger than him. It's so sad to watch her play! She is alway thirsty and is out of breathe before she can get to where she's going. I really think she's way over weight. I think it's affecting her health but I can't seem to get anyone to listen or do anything about it! I'm afraid when she starts school other kids will make fun of her. I skin almost looks as if it's stretched so tight that there's no more room for her to gain anymore. Help! What can I say or do to help my problem with this situation without hurting someones feelings. Or is it me? Is normal for a 3 year old to weight 65lbs?
Reply from sadie, Child's Age 11 - 01/28/12  - IP#:
ahh, little kid issues are the hardest. when my daughter was 4 she was 73 pounds. try to tell your sister about your feelings, but be light about it, no one wants to hear their kid is less than perfect
Reply from Annie, Child's Age 16 - 12/12/11  - IP#:
I agree that a 3 year old girl who weighs 65 is very overweioght, but a 3 year old boy who only weighs 27 pounds is underweight. Is he getting enough to eat?