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From Alison, Child's Age 10 - 07/09/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My ten year old daughter, Skylar, is in the 95th percentile for weight in her age group making her obese She was very slim until about age 7 or 8, so when she started gaining I didn't think anything of it especially since I try to help my family lead a very healthy lifestyle, I love to run and we go on lots of walks and play sports together etc. However, she never stopped packing on the pounds and when the nurse pointed it out during a physical I knew I needed to do something. We don't keep any bad foods in the house and she plays sports, but I know that she loves sweets and eats tons of them when she's at school or friend's houses. I am cautious about the entire thing since she has not mentioned it and her behavior has not changed, so I don't want to hurt any feelings by broaching the topic. The long term effects of being overweight are devastating and I can already see her struggling more and more in her day to day life. I just don't know where to go from here, any advice?!

From Donna, Child's Age 8 - 06/21/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
ok so my 8 year old daughter has always been fat as much as I try she just wont lose weight, I make her go in the garden and run but she is very unfit,anyway the other day I came downstairs at about one in the morning as I heard a noise and she was just in the kitchen eating a chocolate cake, she was eating it so fast like she was out of control cramming big slices into her porky hands and cramming it in her mouth, I was disgusted, I dragged her upstairs which caused tantrums then in her bed I found a bag of grated cheese that she has been eating.......she is so greedy im so ashamed
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From ANNETTE, Child's Age 6 - 04/09/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am the mother of a beautiful 6 year old girl who is extremely overweight. I am very concerned because she seems to be gaining 7+ pounds every few months. I have currently entered her in the Yeah! program and hope that this works and teaches the whole family how to help her in a positive light. She is only in Kindergarten and has already been teased and she is sad a lot because she tells us she doesn't want to be fat. It breaks my heart for her, I don't want her to go through school being teased because of her weight. I am not sure what to say to a 6 year old to help her understand that she is beautiful and unfortunately people are very superficial and look to the outside more than the inside. Any suggestions on how to talk to her so she can understand?
Reply from Kay, Age 13 - 04/21/13  - IP#:

From AMM, Child's Age 10 - 04/03/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Iam deeply concerned about my 10 yr old she is currently 5 feet nd weighs 175. Im just so scared for her health but also on how kids may be treating her at school. She is very quiet and seems to keep her feelings sheltered. Please help I need ideas to on how to help her lose weight without making her feel bad about herself
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From Marie, Child's Age 14 - 02/17/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughters weight is concerning me. She is 5"2 and 230 lbs. I talked to her about it, and she seemed to enjoy her fat. Many timesi have seen her playing with her rolls and caressing her overhang. She gets excitedwhen she tells me she has outgrown ger clotges, and sge likes to wear tight clothing that shows her bulge. Is it normal for my child to want to gain weight and be fat? Her jeans are way to small, and she can't even get them buttoned around her stomach. Her shirts are like crop tops now, because they only can cover half her belly. It mostly just hangs out of her clothes and sways around; it's kind of disgusting.... She is constantly eating, and one time she ate so much that she was literally unable to move. She refuses to try and loose weight and she loves her doughey body. I really want her to be healthy and active like a normal kid, but her love of eating and being large is going to rule and ruin her life. Please help!
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From Megan, Child's Age 11 - 02/05/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I have an 11 year old daughter she weighs 140lb. She wants to lose weight but want to get abs,get thinner, and get smaller theighs! Please if you have any Workout Ideas that wont push her to the limit but are still Hard Please Tell them to me!
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From Sandra, Child's Age 12 - 01/31/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello everyone. My daughter Anna has been chubby for the last year or so, but only a little bit around her waist. However, over the last few months or so she's really been putting on weight. The problem is, me and my ex-husband live seperately, and I only get to see Anna on sundays. Because of this I hadn't really noticed it much, as when she's at mine she wears baggy "casual" clothes. The thing that spurred me into action was a dance performance she did on Sunday that I came to watch. She's been talking about this for ages and it was an important thing to her. The problem was that the pretty little skirt thing she had to wear was too small for her! They took the measurements 2 months ago but she could barely get into it. I think she must have put on about 15 pounds (and she wasn't skinny before) and most of it seems to have gone to her stomach. She got it on after a while though and we ... (view more)

From Chloe, Child's Age 14 - 01/30/13 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi. My daughter's 14 now and i'm getting worried about her weight. She's always been a little chubby as she eats a lot and never exercises (she absolutely refuses) but she's been okay until recently.
The thing is i sent her to a summer camp last year and she must have been eating loads while she was there because when she came back she must have gained at least 20 pounds. I was very shocked as you can imagine. She seems to have gained most around her waist and bottom which isn't good for a young girl. Shes only 5'3 and i don't know her weight but i'd guess about 160 pounds. Anyway she wore this short top one day and i made some comment about how she looked "a bit big for it" and we had a huge row which ended in her storming off.
She's been gaining weight ever since the summer and i don't know what to do. I don't want her to be ill but she wont talk to me about it. sorry about the length.

From MomINky, Child's Age 9 - 12/07/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 9 years old and weighs aprox 110lbs. She is not "fat" but most her weight is centered in her belly. She is begging me to wear a bikini to her pool party but I am horrified at the thought. How do I tell her, without hurting her, that she does not have the body for a bikini?
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From nichie39, Child's Age 12 - 11/12/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
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From Priscilla, Child's Age 12 - 11/10/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi i have a son who is really lazy overweight he always figth with younger brothers and figths for the food he get mad when you tell him to help around the house or to go pick up trash in the yard he is also lazy to take bath now me and my husband are always figth cause of him im scared to lose my husband over my son behavior what do i do please some tell something
Reply from Joe, Child's Age 13 - 11/13/12  - IP#:

From Susan, Child's Age 15 - 10/30/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi everyone. My son Jude was fairly healthy looking and skinny for the majority of his life. But it was this past summer that he started packing some weight on. He stayed a couple weeks with my sister, and when I picked him up, he was noticeably fatter. All his clothes were way too tight. I was definitely concerned, and I took him to the doctor for his sports physical. The doctor said that he put on 45 pounds from his last check-up, weighing 200 lbs. He's 5'7" by the way. The doctor was very concerned and said that I should monitor his eating and excercise. But the problem is now, that he quit the cross country team because he says he can't run fast anymore. So he's clearly been putting on more weight not running. I'd say he's somewhere around 215 or 220 lbs now. Is there anything I can do about this?
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From lynn, Child's Age 2 - 09/29/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
my so was born big 10 lbs 1 ounce and has many health problems the hospital had him at 2 days old on 6 ounces of formula every 4 hrs for hypogycemia... he now weighs 51 lbs i need him to lose weight. any suggestions?
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From lesley, Child's Age 13 - 09/24/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son is 13 and has to wear mens waist 46 and he says he dosnt care and eats al the time and gets really angry when I stop him he's even told the doctor he's not bothered about his weight I just don't know what to do about it anymore
Reply from linda, Age 13 - 05/25/13  - IP#:
Reply from joe, Child's Age 13 - 10/14/12  - IP#:

From Mary, Child's Age 10 - 09/06/12 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Please help! My ten year old daughter thinks she is fat, but I hate it when does! She has started dieting and she is only 64.3 pounds. I ask her desperately to stop but she goes behind my back and diets with her school lunch! I have gotten so hopeless. I think that maybe because we made such a big deal of her brother not eating or being too skinny that she started to feel fat. I feel bad for my actions now and just wish she would think that she is not fat and an average weight! Even her friends donʻt agree with the idea! Somebody, please, please,please help, and I will thank my lucky stars.
Thanks and sorry for the length,
Mary K.
Reply from Grace, Child's Age 17 - 01/12/13  - IP#:

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