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From Nikki, child's age 15

Hi everyone. I'm writing about my daughter who is 15 about to be 16. She is extremely over weight. Shes 5'3 & 265 pds I feel so bad for her she has always been over weight. Also she was born with club feet and has had a few surgerys done. Mostly she eats well.Some times junk with friends or with her father but at home where she is 95 percent of the time she eats home cooked balanced meals.agree d she could cut down in portion sizes but I feel bad and dont want her to be hungry. I cant motivate her at all.I've even tried to work out with her and noluck. She lost a total of 5 pds which is great and we all expressed how proud we where of her.That didnt last long and she put it back on.She shouldn't be as heavy as she is for what she does eat and she has been tested for everything that I know of. I just dont know what to do for her and im scared for her.I feel there should be programs for kids with weight issues for little cost. I hate seeing her in pain, picked on, & her putting herself down is the worst.I dont push her alot because of her feet she complains they hurt and I know that they have to. Anyone out there that can help???