From Emily, Child's Age 17 - 06/29/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi my name is Emily and I need some suggestions in helping my child get in shape. I took Michael to the doctor last week for a check-up because he was coughing alot lately and it was his first time to the doctors in over 2 years since he doesn't like going there. So the doctor gave Michael a full physical and he was very concerned about his weight as he was 5'7" in height with a 50 inch waist and weighed 295 lbs. Needless to say I was shocked when the doctor gave me my baby's weight and measurements,I always knew he was a big boy but I thought he was mostly average compared to other kids his age because most of his friends where around his size. Now I know he needs to lose weight but I don't know how to get him started when he has spent everyday of summer vacation so far locked up in his room eating, sleeping, watching tv & playing videogames. from his bed. He only comes out to grab something to eat or to go out and buy some cheeseburgers or pizza. I only go in his room weekly to clean up and do his laundry and it is always littered with fast food & junk food trash and when I ask him for help in cleaning his room, he always says he is too tired and just lays there in bed watching me clean up his mess. So please someone tell me what to do because I don't know how to help my sweet baby boy.
Reply from Mark, Child's Age 16 - 07/06/14  - IP#:
How did the obesity specialist go?
Reply from Mark, Child's Age 16 - 07/05/14  - IP#:
If you would like to talk about it feel free to email me at
Reply from Emily, Child's Age 17 - 07/05/14  - IP#:
@Mark No he is not active in any way anymore. He did have mandatory P.E. class during middle school and his freshman year of high school but he was always complaining about hard it was. He never passed the school's annual fitness test either and he always received C's & D's on his report cards which where basically participation grades for just showing up to class his coaches gave him so he wouldn't fail the class. So once P.E. became optional during his sophomore year, he dropped the class immediately opting for other electives instead. Maybe I should encourage him to enroll in P.E. again for his senior year and if he doesn't do it willingly, I'll enroll him anyways as parents have the final say on class schedules.
Also, I was referred to an obesity specialist by my child's doctor and I will we will be seeing her tomorrow so I'll keep y'all updated.
Reply from Angus, Child's Age 14 - 06/29/14  - IP#:
Sounds like my boys. They barely want to do anything. Everything is too tiring for them. They want to sit around and eat and watch tv or play on their computers. They eat a lot of junk food and fast food too.
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Is Michael very active throught the school year (gym, after school sports, etc)