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From Josephine, Child's Age 11 - 10/25/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
How can I tell if my children have a weight problem or if it's just baby fat? I'm a little concerned by comments a friend of mine made this weekend around their weights.
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From Marcus, Child's Age 16 - 09/27/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My 16 year old son is roughly 5'11 and about 250 pounds. Due to a death in the family (earlier this month), he has been depressed, which is totally explainable. However, he appears to have put on at least 5-10 pounds, which leads me to believe that he is binging on food when his siblings and I are not home. Based on the fast food wrappers in my garbage can, I assume that he is stopping at some fast food establishment on the way home, and also due to the fact that I pick up the others from sports, work etc after school, I have reason to believe that it is him (have 3 other sons).
He has gained weight rapidly in the recent past, but it leveled off during the summer. Does anyone have any advice on how I should bring this up to him and eventually get him to stop? I understand where it comes from, but I have expressed to him many options of coping with loss, but weirdly he seems to be... (view more)

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From Cynthia, Child's Age 11 - 09/24/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is obese. She's only 11 was weighs 208 pounds. She does love to eat and she sneaks food, but she's trying a thing kind of like dieting, no school store food, no soda regularly (she likes having a soda after school) and she binge eats after school. She loves to swim, play catch with the football, and 4 square.

From Helena, Child's Age 9 - 09/18/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am just curious if any other parents have experienced this -
My daughter is very overweight but it doesn't seem to bother her in the least. No one at school has said anything and it's almost as if she doesn't realize her stomach sticks out. Sometimes when we're at the grocery store I will see her and her bare fat belly is just bulging out and I have have to pull her shirt down.
I see this in today's teens as well at the mall, you will see them walking around with bare midriffs and the flab is just hanging over and it doesn't bother them. What is happening to this country??
Reply from Jolene, Child's Age 15 - 09/20/15  - IP#:
Reply from Helena, Child's Age 9 - 09/19/15  - IP#:
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From Helena, Child's Age 9 - 09/17/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi -
Googled and found this site - wanted to share.
I sent my daughter this summer to a very nice 8-week camp. She wanted to go and even researched it herself, it was not so very far away, and the people seemed professional and nice, so off she went! My husband and I had planned to visit her but his aunt became ill and we had to fly across the country. My daughter's older sister, who is 19, volunteered to visit, and did, and it worked out. Probably better for sis to visit than Mom and Dad.

I went solo to pick up my daughter two weeks ago and almost did not recognize her because she had put on so much weight. Her stomach sticks way out in front of her and she has a big double chin and chipmunk cheeks. She is not just plump - she is fat, a fat little girl.
I didn't say anything because she seemed so full of energy and enthusiasm and we were so happy to see each ... (view more)

Reply from Helena, Child's Age 9 - 11/26/15  - IP#:
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From georgia, Child's Age 14 - 09/02/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
can somebody PLEASE help me out. my daughter refuses to get weighed at her annual checkups, she is 14 and cries uncontrollably until the nurse forgets about her weight and moves on to other tests. whenever the subject of weight comes up she acts all strange and removes herself from the conversation. i know that she is overweight because i can see it on her body. she wont let me weigh her either. i dont know what to do or how to get her on the scale HELP
Reply from Georgia, Child's Age 14 - 09/04/15  - IP#:
Reply from Jolene, Child's Age 14 - 09/03/15  - IP#:

From Shocked dad, Child's Age 13 - 08/28/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Um my boy has told me he wants to gain weight and this is concerning very concerning any advive
Reply from Ryan, Age 16 - 10/26/15  - IP#:
Reply from Jolene, Child's Age 14 - 09/03/15  - IP#:

From Matthew, Child's Age 14 - 08/24/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is looking really obese/overweight but we cant do anything as she refuses to get weighed by us and also at the doctors she will throw a tantrum because she doesn't want to get weighed. She is starting to look really big please help
Reply from Jolene, Child's Age 14 - 09/03/15  - IP#:
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From Michelle, Child's Age 14 - 08/24/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter now 14 has always been a little bit chubby but lately has put on a lot of weight. She refuses to get weighed at the doctors & so I became very curious and find a notebook where she recorded her weight she is 160cm tall and 70 kilos !!!! I cant say anything as she will know I was going through her things.she carries most weight in her stomach , legs and face. And she is starting to look like an obese woman. Please help me !!!! Desperate for answers and help.

From Concerned-Mom, Child's Age 17 - 08/22/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 17, 5 feet tall, and 195 pounds. She has been chubby her whole life and "overweight" for a few years. She gained 10-20 pounds per year since she was 14, and gained 35 pounds in the last year. Is she obese?? Why did she put on so much weight?? I try to cook healthy meals. She eats so much, she gorges herself at dinner every night, her portions are really big, but no matter how much food I give her she wants more. I feel awful withholding food from her so I just buy more food. She always snacks before dinner. The first thing she does when she gets home from school is get a bag of potato chips and lay down in front of the TV. She eats ice cream every night after dinner. I used to give her a small bowl of ice cream when she was younger. Now that she's older she gets it herself and her portions of it keep getting bigger. She will mindlessly eat it right out of the tub while... (view more)
Reply from Jessica - 09/24/15  - IP#:

From sandy, Child's Age 7 - 08/09/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son is 6.1/2 he weights 88 lbs.but he is tall for his age,,but his weight has me scared..idk what to,do,hes not to be any place else bit his play out side,,but he also likes to play viedo games,,sometimes to much,i just need to do.something before he gets bigger..but idk what,,he is active,n his weight dont.seem to bother him,,but it bothersme because its jard to find cloths to fit around, his tummy,,he dont eat candy,,or cake n stuff like that but when he eats,,sometime he eats a bit ro much,,,i need help tonwhat to do in saying,no,,,,when i say no about certin things,at.times he will throw a fit,,n times.he wont,,,ao idk,,i just hope he will be as tall as my husband,,everyone says hea tall n he will grow out of it..i hope so,,my nephew was bigger,,when he was litle now hes 15,n he so skinny,,hopefully that will be my son,,

From Ian, Child's Age 10 - 08/01/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am obese. Morbidly obese. I am about 30 stone and life is a daily struggle of pain for me. My son has helped me with a lot over his short life because of things my weight makes difficult but my eating habits have become his. I have tried very hard to keep him away from junk food, but I can't keep away and it has become a serious problem for him. He has become obese like me and life is starting to get difficult. He is constantly in pain in his knees and back. He is having trouble getting out of breath too easily. He is outgrowing his clothes quickly. In short he is becoming me and much earlier than I did. At his age I wasn't even 8 stone - still very much the fat kid in my day but my boy is struggling with almost 14 stone on his small frame. It hurts me to see him so overweight yet I cannot control my eating. I worry I am addicted to food and now he will be too.
Reply from Andrea, Child's Age 15 - 08/11/15  - IP#:

From Merdi, Child's Age 17 - 07/25/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter was never overweight. Then all of a sudden she gained a lot of weight. When I say a lot I mean a ton. She is fat and gross. She gained aver 80lbs in 6 months. She needs new clothes all the time and she still wears bikinis. When she sits wearing a bikini you can not see the bottom part. Her fat covers it. She weighs 195 lbs and is 5'3. I dont know what to do with her. She refuses to exercise and will not follow a diet. I am embarrased to be seen with her. How fat is she. Is she obese.
Reply from Andrea - 08/01/15  - IP#:

From Charles, Child's Age 12 - 07/25/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
An update 3 months on.
We've made little progress with my son's weight. He has been on a calorie restricted diet at home and we've been taking him swimming on the weekend for exercise but he hasn't lost any weight. He has in fact gained some (13 lbs) . The doctor is baffled by what's happening as are we. He eats healthy, small portions. He exercises. Help.
Reply from Andrea - 08/01/15  - IP#:

From MightyMommy, Child's Age 11 - 06/18/15 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I just don't know what to do with my son anymore. He's only 11. 5ft tall. But he ways 165lbs. I swear he's always eating because of boredom. I try so get him to go play. I've done the nutritionist thing amd he cried because he didn't want to go. I've doNE the sports... I've taken out the junk food. If he's bored he eats. I can't constantly entertain him to prevent his boredom. We don't do fast food and I cook healthy stuff... but 2 or 3 servings later.
And in an hour he wants a snack... then another.... them another. If he doesn't get it he cries and throws temper tantrums
He turns his father against me... who is convinced he will grow into the weight. What can I do? :(
Reply from Jolene, Child's Age 14 - 07/10/15  - IP#:
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