From Deb, Child's Age 11 - 03/07/16 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Any other parents surprised their child is obese? My daughter is obese, my 2 boys are normal weight. She's 98%, or 28.5 and is 11 years old. We follow all of the normal healthy guidelines. We cook almost all meals. Few refined sugars. Exercise. Sleep. Low Stress. I lost 10 lbs 3 years ago and have kept it off (actually takes a lot of vigilance even to keep off 10lbs) so we don't have junk food at home. Anybody similarly surprised their child is heavy? Also has anybody noticed having a child, even as a breastfed newborn, that put on weight remarkably fast? Thanks.
Reply from Jess, Child's Age 20 - 04/07/16  - IP#:
I am in totally the same situation, my son is 11, 5ft 4 and 145lbs. I have complete control over his diet and he has no opportunity to sneak food. He has the odd treat at the weekend and obviously indulges easter/xmas time. I hate the way adults will say oh he's a big boy and I feel like I need to explain he has a healthy diet. I also feel guilty because I was larger (but shorter) than him at his age and so was my mum, it dropped off me eventually when I was 17 and now I'm a normal UK 14 (US 10 I think) and when I look at him it reminds me of a horrible time in my life and it breaks my heart that he might have to face the same kind of prejudice. :(
Reply from Caroline, Age 14 - 03/20/16  - IP#:
Is there any chance she is being secretive with her eating? I used to do this, when I was about that same age, and it is easier than you would think. As a parent, you may think you would know, but mine never did. If she is not eating in secret, it could be something else. First, she could have a medical problem. Also, she could be eating more calories than she needs to maintain a healthy weight.
You said your two boys were at a healthy weight. You also said you cook your meals. I am going to assume that your family (daughter and two boys) eat the same food as one another at meal time. Boys can eat more calories without gaining weight than girls can. That would explain the healthy weight of your boys but not your girl. This is even more true if they are taller than her, or of the exercise more.
Reply from Dirk Pretorius, Child's Age 20 - 03/16/16  - IP#:
Same problem - see my post. My son's problem is not an eating disorder - as mentioned I think it is an insulin - pancreas/thyroid issue. Took my son for blood tests - nothing specific came out - still feel doctors are missing something. Regards
Reply from megan, Child's Age 12 - 03/07/16  - IP#:
it is normal her weight might level out as she get older