From Sandra, Child's Age 14 - 03/16/16 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Does anyone else have issues getting their child to realize how overweight they are? My extremely obese daughhter has yearbook pictures being taken at school today, and plans to wear an outfit that makes her massive body look even more fat. The skirt lets you see her big, jiggly thighs, her huge belly is easily visible through the fabric, and her 'wide' rear is accentuated by the way the skirt presses against it. I asked her why she would dress so, she said that the clothes were similar to what her friends would be wearing. Her friends are quite plump themselves, I wonder if she notices how obese she is? She is substantially larger than her friends, but she doesn't seem to notice. Is anyone else in a similar predicament?
Reply from Sandra, Child's Age 14 - 03/17/16  - IP#:
I guess I could just leave her be, she isn't teased or anything, it seems like most of the girls at her school are overweight. She had a friend over today who showed up in a tank top and short shorts. She was a very plump girl, imagine my suprise when my daughter came down in the same outfit! The two girls plopped down on the couch, my daughters belly was sagging out into her lap, and her friend looked tiny by comparison. Once she left, I asked my daughter if the other girl was one of her largest friends, she said that the girl was "the second fattest girl in the school." I feel bad for her, being so much larger than her friends.
Reply from megan, Age 14 - 03/17/16  - IP#:
that is how my daughter is also but she is happy with her weight so i don't worry about it