From Rachel, Child's Age 11 - 04/04/16 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My 11 year old step sister weighs 220 pounds and it 5'4", she wears size 18 pants, me and my mom, her step mother, have noticed how big she is and nobody says anything about it. All she does is eat, and sit on her laptop, she doesnt play, or participate in any physical activity. Im very concerned for her but any time I bring it up to her grandmother that is raising her she throws a fit and says we are liying about her weight. the 220 pounds is what she weighed at the doctors office a couple months ago. I dont know what to do or how to help. any advice?
Reply from Nicole, Child's Age 12 - 04/20/16  - IP#:
As a mother of an obese son, the best way you can actually help is to be a person of action. Maybe ask your sister to go for a walk with you, be a part of the solution. The worst thing you can do is make her feel bad about it. Try to stay positive and lead by example. They will be resistant at first because they are in a zone that is hard to get out of. So be persistent without being overbearing and you might get somewhere.