From Lora, Child's Age 7 - 01/15/16 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son has been gaining weight steadily for the past few years but also growing taller. But he is still too big, weighing around 85lbs. I know his struggle,I went through it as well at his age. Every doctor's visit just watching the scales tip, referrals to nutritionists and feeling very badly about myself enough to binge eat, hide food wrappers, even making up lies as to why the WHOLE pizza is gone.... And my poor son is packing on the pounds just like I did. As a family, we only drink water, lots of vegetables and fruits and we walk as much as possible. He wants to play more sports but he isn't very athletic. I am lost on how to help him. My highest weight was 286 when I was 17. The only thing that helped me lose over 100 lbs. was by interval fasting but of course I would Never make anyone, especially my child, to do something like that. Any suggestions?
Reply from challe, Age 7 - 02/29/16  - IP#:
help my granddaughter lost weight at iesi 26Ib