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From Izzy, Child's Age 10 - 10/28/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Izzy is 4 foot 3 inches and weighs 102 pounds. Her doctor infromed us the other day that she is at risk of becoming overweight. I had not noticed this but last night I went into her room and saw her asleep with her tummy slightly hanging over her trousers. How can I make sure she dosen't get to big, before its not to late?
Reply from Karren, Child's Age 3 - 01/21/09  - IP#:

From Lori, Child's Age 16 - 10/26/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter Kaylee weighs 290 pounds. She seems to be putting on atleast 1 pound every week or so. It was very embarassing 4 days ago when a old lady walked up to her in target, put her hand on her belly, and asked her when her baby was due. Kaylee just said in a few months. She wouldn't disagree with her at all. I didn't talk to her about it because it was very embarassing for her. I really hope she isn't pregnant. Her belly is large, round, and firm, but I think she would have told me about it if she was. The principal from school called me and asked if we were going to take her out of school b/c rumors had been circling that she was pregnant. Her clothes are just so tight around her firm belly. On Tuesday, we went shopping and everything was to small, except for one shirt that barley went around her big bulging weight. her weight is also farther from the top of her torso. It only began collecting about 2 months ago. I dont know what to do, we have tried diets, etc. but they dont work. I need advice.
Reply from Jen, Child's Age 10 - 02/10/09  - IP#:
Reply from Karren, Child's Age 3 - 01/21/09  - IP#:
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From Carol, Child's Age 10 - 10/16/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
A few days ago I posted about my son who's very overweight and having a hard time coping with the amount of weight he's carrying. I already asked the doctor about changing his medication, but he said it's not really an option. The only advice he had on the weight gain is to limit his food and get him exercising.
After I posted I called the doctor and asked why being overweight was so hard on my son. I asked him because other overweight kids don't seem to have as much difficulty with simply carrying their own weight. Mostly their problems are about teasing. He had some good advice that I think all parents should hear. The doctor asked about my son's activity level and I told him he's a couch potato. He walks to and from his classroom at school and in the summer he doesn't even do that.
The advice was that overweight kids need to keep exercising even if it doesn't make them lose ... (view more)

Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 10/16/08  - IP#:

From Carol, Child's Age 10 - 10/07/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son is 10 1/2 years old and almost 100 pounds overweight. He was always a bit chubby but when his medication changed last year he really started putting on weight. He handled it well at first because he knows he needs the medication, but now he's really miserable. Over the summer he gained 30 pounds, and those last 30 pounds have been the worst of all. It's like his body reached the limit of how much weight it could tolerate. I noticed he was slowing down somewhat as he put on weight but I didn't worry too much about it until now. After this recent weight gain, he's always exhausted and uncomfortable. The slightest physical activity gets him out of breath and red in the face. Even bending over to tie his shoelaces is really hard for him now, and when he sits down he usually leans back to help his pants not feel so tight. I hate even asking him to go get the mail because he looks so... (view more)
Reply from Taylor - 10/09/08  - IP#:
Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 10/08/08  - IP#:

From Tiffany, Child's Age 1 - 10/07/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My best friends son is 16 months old and weighs 54lbs. He wears a 4T-5T in clothes. She is having a hard time finding clothes for him because his hight is obvioulsy not that tall. Does anyone know a store or website that we can buy clothes for him?
Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 10/08/08  - IP#:

From stacey, Child's Age 9 - 10/06/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
stacey is 4 foot 1 inches (short for her age) and she weighs an obese 164lbsher stmacccch measures 54 inches i am so sad to see my baby girls like this. any tips on how to move her belly fat
Reply from CCC, Child's Age 11 - 11/17/08  - IP#:

From Brandy, Child's Age 9 - 10/02/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello everyone.I used to come to this board on a daily basis in hopes for new information on help my son lose weight.I see alot of insults.Where is the support to help each other? I know my son is obese and so am I. Its not all his fault I BUY THE FOOD,I TAKE HIM OUT HE'S 9!.I use to post here but lately its seems that some people are posting as a joke? Why? Isn't there enough cruelty going on.I know someone is going to post something insulting to what I have said but I don't care.Its hard to help a child who is obese,especially when the parent is obese or not living with them to support them daily.I greatly appreciate any advice on shopping,recipes to sneak veggies in or even exercise tricks.For instance I took my son to the mall and played a treasure hunt game.By the time he found all the clues he had walked 2 miles but he didn't know it.I look for things like that here.Help in anyway shape or form.I just want to thank those here who offer help and support.
Reply from Shay, Child's Age 26 - 10/05/08  - IP#:

From Angela, Child's Age 15 - 09/22/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hello everyone, i took my daughter shopping for her homecoming dress this weekend. I felt to horrible, none of them fit. Her belly sticks out way to far so none of the biggest sizes would fit. She was very upset does anyone know where i can take her to get a dress?
Reply from Lori, Child's Age 16 - 10/27/08  - IP#:
Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 10/22/08  - IP#:

From Elizabeth, Child's Age 5 - 09/14/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter Sara is 5 years old and is, thanks to me and my unhealthy lifestyle an overweight child. She weights 55 pounds. her weight never bothered her. this month she started kindergarten and she is constantly bullied by other kids because of her weight. Sara carries most of her weight in her belly. she has a big round belly. she mostly wears dresses because i have a difficult time to find clothes that fit her. if she wears jeans or a skirt i let her belly hang over them. the other kids in kindergarten laugh at her because she has such a big belly. when i take her to kindergarten some of the kids say: there comes fatty! or look at Sara's gut! i hate to see other kids doing this to my little girl. i'm a compulsive overeater, so you can all guess how i deal with it. and my daughter does in the same way. please tell me how i can help my little girl!
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From Mary, Child's Age 11 - 09/01/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son just came home from summer camp and I couldn't beleive my eyes. He gained 18 pounds in the 7 weeks he was gone. None of his pants button anymore! He is not upset. He says he likes his new belly. How could this happen in such a short time, and how can I get him to turn around?
Reply from Blanch, Child's Age 15 - 09/04/08  - IP#:
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From Maria, Child's Age 8 - 09/01/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hi my son harlin is also 3'11 and 180 lbs he too has trouble moving...if you would ever like to chat let me know
Reply from Donna, Child's Age 8 - 06/21/13  - IP#:

From Martin, Child's Age 9 - 08/28/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi, I'm writing about my son Elijah. My wife and I were called to the school to talk to the school nurse and we were told what should have been obvious to us; Eli was very overweight. Somehow we had both not seen his weight problem. We had assumed he was a normal healthy child and were shocked to be told at 3ft11 and 185lbs he was obese. Yes we had problems finding clothes for him and yes we saw he had a belly but so did all his friends, though nowhere near as big, and we felt he was normal. Well he has never eaten a lot of junk food, he just eats a lot in general and is very inactive barely moving from the couch from the moment he gets home till when he goes to bed.
That was back at the beginning of June and our attempts to get him moving over the summer have failed and he has outgrown, in width, his old school uniform. We're both at a loss as where to go next. Incentives for... (view more)

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From angela, Child's Age 15 - 08/13/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
if anyone is on here it is 11:05 eastern time usa...if some one wants to come onto the chat room
Reply from lola, Child's Age 16 - 11/27/15  - IP#:

From Elizabeth, Child's Age 5 - 08/13/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I'm a young single mother of a 5 year old girl. My problem is that i'm a compulsive overeater. And I let my little girl sometimes eat with me. I know that this is wrong but I don't know what to do about it right now. My little girl already weights 55 pounds. And it makes me quite sad to know that she is overweight because of me. We mostly eat fast food and icecream because that is what i crave. of your my girl loves to go to McD. and stuff like that.
If anyone can help me, could you please give me your emailaddress and I will mail you back.
Reply from Joe, Child's Age 18 - 08/14/08  - IP#:

From shay, Child's Age 11 - 08/13/08 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi my child is 5'6 and weights 179.She wears a size 14 in women and most of the weight is in her stomach.My child is very beautiful but has severe stretch marks all over her body ,she has not started puberty yet but keeps growing 5 inches this year.I love her and teach her to love her body no matter what size she is and i know she gets her eating habits from me.I have been watching my eating habits,so she can learn from example.will she cont. to gain weight when she starts her period and what kind of excerise is good for the stomach,thanks
Reply from Lori, Child's Age 16 - 10/27/08  - IP#:

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