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From john, child's age 12

we are back from our cruise vacation, early in the morning. i feel so guilty for letting sammie eat so much on the ship now, bacause i didn't know she would really eat all day. she definitely looks like she has gained weight. when we left the ship, her stomach was literally sticking out of her shirt. it isn't flabby, though, it is firm, and round,she does have love handles and fat rolls, but it dosen't hang down unless she sits. yesterday, when my wife finally convinced her to go swimming, we found her bathing suit no longer fit her, either, mainly in the waist part. also, we found out she gained an extra thirty pounds. she just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and even a member on the ship said to her with a laugh:i saw you all the time by that buffet table. that stomach of your sure looks like it knows how to fit it all in! we heard another rude comment while leaving, from a couple talking to themselves they said:look at the size of that girl! it looks like she takes the food away from her family, look how skinny her poor brother is!if i were them, i'd do some liposuction on that stomach of hers. it must be as big as the ship! i tried to ignore all the comments about her abnormally large belly, but i just couldn't. i can't take this any more. i can tell sammie really wishes se didn't tell me she likes her body this way, because she dosen't. i see the envy in her eyes when i complement her brother on how good his abs look in a bathing suit, and when i ask her if she has gained weight. i want to encourage her brother to pursue his dreams, but meanwhile i am crushing hers. whenever kyle's friends come over, they ask, is that really yoour little sister? she's so fat! and he laughs with them. he just acts so darn obnoxious, and makes sure he gets a front fow seat when she gets weighed inthe doctor's office. our doctor actually yelled at him when he said, she might break the scale. really, he has no concern, and is just embarrassed of her size. i really need your help, she is getting larger every day. please, this is very impportant to me, and the health of my big girl.