From john, Child's Age 12 - 06/15/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I tried to talk to my daughter, Sammie. i told her that she needs to realize she is obese, and is setting unrealistic goals for herself, such as to be a swimsuit model like her brother has done once. she asked me why i pick on her because she isn't fat. i think she knows she is, but is embarrassed. we recently went to a dinner party, and a relative we haven't seen in a while thought she was the older sister. when we told her no, she patted sammie's large belly, and told her all the weight is unhealthy for her to have. she joked, and said she took her family's stomachs on herself. i can't really blame my relative, sammie wore a very tight button down shirt, and a skimpy skirt with one of my belts on the highest notch. the buttons were stretched over her, and her belly bulged over the top and bottom of the belt. what's worse is she ate two double hamburgers, and a giant slice of cake. after eating, she looked like she had gotten bigger. my wife had to take her to the bathroom to get the belt off of her. i was so embarrassed, but the worst part was, her brother was laughing at her. he wasn't so hungry, so he was the one who gave her his food. at home, she ate all of our leftovers, and an entire box of cookies and a big bag of greasy chips we bought for kyle and his friends. it is even worse for her because she is actually 320 pounds, and her brother's 99 pounds. i am 120 pounds, and my wife is 115 pounds. this is no joke to me and i want to help her. most of the weight is in her belly, which makes her look even bigger. i am tired of the rude comments people give us when we go out somewhere. one woman selling pretzels at the mall actually tried toconvince us not to buy her a pretzel. she whispered that sammie was the biggest girl she had ever seen, and asked us why we are trying to kill her. do you have any advice? i am sorry, but i don't want to stop her from eating, she loves it, and i love her. maybe there is a slight excersize program for her belly she can do? is there any chance my little girl will ever be thin?
Reply from Taylor, Child's Age 15 - 06/15/09  - IP#:
I don't even get the last remark. "Is there any chance my little girl will ever be thin?" It seems like this is something superficial to you. you don't wanna hurt her, but you're embarassed by her, you want her "thin" not healthy. If you can look at getting her on a diet in a healthy way, she'll never be able to either. She's your daughter. Take her to a doctor, have them help you explain. Go to a nutritionist, and get her on a healthy diet. Be supportive, exercise with her, and don't ever say you wish she could be "thin". "Thin" is how someone looks, and a relative term, and this isn't about looks, it's about health. You don't want her thin, you want her healthy.