From vanessa, Child's Age 99 - 05/02/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I just want to let every one know that they should be very carful when it comes to pressuring children into diets. I was chubby as a child and always teased. So my parenst sent me to "fat camp" and put me on all sorts of diets. They were very strict with me and didn't ever let me even set my eyes on junk food. From a very young age they were showing me nutrition labels on foods. I never lost any weight until i took it into my own hands and starting starving myself with a 300 calorie diet. Everyone around me was happy because i was losing weight. It soon got to be such a big problem though, that i had to be hospitilized. I just want everyone to realize that your child isn't healthy if they are purging and starving even if they are losing weight. Make sure if your child is losing weight that you know how they are doing it. Because people that are starving themselves may still appear at a normal weight.
Reply from Carla, Child's Age 6 - 06/05/09  - IP#:
Thanks for responding to my messgae..I totaly agree w/you about the pressure kids see and feel nfrom media and parents about body issues. My daughter is the only one out of 4 kids w/ a weight issue, but we never tell her or the other kids its an issue. She is still allowed to have a popcicle and to have what my other kids eat.We have tryed portion controll, but i did it for ALL of them, never singling her out.Self asteam should be the main focus, then parent knowlage on how to eat and feed kids in a stessfull, on the go life.....
Reply from vanessa - 05/03/09  - IP#:
Thank you Blanch.
Reply from Blanch, Child's Age 16 - 05/02/09  - IP#:
Amen Vanessa. Parents, Take Note! Vanessa speaks the truth.