From john, Child's Age 12 - 06/18/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i was able to get internet access on the ship, so i will keep you posted with updates in my daughter. i am a little worried about her. since we've gotten on the ship, all she has done is eat. my wife told her to take a break, and go do something with her brother, but she started to cry, and said she was hungry.whenever we go on cruises, she usually gains alotof weight, but she has never eaten this intensely before. i am worried it is because we told her we were okay with whatever she looked like. by the afternoon, it was time for the chocolate and desserts buffet to open, and truthfully, she never left the room. when she sat down, i saw that her belly extended a little past her knees. she continued to eat until it was time for bed. kyle told me that her pants looked too tight, so i went over to check it out. she looked completely bloated, even her double chin looked bigger than usual, and her face was very pudgy. after my wife checked her pants, we'd found out she'd grown two sizes bigger, and couldn't fit into her pants anymore. we tried my old workout sweatpants, but she couldn't pull them over her legs. my wife went to the shop, and bought her some more sweatpants, and tourist shirts. the largest size in mens still stretched tightly over her,and revealed her belly. i need some help. what brands of clothes are good for covering up large stomachs? i would like her to lose some of her belly, because she waddles when she walks, and it is hard for her to bend down and tie her shoelaces, because she can't see her shoes anymore. do you think i should leave her alone, or make her lose a little weight? does anyone have this problem with their daughters? please, dosen't anyone respond on this website? i really need some help.
Reply from john, Child's Age 12 - 06/23/09  - IP#:
she cries if we even ask her to excersize, no joke.
Reply from Blanch - 06/23/09  - IP#:
You need to exercise as a family then. Get everyone involved. Go for a simple bike ride. Have your son play catch outside with his sister. Anything to get her active.
Reply from john, Child's Age 12 - 06/22/09  - IP#:
yeah, my son works out like crazy, plus, he loves sports. but he's too embarrassed to bring his siste along, and she hates to excersize.
Reply from Blanch - 06/22/09  - IP#:
Does your son workout? You mentioned he has abs? Maybe if he does work out, he can bring his sister with him and show her his routine and she can work out with him.
Reply from john, Child's Age 12 - 06/20/09  - IP#:
actually, my son kyle is very popular. he thinks he's so cool, and his friends back him up on it. i mean, sometimes he makes fun of sammie, and other times he says it to help her, because he dosen't want to hang around with her if she's that size. i also think it might make sammie feel worse that his good looks and body led him to become a model, and she hasn't really accomplished anything yet. i think that when she said she liked the way she is, she only said it to hide her true feelings. and she is eating so much maybe to clear away her problems. but i can't stand seeing her having such a rapid weight gain.
Reply from Blanch - 06/19/09  - IP#:
I think that your son is hurting your daughters feeling and it needs to stop. Im sure he isnt mr. perfect like he thinks he is,. Im sure he gets comments too behind his back from people saying he is to skinny. I'll bet if he posted his pictures online of him modeling, he would get negative comments too. The point is, he needs to support his sister and stick up for her in her time of need. He needs to set the good example and help her lose weight. ENOUGH FIGHTING ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!