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From John, Child's Age 11 - 09/18/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
i really need help with my daughter samantha.Everything i bought her a few months ago is now too tight, or won't fit at all. she will not get up off the couch, and everytime i close it and go out of the room, she just puts it on again. and also, on her walk home from school, she buys bags of candy with her allowance. month by month, i see her expanding, and each time we go to the pool each year,her belly is twice the size it was the other year. also,she told her sister that people say things about her behind her back and stare at her. all of her friends are overweight too, and she keeps nudging me to wear a two peice to the pool. I don't want her to get embarrassed, because often she sees the kids from school at the pool.I guess she dosen't want to feel overweight, and wants to fit in with everybody else. what should i do? should i let her wear the two peice? also, i need help with her weight issue.
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From trixie, Child's Age 16 - 09/18/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hi parents. now, first of all i'm only a teen and i have no kids.
i read this board and got upset. now, i'm not trying to be mean by any means at all.
for some kids it's just a phase. some kids get chunky, but then loose it all as they grow.
you should let your kids be kids. don't knock food out of their hands and force them to chomp on celery.
plus, are you sure that your kids aren't depressed?? because my dad was terrible growing up. the first time he called me a fat@ss was when i was 9. i wasn't a big kid. because of all the harrassment, and runs he would force us to run. i got really depressed.
so please don't EVER make fun of your kids for their size. don't jump on their backs about their weight. remember, they're kids. you're only a kid once.
i never had much of a childhood.
don't make these mistakes. PLEASE
Reply from alysa, Child's Age 12 - 12/20/06  - IP#:

From MEME, Child's Age 9 - 09/05/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My son is 9 and weighs 155 lbs. He is 4'8. Most of his weight is in his belly. But he carrys it all over. People tell me he should be in football!! He is not interested right now. He is pretty active runs around with other kids, swms. Now he will be starting soccer. He does like to sit and play games and play on the computer. I do not see anything wrong with this. The only fear I have this year is that he is starting 3 grade and kids will make fun of him. He has lots of friends that don't, but I am sure with bus ride he has to get on with the 3, 4 and 5 graders he is going to get picked on. He for some reason does not tell us everything that goes on with the other kids on the bus. I listen to everyone telling me he needs to loose some weight. I am really tired of it. Health wise I am nervous with Diabeties running in my family. I also have a weight problem. I just purchased... (view more)
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From linda, Child's Age 14 - 08/28/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
i kind of agree most parents the days are sick people if your child is over weight it is the parents fault they bought the junk food they let them sit home and eat the day away then they call them fat then that leads to anorexia/bulimia wich leads to depression wich leads to suicide thats why us americans are so messed up in the heads that and the government
Reply from Rae♥, Child's Age 15 - 08/30/06  - IP#:

From Rebecca, Child's Age 13 - 08/24/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 13. She's a size 12 teens. Trys to eat healthy but sometimes gives up. Excercises moslty but is online a lot. She weighs about 155 pounds and is 5'4. I want her to lose at least 25 pounds. I find it hard to do though. She wants to lose it too but she doesn't seem committed. Are there any ways i can help her? Any excercises that she should feel good about? Any ways to get her to lose 2 pounds a week?
Reply from tracey, Child's Age 12 - 12/26/06  - IP#:
Reply from Willow, Child's Age 13 - 11/10/06  - IP#:
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From M, Child's Age 15 - 08/23/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 15 she is 180 lbs at 5'7''. My ex thinks she's only 145. My daughter doesn't look obesebut she is a lil overweight. She eats fine over here. She won't exercise though. All day she sits on the computer on I can't get her off of it. At my ex's house all he eats is junk. Him his gf and daughter eat junnk and there all over 200 lbs. I don't want my daughter to be like them. She also parties alot over at her fathers house and I know she drinks and I can't stop her. I have her on a diet here she eats certain foods at certain times. She was skinny till she broke up with her first bf at 10. She lived with her father at that time and all she did was eat. She ate so much food she could of saved a city. And now all this food has caught up to her. She says she wants to loss weight but she doesn't know how. We don't have enough money to send her to a gym. She won't walk... (view more)
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From Debbie, Child's Age 9 - 08/20/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is at 129 now, in the last year she has gained around 30+ pounds. My husband and I are both overweight and runs in both our families. I have started sending her breakfast to daycare and lunch to school, when we eat at home she gets a healthy dinner, is not allowed juice or sugared drinks. I plan to talk to her doctor when we go for her ADHD checkup at the end of this month. In the last couple of months, she seems to be gaining 1 to 2 pounds per week. All summer at daycare they exercised everyday and then most days went on a trip. I just don't know what to do and have read the articles about mother's dieting causing eating disorders in kids and don't want to cause that. My husband is no help in this area, he thinks I should leave her alone, I cannot agree to that. Any suggestions?
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From Janet, Child's Age 15 - 08/10/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter was athletic and lean all her life. In the past two years, along with her growing about 4 inches, she has also gained over 60 pounds of fat! all in her thighs and belly. She doesn't seem to mind, and she laughs it off if I bring it up.
Reply from Kya, Age 12 - 06/07/09  - IP#:
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From Johnny, Child's Age 15 - 08/07/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi... I was just wondering in you have caught any of your children posting pictures/videos of themselves on the internet. The other day I found a video of my obese (237 lb.) son on youtube! I didn't know how to handle the situation. I was wondering if any of you have found your children doing similar things and how you delt with it.
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From Cathy, Child's Age 9 - 08/06/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My stepdaughter is 9 and weighs 122lbs. She had leukemia when she was 4 and is nearing her 5 year mark in remission. Her being overweight is not only hereditary but due to the steroids she was on during her treatments. She lives with her dad and I most of the time because her birth mother works. Her dad and I and the kids went to a diatician upon her oncologists suggestion to see what and how we should feed her and how she should exercise. Unfortunately the birth mother didn't go. The birth mother is also overweight and thinks she "knows how" to feed her daughter. When she does have the little girl, she usually takes her to an "all you can eat" buffet or McDonald's for breakfast, or a steak place for lunch or dinner. The birth mother only gets her kids like on the weekends and most of the time she takes them out to eat at least two to three times on that weekend. She thinks she ... (view more)
Reply from Debbie, Child's Age 9 - 08/20/06  - IP#:

From Lauren, Child's Age 7 - 08/05/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hi my daughter Sydney is 9 and is 106 pounds. She used to be skinny untill about age 7. I dont no what to do because she is always eating and doesnt really like playing outside. What should I do? She eats a lot of cookies but I dont no what to do ?
Reply from Heather, Child's Age 10 - 08/16/06  - IP#:
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From Susanna, Child's Age 13 - 08/03/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
So i took my daughter shopping....she's a size 12 in womens. she weighs like 150-157 around there. i told her she should lose weight. she just put on weight like crazy.she has one huge fat roll and one small fat roll. i gave her a binkini and we went to the pool but when she sat down from the side her stomach was like two times the size of mine. she has a little double chin. im jsut worried my little girl is going to turn into a bigger fatter person when she's older. does anybosy have any comments or tips i can give to her? she's tried dieting and it doesnt seem to help much. she runs a lot, walks a lot, and does situps a lot. i jsut need tips that really work. comments?
Reply from Kya, Child's Age 12 - 06/07/09  - IP#:
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From Rick, Child's Age 14 - 08/02/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I will start with thank you for all the info i found here on this site. I have been herefor 3 plus hours reading and learning. Here's why, Last night the person I love and care most about in the world handed me a note on her way to bed that said she was not happy with the way she looked and would be willing to do any thing to lose some weight. She said "I might be bigger then you dad. I am very uncomfortable with myself and HATE the way I look. I mean those words." This is my baby girl, if your a dad you understand what i mean when i say all I see is perfection and my baby girl who I would die for and do anything for. She told me she was tipping the scales at 206 I was floored and shocked. Then I got worried about her health. Some where in the last 14 years she has grow up and the first year of high school and this home coming dance thing that is in two mounths became important. Who... (view more)
Reply from Debbie, Child's Age 9 - 08/20/06  - IP#:
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From pat, Child's Age 19 - 07/26/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
well its been a while since I posted about my daughter she was around 600lbs last time I posted. Well it finally happened she had to be brought to the hospital for conjestive heart failure she almost died on me and my wife. It happened yesterday and I dont know what to do. the hospital put her at around 900lbs she had almost no mobility and she still doesnt want to quit eating the hospital has here on a diet but she says as soon as she gets home she will eat all she wants. I need help I dont know who to go to. someone please help
Reply from Joe, Child's Age 15 - 12/05/06  - IP#:
Reply from Willow, Child's Age 13 - 11/10/06  - IP#:
Reply from Melanie, Child's Age 12 - 10/22/06  - IP#:
Reply from T, Child's Age 13 - 08/29/06  - IP#:
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Reply from john, Child's Age 12 - 07/31/06  - IP#:
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From Libby, Child's Age 14 - 07/19/06 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I know this is not for me but I want to know if you guys can give me some much needed advice.
I'm basically very worried about my daughter’s weight, and I really don't know what to do. Some background info, I have one daughter named Sara and she's always been a chubby girl all her life. I really never worried about her weight and let her have w/e and everything she wanted, no matter how large. I know this wasn't smart but I didn't really know what to do but make my little girl happy.
As she grew older I realized she wasn't just chubby or pudgy anymore, but becoming quite fat for her age, especially around ages 8 and 9. I still hesitated, and continued to indulge in her horrible and large diet, which I now realize is my fault. This became the worst during her preteens, when early puberty caused her appetite to reach new heights, and of course I stupidly I continued to give... (view more)

Reply from Katy, Child's Age 14 - 09/01/15  - IP#:
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