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From stacey, child's age 8

I am exstreamly conserned about my 8 year old daughter stacy. She is 4 foot 6 and ways 140.It scared me because i way 140. She is exstreamly active and dose soccer 2 times a week she also dose baseball and gymnastics. My other daughter is 11 and 80 pounds.We eat very healthy and i make a point to exsersise every week. The other thing is i am not sure if she nose that she is over weight. She wears very tight cloths that make her look even bigger.But unlike most over weight children she doesnt haven fat cheeks chubby fingers or anything, all her weight is at her belly. Her stomack is so huge, it sages over her pants, and in the past year, 2 roles have formed there. I have been waching stacy closly and she is encreadble, she eats so much. More then is think able. This is what she eat for dinner last nigh when we went out to a freinds houuse. Two large peeses of chicken, a scoop of marrconie and cheese, two large betatos, a slice of pizza, a banana, a enormose peice of cake, a bag of chipes, a salad, two cholate bars and milk. i kwow it is hard to bealeve but that not all. After dinner she called me over, she couldnt button her pants, I wasnt alarmed becauce she always had trouble buttening her pants, so i did the politte thing and went into the bath room. In there i tried to butten her pants but thay looked three sizes to small. They werent even close to buttening. Her stomack that was normly jugly and fat was tight and looked like she was pregnant. I took her to the docter and the docter did a million blood tests and every thing hasd come back 100% normle.Her stomack is back to normle but when she eats alot it looks like a bollone. I waid her last night, and she waid 150 she gained ten pounds. What do i do?