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From vanessa, child's age 11

i went shopping with my 11 year old duaghter a week ago, i hadnt gone shopping whith her in a long time so i was surprised to see that nothing fit her even in the biggest possble size.i new she was a bit heavy but i had been to busy to really watch her closly.since about 8 months ago she had been wereing bagy clothes so i never really saw what was under there.i made vanessa try on a two pese bathing suit hoping it would fit her and she told me it did. when she steped out of the changing room in the two peace bathing suit i was shocked by her body.she had 4 gigly rolls of fat arond her stomack.she looked obese.i was shocked that she had 4 rolls of fat.her thise were huge and i notised she had strech marks arounb her stomack and thise.i tried to act like i hadnit notised anything.i talked to my husband and we desided to take her to the docter i didnt want to tell her why we were going to the docter o i said it was a check up.the docter wade her a took her hieght she was 178 pound and 4 foot 8.we told vanessa what was going on and she got upset at usewe told her that we were just worried about her health.what should i do.