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From john, child's age 12

yesterday, we went to a pretty fancy resteraunt, we like to go out to eat alot, and my daughter ate a humongous amount of food. she would not touch the salad, but drank two bowls of soup, and had the whole plate of cheesy fries, which was our appetizer. again, she had to wear one of my belts, too keep her shirt on over her stomach. next, she refilled her soda four times, and ordered a hot dog and hamburger duo, her favorites. after wolfing the meal down, she ordered another of the same dish. she was about to order one more, when i heard her groaning, and rubbing her belly. i went over to help her, and found that her stomach was being squeezed by the belt. i put it on the highest notch for her, and she proceded to eat the third plate of food. by then, it was time for dessert, she has a very large appetite, so we let her get the mini cake for herself, plus a chocolate milkshake. she then ate that, and i saw her still fidgeting with the belt. she told me her stomach hurt, and i felt it for her. her shrit felt very tight, like her belly was about to burst out. it turned out that the belt was just too tight, so she took it off, and looked relieved when her belly hung out. i tried to talk to her again that night, and she laughed, saying that she was just joking the other day. she said she knows she is obese, and she dosen't want to be a model. she said it's just her stomach's way of making room for all the food she eats.after a talk with her brother, he nolonger makes comments, because i take away his allowance if he does. i guess all if working out. except that my daughter is still obese, and she likes it. i asked her to weigh herself for me, and it came back it possible to gain ten pounds in a night? we bought her elastic pants in the men's section, so when we go out to eat, her belly will have room to expand. we also bought her some shorter tops, so she can show off her belly, and be proud of it. it turns out it wasn't self eteem at all, beause today, she says she dosen't care about what others say. we are going on a cruise for two days, so i will let you know more when we get back. but i just want to know if i am doing the right thing. she dosen't seem to care about what others say, and likes to show off her belly now that she knows we're okay with that. i don't want her to be embarrassed of herself. do you think i am doing the right thing? i mean, i can deal with the staring and the rude comments if i know my little girl is happy with her body. what about all of you dads?