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From Heather, child's age 11

Hi I have an 11 year old son. He is 5'3" and 204 lbs. His highest weight was 211. He has been watching his weight like crazy so he can play a football game this year. He is already practicing with the team 2 hours a week and doing rec basketball. He just finished soccer season. His diet? He has recently cut out bread and that has helped his weight loss. He drinks lots of bottled water or homemade ice tea with lemon (no sugar). We don't keep many snacks in the house. I am diabetic, so everything here has turned to sugarfree and low carb. We have been cooking natural foods, mostly on the grill. Minimal packaged foods. When school is in session, I pack his lunches. He told me that the lunches are unhealthy at school. I agree. My concern is, he looks a little chubby, but he is a solid mass. Football requirements need him to be at 140lbs MAX to play with his team. I can see him loosing another 15-20, but I can't see another 65lbs!Even the coaches made him get on the scale twice. He doesn't look like 204lbs. Doctors say he is fine medically. Some say, he will outgrow it, other doctors bashed me and told me I was a bad mother. He keeps up with the other kids with no issues. I feel that we eat healthier than the average family and he is always on the move. Are these BMI charts ALWAYS right? Is it possible that he has a higher muscle mass? Is loosing another 65lbs unrealistic?