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I am a physical therapist by trade, and I'm in great shape. Two and a half years ago I moved from sunny California to New Hampshire with my wife and four (yes, four) sons as I got the chance to open my own gym up here (a personal dream of mine). It been great, the gym that is, but the dreary weather makes all of us miss home.
My oldest son, Jackson, is 16 now, and was especially angry about the move as he was leaving all his friends behind, many of whom he knew since grade school. The twins, Luke and Liam (14) also were pretty annoyed, though my youngest Aaron was too young to be really distraught as he was 9 at the time.
Anyway, before the move they all were active, healthy kids. None were overweight. In fact, up until a few days ago I was under the honest-to-god opinion that they were perfectly fine. I walked in on Liam changing his shirt, and couldn't help but notice he was definitely getting fat. Like manboobs and somewhat hanging belly fat. Yes, he seemed to increasingly wear loose shirts (me and his mom actually started joking that he was trying to go all gangster on us!), but I guess I just didn't want to worry. Looking back, I can tell he was gaining weight, I remember going to a buffet on a vacation and him eating quite a bit and noticing that he was looking large, and I have been noticing he has been the first one to finish his younger brother's leftovers.
Paying attention, it also looks like both Luke and Jackson have also gotten larger then they should be. Like not as bad or noticeable as Liam, but if you are paying attention you can tell they are no longer the skinny kids they once were. They definitely have not been as active here in New Hampshire, the weather (even in the summer) has taken its toll on a family used to going outside and playing all year long, but I am a physical therapist, I should have noticed this sooner! I work with overweight people all the time!
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What are your sons height and weight and how does it compare to before New Hampshire? I have 4 sons as well, and noticing that after I moved from New England to London, one has started to put on a bit of weight.
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Hi Eric, can't reply much now but I am in a similar prediciment as you are. If you would like to discuss further, feel free to email me @