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From Kim, child's age 8

Hi, My 8yo daughter is 119 pounds and has been overweight since she was 3. She is an active kid who likes to eat. We control her portions and food at home, but it’s not so easy at day care, school, friend’s house, etc. I was so proud of her last Saturday because after her soccer game they handed out pizza and cupcakes and she chose a small slice of pineapple pizza and declined the cupcake. But the girls on her team really encouraged her to eat the cupcake – because she “played so well and it tastes so good”. I know she wanted one and that it was so hard to say no. How do you help your kids handle these social eating situations? Soccer is an excellent and fun exercise for her but they always have junk food after all the games. The moms don’t want to switch to fruit or better choice because “the girls worked so hard”. It’s very frustrating. It’s similar in other situations, too but soccer bugs me the most because she started doing it to get in better shape…and keeps doing it because it is fun and she is no longer last in PE running, etc. (she sees the benefits).