From Krista, Child's Age 13 - 03/06/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter was 75 pounds in the fourth grade. In sixth grade, she was 131.6. Now she is in seventh grade. She was 151.8 last week, but today, she was 149.4. But all she did was bulge all week and she never onced exercise. What does this mean? I never tell her that she is overweight, but now I feel like I have to bring it up sometime. Today, she mentioned to me that she was going to try to lose some weight. She wants to be 100 pounds before August. Any suggestions?
Reply from Ashlie - 03/14/11  - IP#:
It seems very encouraging that not only has your daughter decided that she wants to lose weight, but she has shared her wishes with you as well. Many kids who want to lose weight try to keep it a secret from their parents out of embarrassment or fear that they won't receive support. Some kids have specific ideas on why they are overweight and how they are going to lose it. Just listening to your child and how they feel can go a long ways in showing your support. There are also tips to help prevent children from overeating on the Parents page.