From Lauren, Child's Age 16 - 01/15/17 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter has always been overweight, and I've never had the heart to sit her down at tell her that she's fat. I really should have. Within the past year, Ellen has gained a little over 115 pounds...going from 342 to 466. I didn't really notice it until she came down for school one day and her clothes didn't fit. Her favorite shirt was so tight it clung to every roll on her body and showed the bottom of her big belly, and her jeans wouldn't even button, so she zip tied them shut. Not only did her clothes not fit, she began to have trouble walking. The other day we were at a mini golf place and Ellen sat down and took about 10 minutes to catch her breath. I think I'm going to take her to the weight clinic soon, I'm worried about her. She gains weight everyday. I've started weighing her and tracking the amount of food she eats. I've even resorted to measuring her growing, fat body. It's scary how gigantic Ellen is. Please if you have any advice tell me!
Reply from Anonymous, Child's Age 11 - 01/15/17  - IP#:
My daughter is 11, 4'11 and already 116 pounds!! That is not healthy for an 11 year old girl. That is what is happened to my daughter, I think you should talk your daughter and tell her about being overweight and unhealthy, and have a nice conversation leading into it. Ask her if any kids are making fun of her, if she noticed, or if she wants to lose weight. To lose weight, I think she should eat healthier, and then when she feels up to it, try a little exercise, and then more, and more. I am doing this with my daughter, she has already lost 6 pounds and she told me she wants to do one of those programs to lose weight. Good Luck, and I hope I have helped!