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My son Theodore is overweight/obese he is currently 4"11 133. Someone of his friends who is the valedictorian at a very good prep school (did this skipping a grade) saw that our son was overweight and was pick on by other friends. He also told me that he saw that he wasn't breathing normally. So a few weeks after that my wife and I are out of town and Theo had a checkup at the doctor so we have our friends son bring him and the doctors told him and his family that he has many obesity like diseases linked to the test they did. I encourage him to go outside but the never does he just sits inside all day watching T.V and when that friend comes over a very good soccer player (2 year up on #2 team in country) ,lacrosse and basketball player is kind of getting upset that he never goes outside. I need help to fix these problem such as losing friends and the health problem!!!
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Asthma doesn't show up from nowhere due to overweight, so that has to be treated no matter what, but of course having a bigger body takes more effort to move around.
Heart disease of what kind? Born with defects, or stuff like high blood pressure etc. that can be linked to his weight?
Physical activity can solve a lot of problems..
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Heart disease and Ashmea
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What kind of obesity like diseases did he have?