From Jim, Child's Age 13 - 04/07/17 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter is only 13 and she weighs 220 but is only 5 feet 2 inches. Her belly jiggles like jelly whenever she walks and when she wears her bikini to the pool, her belly and legs jiggle like crazy too so it is hard for her to play and swim. It is hard for her to stand up whenever she is sitting down and we have weighed her every night since she was 10 and she has gained 100 pounds since then. She eats about 5 full meals a day not including snacks. Any advice?
Reply from Brianna, Age 19 - 10/19/17  - IP#:
Maybe stop weighing her then? Creepy description aside, you need to talk to your daughter, how does she feel about her size? How does it affect her at school, or with her friends?
Reply from Jim, Child's Age 13 - 05/18/17  - IP#:
Unfortunately, she had gained 30 pounds since i posted this and throws a fit every time i weigh her
Reply from Jack - 04/30/17  - IP#:
I feel that stopping her eating 5 meals a day may be helpful. Also you'll probably give her some kind of eating disorder if you weigh her nightly.
Reply from jenny, Child's Age 15 - 04/11/17  - IP#:
have u taken her to doctor