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From Maria, child's age 12

I have four boys, but only my youngest son has a weight problem. He is currently 4'11 and 197lbs, so not just chubby, but sadly very obese :( . He has always been this way, short and overweight, whereas his older brothers are all much taller, very into their sports and healthy weights. It breaks my heart seeing the difference between them, but other than my 18 year old son, they're not very supportive towards him or helpful in getting him to lose weight. Anyway, Inbetween the constant battle to get him slim down, I have a question that no doctor has yet been able to answer. David (my overweight son) eats too much, but so do all his brothers too, and all the food in my house is healthy (except for a locked cupboard of goodies). He doesn't get a lot of his own money so he isn't tempted into buying junk (he agreed to this as well and gets me to save his allowance now). Anyway, even with this, he doesn't lose weight! We're been seeing paediatricians and dietitians since he was five, and still he keeps ballooning up. Most plans he's put on start off with him losing a pound the first week, nothing the next and usually by the forth week he's started gaining the weight he's lost back! I lose my cool, he says it's pointless and the cycle just repeats itself. He's had bloods taken in the past and there's been no issue found with his hormones or thyroid. There is though a history of sporadic obesity on his dad's side. His father is not at all overweight, but both his mother and brother are. It makes me terrified to think that this might all be genetic, and if it is, there's nothing I can do to help him. I can't stand the thought that he's going to be so fat all his life and that he might have all kinds of health problems in the future. Does anyone else have genetic obesity in their families but they've still managed to lose weight? Sorry for the long post.