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From Connor, child's age 0

Parents. I think I have a suggestion to your problems. I think its important rather than freakig out about your childs weight, to offer support to them. My family has offered support to me and its helps me alot when trying to lose weight. Do what my parents did. Throw out all the junk food in the house, next take your child shopping and have them pick out low fat foods that they would be interested in trying. Finally, Its hard on an overweight kid to exercise by themself. Me and My family including my younger brother, have started going on an hour long bike ride together around the neighborhood. Have the entire family involved in exercise with your overweight son or daugter. My entire family, my mom my dad and my younger 14 year old brother are all skinny, but it helps that they exercise with me to keep me motivated. One more thing to throw out there. If you are a parent of an Overweight teenager that is old enough to relize they are putting on weight, I suggest you have a conversation with them about gaining weight. But be polite about it. Some Teenagers gain weight purposly because they love being fat. My friend is one of these people. I asked him if he wanted tolose weight with me but he said no because he is a gainer. Like I said some teens gain weight on purpose and post it on a website like this my friend showed me this site. Notice the goals of this kid. And he's not the only one. Hope this helps.