From jackie, Child's Age 12 - 10/02/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
we started the gym this week and so far everyone is having a good time a litte sore but we like it no other kids her age but we are managing i just tell her nevermind what people say you need to do this for you. it's working for now
Reply from jackie, Child's Age 12 - 10/04/07  - IP#:
after going this first week yes i have seen more kids and my girls are starting to really look forward to going they love the classes last night we did group groove and it was dancing they laughed and sweat it was great i even took them swimming. keeping it going and making it fun will be the chalenge.

Reply from Jenny, Child's Age 12 - 10/02/07  - IP#:
That's super Jackie! Maybe if other parents see you at the gym with you daughter, they will then bring their kids too. You might suggest to the gym that they organize exercise classes just for kids or just for kids and parents together. Keep up the good work. Your daughter will thank you for it!! - Jenny