From Duncan, Child's Age 11 - 07/16/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, my son Michael is overweight and it seems to be getting worse. He's never said that he's unhappy with being overweight though, so I never did anything. Before the summer holidays started he was already 196lbs; he's always been sedentary (unfortunatly a trait he gets from me and my wife, although we are not overweight) and hes been even more so over the holiday so far. He's now 215lbs - 19lbs up since the holidays began, he got out of school on the 1st June, so its been over a month and a half but still this is the most he's put on at one time. I've noticed a lot of new stretchmarks on his body recently and his double chin seems more pronounced and I'm worried he might start getting teased at school (although this may just be me being paranoid as a parent - he's never been teased about his weight to my knowledge). His clothes as well seem tighter, some t-shirts are practically hugging his belly although he claims they're fine so again we haven't interferred on that.
He says he feels fine and hes ok with being big - doctors visit checked out good, he's healthy but overweight.
I just wanted to know from other parents of overweight kids if we're doing the right thing by not forcing him to lose weight.
Reply from Duncan, Child's Age 11 - 08/17/07  - IP#:
Ok Erin I think that is the best move possible, we have let it slip for too long. He's now 223 at nearly the end of the holidays. My wife and I are going to ensure he doesn't get any bigger, and if possible, lose some of the weight.
Thanks for the help.

Reply from Erin, Child's Age 20 - 08/11/07  - IP#:
I think what she means is that by typical "weight percentile" type charts like those that pediatricians use, his weight at 4'11'' is in the highest range. As for advice, I'd say try to make it a family thing. Focus on getting healthy, not losing weight and don't single him out (Even if the rest of the family doesn't have any weight problems, ANYBODY benefits from good nutrition and exercise). Encourage him & don't criticize. Also keep in mind how important nutrition is at his age, overweight or not. Maybe as a family, you could find an activity or sport he enjoys. Unless being very short runs in your family, the fact that he's only 4'11'' and 11 means he's probably in for a big growth spurt in the coming years.

Reply from Duncan, Child's Age 11 - 07/27/07  - IP#:
What do you mean "he's off the charts"?

Reply from Tina, Child's Age 15 - 07/27/07  - IP#:
You should get him to lose weight. He is obese not overweight. Find a BMI calculator online. It's a height and weight chart according to someone's age. Anything from 18-25 is a healthy weight, 25-30 is overweight but anything over 30 is obese. I tried to find his BMI but he's off the charts.

Reply from Duncan, Child's Age 11 - 07/17/07  - IP#:
He's 4ft11

Reply from Amanda, Child's Age 16 - 07/16/07  - IP#:
How tall is he?