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From Jeanette, child's age 8

I worry so much about my 8 yr olds weight trouble, she is 175lbs at the age of 8. she towers over all the other kids her age and they can be very cruel. Her dad was a chubby kid but she has gone beyond chubby. I try very hard to reduce her food intake but how do you tell your child no when she cries that she is hungry. I have noticed that she eats just because; if her brother or sister is eating, she has to eat too. If My husband or I try to explain that she doesn't need to eat everytime someone is eating she cries and says mommy I can't help it. The whole family can afford to shed some pounds but with everyone's busy schedule we don't have or really make the time to exercise. I would like to set a family example exercising and eating right but it is so difficult. Does anyone have some suggestions. I'm desperate. I'm afraid that my daughter will become very ill.