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From Latoisha, child's age 14

My daughter is 14 and is just eating herself into what I feel is an early grave. She has been to the doctor and the doctor has put her on a diet, that has not helped. I had to change everything that I buy in the house I had to change the diet of my younger two children just to encourage my daughter. Although I never cooked fried foods, or let them have a lot of junk food she still eat out of control. If you don't finish your food on your plate she will eat her food and the left overs on everyone else's plate. She is up all night eating she constantly eat all day. She has high cholesterol at the age of 14 and has now started having blood pressure problems. She weighs more than I do which is sad she is 265 and 5'8" I am 135 5'6". I have constantly told her that food is not her friend and if she has problems please come to me and talk about it don't try to eat it away. I work out a lot due to my back problems and exercise has to be part of my daily regimine per my doctor. I get her out with me daily and she don't even try or put an effort into walking. She just don't know the heartache I feel due to her not being healthy. It hurts really bad and I cry often because I know how cruel the kids are and I don't want her feeling like she has to buy friends just because of her size or let people treat her any way just for them to be her friend. I am really scared at this point that my child is going to have a heart attack and die! I just don't know what to do anymore......