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From Brandy, child's age 8

Hello everyone.I have been on the board before about my son Brian.He has Acantosis Nigricans.He is extremely obese and yes I know its my fault.I am not looking for sympathy from you parents I just want to tell you please have your children's blood levels check at there yearly physical.It was only because of the AN did our doctor do a complete blood work on him.He is pre-diabetic and has high liver enzymes which can lead to fatty liver disease.If he hadn't had that dark ring on his neck I would have never taken him in because other that that and his being obese he seemed happy and never complained.For those of you wondering Brian is 4'10 and is 165 lbs.Every day I come to this board looking for advice and see others looking for help.we will be going back to Duke's childrens hospital in north carolina in a few months for a rechecking of the blood work.He is being put on a low glycemic diet.I only posted this personal information because I wanted other parents to know that they can ask for a complete blood work up when thay take their children in for a physical.Thank you for letting me share this with you.My prayers are with all you parents and children.