From radii, Child's Age 13 - 07/31/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
this is hard to addmit but here goes.. my 12 year old girl got raped two years ago she was 100 pounds then but is now 290 since this happened she has been piling on the pounds recently,i was in the back garden and i could here her 'friend' say to her 'you really need to lose weight like if you dont i wont be seen with you any more get a vacume and a sharp knive, thats cheap lipo' I was shocked and started to cry but my girl just took it, she doesnt belive that she needs to lose weight even thought she been told by the doctor!
Reply from Megan, Child's Age 14 - 10/26/08  - IP#:
First of all, I'd advise you tell her 'friends' mum what this girl had been trying to make your child do, thats disgusting! Secondly, speak to a doctor, yourself and get help. Your girl is 13, not 16. Your incharge, tell her the brutal truth and make her listen!
Reply from Erin, Child's Age 20 - 08/11/07  - IP#:
Your daughter has been through an unbelievably traumatic experience at a very young age. Please tell me she's seeing a therapist...the fact that she gained 190 pounds in 2 years is obviously a sign that she's trying to find a way to cope. Yes, the weight is a problem but not the underlying issue. Focus on getting her better emotionally/mentally first and it's likely the physical side will eventually follow.

Reply from matthew, Child's Age 8 - 08/10/07  - IP#:
well try to make it fun, and talk to her that the whole family is doing it, and join in and help her with it, or find some fun exercise to do like dance or tennis or the like. just try to make it fun and if nothing yet see where it goes because some of it might be baby fat and just growing into the body. well if i can offer any help i would be glad to

Reply from Jeremy, Child's Age 15 - 08/02/07  - IP#:
Maybe she's fine with her weight. Don't force her to do something she doesn't want to do, it just drives them away.

Reply from Holly, Child's Age 14 - 07/31/07  - IP#:
Read the book She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. The main character was in a very similar situation.