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hi im having alot of problems with my daughter brandi she truly is pretty not because shes my child and all but i just feel so bad when she comes to me crying like yesterday she said that she found out a boy she really liked didnt like her (by the way my daughter is 5'3 and 190 lbs) she said she knew he didnt like but she said there still was that little pitifull drop of hope this really killed me inside i felt so bad shes been writing poems and crying she said that she will never find someone to love her ever since last year she started 6th grade in jr high we moved away from her friends and that whole she strugled to make friends and keep them she said that if she was skinny then people would like her because my daughter has a great personality but shes aalso shythis year shes in seventh and she has a few friends and one of them is a little chubby but she helps brandibut what im trying to say is can i have some tips for my daughter no matter how many people tell her shes pretty her self a steem is still low so can someone just give me some tips please and thank you (sorry this is long)
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hi marisa thank u so much for replying that is such great advice i appreciate it

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My daughter alsois teased and feels like people don't like her because she is overweight. She too is a beautiful girl. I sometimes hear even adults say things like, wow..she would be gorgeous if she ost that weight! Ouch!
I think the best thing we as parents can do (for the emotional aspect) is to remind our children how wonderful they are. Let them know exactly what you love about them. A pretty smile, bright eyes, hair, nails, how thoughtful and polite they are etc.
Try not to mention a "weight problem" instead commend them for drinking water, exercising, eating healthy,limiting junk food etc. Our kids are little spounges they absorb what they hear and want to please us.
I hope that helps.
My daughter sneaks food...that is her biggest problem currently.