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 Exercise - Can It Make You Look Fatter

=> I'm a 16 year old girl and I have been eating healthily and working out 6 days of the week to lose weight. I heard that certain exercises cause muscles to go big under the fat which makes a fat person look fatter - is this true? My workout is cardio and aerobic based and involves a lot of repetition. Thanks

 General cardio and aerobic exercise combined with healthy eating are great ways to help lose and maintain your weight. Repetition exercises done in moderation can also help to tone and strengthen your body.

Sometimes, using too heavy of weights can cause bulging of muscles so start with light (1 kg = 2.2 pound) weights if you use them at all. It is the repetition of the exercise that tones and strengthens your body, and that is what you are striving to achieve. Keep up the great work out!

 Lose Weight Without Exercising

=> How can I lose weight without working out ?

 Healthy weight loss is a combination of eating smaller portions of healthy foods and moderate exercise. You can lose weight by eating smaller portions without exercise but the benefits of exercise (healthy heart and keeping your bones strong) is a good idea at any age. Even doing 15-30 minutes a day of exercise or an activity with movement can make a difference.

You may find stationary gym work outs boring. Why not try other distracting activities that get you moving. Any activity that gets you moving is beneficial.

Here are some ideas:
1. Pick an exercise or activity you like! Remember, whether it’s walking, dancing or playing a sport, any activity that gets you moving burns calories / energy. Burning calories helps you lose weight.
2. Do some kind of activity every day. Why be bored?
3. Mix it up.
4. Get a weight loss buddy. You can help each other and keep each other motivated.

 Stress Eating - How To Stop

=> i have an really bad eating problem and i nedd help. The thing that is causing my eating problem is because i stress alot and when i stress i eat a "BIG" portion of food. I am really sick and tierd of people calling my names like "oh your so fat" and "no wonder you never got a good grade in gym because your the size of a cow." help me with my problem. Im only 11 and Im a size 14 in womens jeans and I just want to get into a size 8 in womens.

 STRESS EATING - WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP: We already know that using food to cope with stress only makes us feel worse. Stressed girl eating chocolate barIdentifying the source of our stress and coming up with a plan to reduce or eliminate stress eating should help. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Learn to recognize what your stress triggers (the things that cause you stress) are and write them down on a piece of paper. For example: dealing with homework, talking in front of a group, dealing with my step parent.

2. Write down a plan for each stress trigger. For example: Call a friend for support when I am stressed about my homework. Use this list of DISTRACTING ACTIVITIES to find things you can do to avoid eating.

3. Do a distracting activity whenever you feel the urge to eat for reasons other than hunger. Remember, you can do these activities whenever you feel some uncomfortable feelings. Squeezing your hands together tight, and slow deep breathing are other ways to relieve stress.

Learn to cope with stress without using food. Practice doing distracting activities instead of stress eating. You can do it!

 Exercise - Best Time To Do It

=> when is the best time to excersize? When is the best time to eat lunch and dinner?

 The best time to exercise is ANYTIME! It's a good idea to start thinking of exercise as "FUN ACTIVITY!" fun exerciseThe most important thing is to DO SOME FUN ACTIVITY EVERYDAY!

Here are some fun ideas:
1. PICK A DIFFERENT FUN ACTIVITY EVERYDAY. Write down as many activities that you can think of on separate slips of paper and place them in a BIG JAR. Some examples of fun activities might be dancing, jumping rope, walking or running up and down stairs, shooting hoops or simply going for a walk. It's a fact, if you like doing an activity, you will be more likely to do it! That’s what counts. When you feel lazy or are about to eat something even if you aren’t hungry, reach into the jar, grab an activity, and DO IT!!! Right Now!! Be creative, mix it up, have fun!

2. Make exercise / fun activities a habit! like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Find the time each day and DO IT!!!

The best time to eat lunch and dinner is when you are hungry. Use hunger as your guide and eat only when you are truly hungry at mealtimes. Try to avoid snacking in between meals or limit it to small amounts of fruits or vegetables. Eating a healthy breakfast also helps you to control overeating throughout the day.

 Family Support - How Family Can Help You Lose Weight

=> I'm 5'5" and 13 years old. I used to be 185-195 but now I'm 176.9 because I cut back on juice. What are some ways to get my family to help me lose weight?

 Simply cutting back on sugary drinks like soda, juice and sports drinks can help one lose weight. Good job! Remember, water is your best friend!

Working together as a family on weight loss is a great idea! The whole family can benefit when everyone works together on weight loss goals.

Here are some ideas that might help:
1. First, talk to your parents about your weight loss wishes and get everyone on board. If they are initially unsupportive, try other ideas like show them the weight calculator and the parent area on this site.

2. Get junk food out of the house! Out of site, out of mind! Make a list before you go grocery shopping with healthy choices. Eating before you go helps so you don't buy tempting food you don't need.

3. Plan ahead. Make a list of things you and your family can do together other than eat when you aren't hungry. Write down fun things like go for a walk, hike, ride bikes, paint or draw, dance and so forth. Then, check the list instead of eating when you aren't hungry and do something on the list. Some kids put ideas on slips of paper and put them in a big jar. Then they "draw" out an idea and GO DO IT. You can take turns drawing out an activity. Mix it Up! It's FUN.

4. Be mindful. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT! Are you really hungry? If not, DON'T EAT. THINK DISTRACT as in distracting activities. Remind each other!

5. Surround yourself with other SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of ideas and information. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Weight Plateau - How to Lose The Rest

=> How do you lose the last 10 pounds I think it takes forever and I was wondering if you have any advice?

 Congratulations on losing weight! Sometimes we hit what are called weight plateaus where it seems our weight is stuck. This can be very frustrating but you can break through it.

As one loses weight, it takes less energy (and fewer calories) to move around a smaller body. When you reach a plateau, you will either need to increase your activity, decrease the calories you eat, or do both if you want to continue losing weight. Trying a little more activity might just do the trick.

Revisit your motivation and reasons why you want to lose weight. Make a new motivation chart.

Check what and how much you are eating. You may find that you are eating a little more than you realize. Cut down food portions. Use a salad plate with smaller size portions and don’t have seconds. Cutting down food portions a bit more can help you to lose the last bit of weight. Check out serving size and portion control tips for more information.

 What Should You Weigh

=> How much are you supposed to weigh at 10?

 To see if you are in a healthy weight range, you can check the weight calculator on our site.
If after checking your weight calculations and you decide that you want to lose weight, visit the Healthy Weight School, How To Lose Weight and the weight loss tips area for lots of ideas. Get support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Fast Weight Loss - Tips For Safe Weight Loss

=> im 13 year old and i people started to bothered me about my weight how can i take it down until May 5,2013

=> I just turned 13 I weigh 120 pounds and am 4'11" I want to lose weight before May because the entire 7th grade class will be going to a water park at the end of the school year and i don't want to look over weight are there any tips u can give me to lose weight quickly i want to lose about 30 pounds

=> I am 12 years old and I weigh 127.5 lbs nd im am overweight and don't like it I want to lose about 30 lbs in about a month or two. and im really concered about my weight. please help my concern!

=> Hi guys I'm 5.5 in height and weigh 158 (pounds) and large build I am 12 going on 13 and I want to lose leg fat cuz that's most of it I'm a VERY healthy eater (usually) a vegetarian actually I eat fish (because they don't feel pain) and I want to lose weight I'm not over weight but I feel the need to be skinny!!! help!

 Fast weight loss doesn’t work and doesn’t last! Quick diets, and food fads are usually unsafe and generally bad ideas. While most of us would like to lose weight fast, or lose weight in a certain area (typically our stomach or thighs), weight loss that occurs gradually (1-2 pounds a week) is more likely to stay off. Safe Weight Loss takes time and effort, so be patient.

Generally, successful weight loss requires healthy portion controlled eating and increased activity or exercise. We need to take in less (food) and put out more (exercise) in order to lose weight. Check out How to Lose Weight and other Weight Control Tips for more information.

Here are a few more tips:
1. Keep a food and activity diary. This helps you focus and tracks your progress. Try cutting back on food amounts and increase your activity. Review your progress daily. Start with small goals like weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week.
2. Check your weight on a scale every couple days. That way, if you are gaining, you can cut down food amounts a bit more and increase your activity. Lose weight the healthy way! You'll be glad you did!

 Cravings - How To Control Them

=> I just turned thirteen yesterday. I'm 5"2 (nearly 5"3, I'm 158cm) and I weigh 127.6 pounds (57-58kg). I feel really terrible. I'm on my way to losing weight, but as I lose them I keep gaining them back because of my cravings. I want to be at least 50kg... How do you stay away from the junk food and control your cravings?

=> I tend to overeat but it's really hard to stop like when I'm full and overeating in general. What do I do?

 Cravings are food urges that you can't resist. Usually salty and sugary foods are the worst culprits. You tend to think about the food or drink and the thought won't go away until you cave and eat the food. Sometimes, you might even eat the food until it's all gone. Sound like what is happening?

Cravings might be brought on by other emotions like being stressed, bored, lonely, depressed, or might be part of the habit of overeating.

Getting in touch with your emotions and learning to recognize what triggers a craving can help. Learn to Curve Your Cravings. Here are some starting tips:

1. Learn how to substitute other activities for eating. Make a list of distracting activities. When you have the craving urge, substitute an activity on your list instead of eat. Usually, if you can resist eating for a few minutes with a distracting activity, the craving will go away. TRY IT! YOU CAN DO IT!
2. Be MINDFUL of what and how much you are eating.
4. Get junk food out of your house! Out of site! Out of mind!

Here are more things you can do to help you get through your cravings and tips on Saying Goodbye to Problem Foods, and Preventing Relapse.

 Bored - How To Stop Eating When Bored

=> I am 11 years old and I weigh 113 pounds, I am fat, and all my friends at school weigh like 85 pounds, I try to lose weight, but I eat lots because I am bored. What should I do to stop eating food? (or at least not that much)

 I'M BORED! Why do we turn to food when we feel bored? Sometimes we eat to soothe a feeling like sadness or loneliness. This is called emotional or comfort eating. It helps to figure out WHY you eat during these times. It could be that you are using food to cover up an emotion.

The foods we choose to cover up an emotion are often high in fat, sugar or salt, which can lead to weight gain. This can become a vicious cycle where you feel badly about gaining weight but then you eat more to make yourself (temporarily) feel better. Emotional eating can become a habit, but habits can be broken with effort and patience. Instead of using food for comfort, we need to find other ways to cope with boredom, loneliness, sadness, anger, happiness, frustration or stress.

Here are some ideas that might help:
1. Plan ahead. Make a list of things you can do other than eat when you feel bored. Write down fun things like go for a walk, paint or draw, dance in my room, or chat with a friend. Then, when you get bored, check your list and do something on the list. Some kids put ideas on slips of paper and put them in a big jar. Then they "draw" out an idea and GO DO IT instead of snack.
2. Get junk food out of the house! Out of site, out of mind!
3. Be mindful. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT! Are you really hungry? If not, DON'T EAT. THINK DISTRACT as in distracting activities.
4. Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of help and information. You can interact with other kids and teens and read how they conquer their struggles with their weight. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

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