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 Can I lose weight fast by drinking green tea?

=> is drinking 6-8 ounces of green tea a good plan to loose weight fast? i read that it has helped a lot of people.the average weight loss was 6lbs in a week

 Losing weight as fast as 6 pounds per week is never a good idea. People who lose this much weight in a short period are probably losing water, not fat. This is one reason why they will gain the weight back quickly. If you want to look more trim and keep off weight, then aim to lose fat which can be done at a slower rate of 1-2 pounds (1/2-1 kilogram) per week.
Green Tea
However, green tea is a great alternative to high calories drinks. Drinking a lot of sweetened fruit juice, soda pop, and shakes will ultimately cause us to gain weight. Green tea is low in calories and contains substances that protect cells in our bodies and reduce our chance of developing cancer. If you drink green tea instead of a high calorie drink, even part of the time, then you will likely start to lose some weight.

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 Unhelpful Doctors & Unsupportive or Teasing Parents

=> Dear Lucy I  absoloutely want to lose weight. I know about all the risks about being overweight and I try to eat healthily except I  give up. I really don't want to go to a doctor or to my parents, who just tease me, no unkindly just not realising how FAT I FEEL AND AM.

=> heyy well this is my frist time on your site and i just need help i'm only 14 and 75 pounds overweight i went to the doctor and he didnt help much he big himself it hurts the fact the people dont want me and i jus PLEASE need your help please tell me what did you do to lose weight what was your weekly food everything plus i even tired deit pills thats not allowed in the country witch kills people but i dudnt care just want to lose weight

=> I don't have the support of my family. My mom cooks unhealthy food for my stepdad and keeps irresistable snacks for him in the house.  Everyone wants me to lose weight but the house is full of junk food.

 Even though kids may know that they are overweight and want to do something about it, sometimes the people we most expect to help us (doctors and parents) are not there when we need them. You are not alone. For example, in a poll from our site, just over 1/3 of kids said that the doctors did not even Doctormention that they were overweight. Of the remaining kids whose doctor said something about their weight, 1/2 reported that they did not offer any suggestions in how to lose weight. Even among the kids whose doctors talked to them about what to do about being overweight, many claimed that they were uncomfortable receiving the information for various reasons: they weren't ready to lose weight, it was embarrassing to hear their weight status from another person, the doctor's suggestions in weight loss did not seem helpful, and sometimes doctor's comments were rude.

It requires two ingredients for doctors and kids to form a winning team for weight loss. One, the child has to be ready to lose weight. Two, the doctor (or another health professional like a nurse practitioner, nurse, or dietitian) needs to be friendly and open to discussing weight loss strategies with the child in a positive and supportive manner. Read Renee's Story, age 13, to see how she found a doctor who helped her start losing substantial weight.

Parents can be unsupportive in different ways: teasing and keeping the house stocked with "irresistible snacks" among them. There are many different reasons why parents may act this way. To make sense of why they are not helping you lose weight and possible solutions, please visit our tip that specifically addresses this problem: When Parents are Unsupportive and Siblings Tease.

Remember Renee's Story where her pediatrician (kids' doctor) did not want her to lose more than 4 pounds per month? Even though diet pills or some promise of a quick fix to weight loss can be tempting, they rarely work and can put your life at risk. Being overweight can be hard, and even though we may feel unloved or like people don't want us at times, it is important to keep in mind that not only do some people have a hard time showing their love, there are also many people you have yet to meet who will enjoy your company in the future. Read about how Lawrence got through his parents' divorce in Lawrence Fills His Blue Tank. We hope this last tip will help you get through the tougher times in your life.

 Junk food, Ketchup, Pop, Chocolate = Irresistible Foods

=> hi lucy. i have a slight problem. i have a tendency to eat lots of foods with ketchup, including healthy ones. foods without the ketchup don,t taste real good. i could i eat the food i love w/out ketchup???????

=> i also have been drinking a lot of pop.so can you PLEASE HELP Me

=> my "addiction" to chocolate is ruining my health i have little to no self control against eating it. HELP ive gone from 135 punds to 152 pounds in just one year or less YIKES

=> Hi, i have a question on ow to lose belly fat and weight.  I have always loved food, and i eat too much of t most of the time. I eat mostly jink food and now my legs and my belly are very big. I am only 14, 5'4'', and i wweigh 180. Please help me

 Some kids have specific problem foods (ketchup, pop, and chocolate are listed in the questions above). Other kids may have trouble with many foods but they are usually all within the junk or fast food category.

One way to see if you are actually hungry rather than experiencing a craving, is to ask yourself, would you eat something else instead like an apple or a carrot? If you give in to cravings for these junks foods when you are truly not hungry, then you will tend to gain weight, which is why most of you are asking for help in the first place! The goal is to learn how to say goodbye to the food drug.
Hot Dog with Ketchup
Here are some highlights from the above tip:
• Quit one junk food or two at a time
• Know your triggers (boredom, stress, loneliness)
• Know what junk food withdrawal feels like for you
(antsy, headaches, crawling skin, general discomfort)
• Prepare to stop eating the junk food
• Pick a date
• Do not diet hard core.
• Drink lots of water.
• Squeeze your hands together when you get a craving, it will pass.
Believe in yourself

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 Am I overweight?

=> hi im 14 years old and im 5'6 and im 175 and i feel very fat all my close friends are like 120 and i have tried to lose wight before but diets dint work for me. should i really take action and lose this waight and ya i want to be at least 145 or am i just thinking to must about this please help thansk :)

=> What weight should I be if I am 5 ft 10 female, stocky built?

=> I'm 5ft 6 and i weigh 192... Is that overweight? I don't get teased or anything so I must not look it? I want to lose weight anyway How can I?

=> iam 11 ill be 12 in abou a month and iam 122 pounds but i come from a muscular family and im comparing myself to other girls should i worry am i over weight?

 This is one of the most common questions kids ask us: "Am I overweight?".

In order to determine whether you are underweight, healthy weight, overweight, or obese, we need 4 things.
1) Birthdate
2) Male or Female
3) Height
4) Weight

With these 4 things, use the Weight Calculator on our website to determine your BMI (body mass index) percentile. For kids (under 20 years of age), find the BMI percentile category that fits you.
• BMI 1st to 4th percentile: Underweight

• BMI 5th to 84th percentile: Healthy Weight

• BMI 85th to 94th percentile: Overweight

• BMI 95th to 100th percentile: Obese

Ask a doctor or school nurse to confirm that you are assessing your weight status correctly. Do they come up with the same BMI percentile figure? Make sure you and your health provider are using BMI PERCENTILES, and not BMI numbers. BMI numbers are for adults. BMI percentiles are for measuring children and teens under 20 years of age.

 How to lose weight

=> how do i loss weight i am  doing every thing i just want it to come offfff help mee

=> I just turned 14 in November, I am 5' 2, and I weigh around 158lbs. My doctor didn't exactly tell me I was overweight, but the calculator says that I am. I joined volleyball in late October, and we did a bunch of 1 hour workouts everyday so I don't know how much weight I've lost since then. I eat more snacks then I should, but I've been narrowing my snacks down from sweets to fruit. I don't know if it helps, but do you have any suggestions on other ways that could help me lose the weight? Middle School and obesity don't mix so I would like to fix this problem for not only the way people think of me, but also to change the way that I think of myself.

=> hi lucy, I am 158cm and 51.3 kg (I am 10 years 9months Male). I would like to know how to loose my weight. I have quite a belly but thank god no 1 teases me. it would be quite helpful if you can tell me a good diet for my age as I do not like my body shape. I play football and basketball everyday  and run for like 1 hour twice a week. can you give: tips on how to loose weight and a good diet(like what to eat and not eat and for how long)thanks alot Kind regards

=> Hi Lucy i would like to know how to lose  weight . Im 9 and Im 140 pounds.  I know I need to lose weight. Im also over weight.

=> How can I lose weight

 A couple of you mention that you get regular exercise but remain overweight. Even though one may be active, it can be easy to eat more food than our bodies can be reasonably expected to burn off. Many kids find that they start to lose weight when they figure out how to get their food consumption under control.

To kick the overeating habit, think about the reasons why you eat extra portions or snack too much. Are you truly hungry to the point you would seek out foods such as dry toast, broccoli, a banana, or a glass of tea? Or do you specifically look for foods that give you extra pleasure? Common foods that kids list as their weaknesses include chocolate, pizza, chips, cookies, and french fries. What foods are you addicted to? Learn to recognize the times of day, situations, or feelings that prompt you to overeat. For example, kids feeling bored or stressed after a long school day may come home and snack heavily until dinner. A child or teen who realizes they are eating too much after school can then break this habit by finding something else that can help calm, distract, or give satisfaction without the consequence of weight gain. Examples of alternate activities include:

Call a FriendRide BikeWalk around NeighborhoodVacuum a RoomDancePaint NailsFind GeocacheSkateboardRead BookRollerbladeJoin an After-School ClubLearn to Crochet or KnitWork on Model Plane, Ship, or TrainEnroll in Volunteer ProgramEnter weigh2rock Chat RoomClean RoomTake Dog on WalkListen to MusicFly KiteTake Pictures

"How do I lose weight?" is further explained in our healthy weight school section.

running dogFido would love to go on a walk with you!

 Where is my will power?

=> Lucy, my weight problem is not as extreme as yours was, but i go to a sporty school and nearly everyone is skinny.  i try to go on a diet but i cxant muster up the will power to follow it through.  any help here?

=> Will Power

 First make sure you really need to lose weight. Don't compare yourself to "skinny" classmates. Maybe they are within the healthy weight range. But maybe some are underweight, which is especially dangerous for growing kids. (Although this is not true in your case, the opposite can also happen where some kids mistakenly believe they are at a healthy weight when many of their classmates look like them, but in reality they AND their classmates are overweight. Their perception (view) has become "normalized"; meaning, kids (and adults) accept overweight and obesity as healthy when it is not, just because so many other kids fall into this category and that is the only "world" they know.)
Lucy chooses a smaller pie slice
Use our kid specific weight calculator and talk with your doctor to see what the healthy weight range is for you.

One of you didn't really ask a specific question, but perhaps proposed Will Power as a topic for a tip or chat. Sometimes it seems like building up will power to change eating and exercise habits is next to impossible when trying to lose weight. When kids become dependent on food to cope with life, then something bigger than will power may need to be addressed: Food Addiction. A new tip was created to specifically talk about how food addiction overwhelms will power and what can be done about it in order to lose weight. Check out: Conquer Your Food Addiction: More than just a matter of will power

 I'm now vegetarian but still having trouble losing weight.

=> hi i am a girl of 17years old, 165cm (5' 5") and 175pounds and i have a autoinmume desiese and i am also celiac, now i am ovo-vegetarian (it means that i am vegetarian but the only thing that comes from an animal that i eat is eggs). i am vegetarian since 2 months ago because the doctor told me to start to be a vegetarian if i want to be better. i have been fat all my life but 3 years ago when i start with my health problems i gained 30 pounds and now i dont now how to loose weight, i thought that been celiac vegetarian was going t be a solution for my weight problem and i know that to be fat is unhealty so please help mee i do not knoe what to do to loose weight.

 Vegetarian DishChoosing to practice vegetarianism does not guarantee weight loss. There are several ways one can become vegetarian but not all of them are healthy. Ideally, when one stops eating meat, they replace this part of their diet with more fruits, vegetables, and grains. However, many kids may instead replace meat with junk foods like chips, pizza, and cookies. Many vegetarian recipes contain lots of cheese which can also be very high in calories. The Skinny on Going Vegetarian outlines what kids should consider when making the switch to vegetarianism. Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers is also a good resource for teens new to this type of diet.

When one has special diet restrictions due to specific health conditions, such as celiac disease in your case, then it is best to meet with a dietitian to discuss foods that will be most appropriate for you. Ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian if he or she has not done so already. You might also appreciate the Kids Korner at the Celiac Disease Foundation for additional ideas. As with many kids however, you may have problem foods that you repeatedly overeat or emotional triggers that you respond to by eating instead of using other coping techniques. No matter your special health condition, reviewing "How Do I Lose Weight?" gives many kids the insight on where they need to start making changes in their lives to accomplish healthy weight loss goals.

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 Too Busy to Lose Weight?

=> i just dont have time to go to the gym because im busy with school, homework and babysitting. in school i dont have a lunch because i booked my schedule with all classes so then i have enough cresits to graduate in 2 years. i really need to loose weight but im not sure how and it needs to be somthing easy that i can commit to because im always busy and im not good at keeping a boring schedule and doing the same things every day. i like to keep it changed up and exciting, if you know what i mean. please email me back i really need the help.

 You sound very busy! Although some kids may skip meals (often breakfast or lunch), they feel famished (starved) late in the day and eat more calories than if they had eaten regular meals and small snacks throughout the day. You may not have a scheduled lunch, but try to eat a small snack between classes at noon time so that you don't overeat after school or in the evening.
4 kids around globe
As far as exercise, fit in activities that would be part of your daily schedule if you are short on time. For example, if you have to go to a different floor of a building, then take the stairs, not the elevator. Walk or ride your bike to school if you live within a reasonable distance. Otherwise, park your car farther away than you usually do so that you can increase how much you walk. If you don't like doing the same things all the time, then perhaps drawing an option from an activity jar will give you a surprise everyday! Read Tickets to Weight Loss Success to get you started.

 I'm overweight and other kids mock me, make fun of me, and call me mean names.

=> I understand i have a weight problume and i cant stand it. Im 5 foot 3 and a half and weigh 240 lbs. It really sucka because i get made fun of in school sometimes.

=> hi am 12yrs am weighing 64kg and think am obse pls can you help ineed to reduce before the end of the month pls ireally need your help to reduce am been mocked by my agemate

=> I wanted to ask you about loosing weight, can you give me some addvice if you can, Anyway, I want more people to like me, but there not, they make fun of me, and call me names like, fatty nopants, and hippopadamous, so if you can, please help me.

=> Hi Lucy i am 9 years old i am 140 pounds & I am 4 foot 9. My dad is 6 foot 3 thats the good news but kids at my school call me fat & blubber belly and some other mean names.So i was hoping you could help me with my weight management.Those names really hurt me in a way PLEASE HELP Me

 Many kids experience teasing (in a mean way) when growing up, although kids who are overweight or obese may become the target of more teasing and bullying than their classmates. Being on the receiving end of teasing can be emotionally painful. When a child calls another kid names or makes fun of them, they are actually trying to build up their self-importance. This is a sign of immaturity, because they are trying to make themselves feel better at the expense of hurting someone else. Fortunately, most kids stop bullying others as they get older.
girl attempting to tease boy
There are several options for dealing with bullies who are currently making your life difficult. First, consider how you will deal directly with the teasing situation by planning ahead. These strategies may include practicing your response in front of a mirror, or talking with a friend of the teaser to ask them to stop, or finding additional friends through extracurricular (outside of school class) activities who will support you and perhaps help stop the bullying. Additional ideas can be found at the following tips.
Teasing at School
Dealing with Bullies

It is also helpful to try to maintain or raise your self-confidence during the times when you are experiencing lots of teasing. Please consider getting yourself a Self Esteem Start Up Kit and remember, Talk Kindly to Yourself.


=> What are some recipes that can help me lose weight

=> i am not over weight i am kind of thick but i need help to eat healthy food

 Many kids know that they should "eat better" but don't. If you find that you have a weakness for the same junk foods, fast food, or sweet, salty, and fattening treats at home, then use the Foods to Help You Fight Through Cravings tip.

However, sometimes we have difficulty coming up with new ideas when all we have known are unhealthy eating habits. The following links provide some great recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Explore these websites and find recipe ideas that appeal to you. Have fun!
healthy food display
What's Cookin' recipe ideas from our website

Mollie Katzen's Kid's Corner 3 kid's recipes + Cookbooks for Kids

ChopChop a quarterly food magazine and website for kids aged 5-12 and their families

MyPyramid Blast off Game an interactive game to test your food choices!

Food.com healthy recipes search = 2,101 results

Eat Better at SmallStep.gov recipe ideas from the US Department of Health and Human Services

Fruits & Veggies More Matters features a food each month with recipes ideas that include it

Fresh for Kids kids' recipe ideas based on the season

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