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 Why can't I lose weight? I'm exercising and I think I eat right.

=> Hi, im 12 years old, and 5ft2... Id say i was Overweight, you cant see that i am but i know i am by weighing myself, And so it makes me VERY self concious. I enjoy Sports and Dancing and have joined different Clubs, I go to the Local gym on a Monday,Wednesay,Friday and Saturday and burn between 250-300cals, i also use a Step(Davina Step) where do different exercises whilst stepping on and off a Step. I have also started walking to and from School, i've cut out Crisps, Biscuits and Chocolate, and focused on having healthier foods for Snacks like: Fruit or Veg. At the gym i only lose 1 or 2 pounds but end up putting them back on with my Tea, So i feel im going around in ONE BIG CIRCLE! What Should I Do?

=> I am 12 and u I am 145 pouds i love to go in the water but I am wired about how fat I am. I am nervouse at school because all my friends are skiny and then their is me. I do tones of sports and eat good but nothing changes. What should I do??

=> Hi I am 14 years old. I am currently 144 pounds. my doctor said i should be 110 to 120. Ive been eating healthy less portions, everything Dieting Excercising, byt nothing seems to work. My doctor cant even figure it out.I play alot of sports, but im not loosing any of my weight, What can I do? By the way I even got tested for weird dieseases and other cholesteral and sugar and everything came back normal, i have no idea what to do and niether does anyone else. Please Help I need Advice

 If kids eat more calories than they burn off, they can still be heavy or gain weight despite being physically active. In addition, “eating healthy” or “eat good” can mean different things to different people. Your definition might not be sufficient for helping you to lose weight. People tend to underestimate the amount of food and calories that they eat, particularly when it comes to processed or fast food.

Girl Walking 2 MilesA doctor can only assess your activity and diet based on what you tell him or her. Lab tests may reveal if you are diabetic or eating a large amount of unhealthy foods which can result in high cholesterol and triglycerides (how fat exists in the body). However, even when lab tests are normal, this doesn’t mean you your diet can’t stand some improvement. Lab tests also don’t measure how many calories are consumed, which can be excessive (too many) whether they are from junk foods or healthy foods.

Be honest with yourself and assess where you truly stand by following these Lucy tips:
Taking Inventory
Food and Activity Journals: Keeping Score for Success

Enter the Food Bar by clicking on the girl to the above right to find out which food item requires walking 2 miles to prevent weight gain. Foods that require walking 1 mile? 4 miles? 10 miles?

If Tea (English term for an afternoon or late meal) is undermining your otherwise healthy habits, try to identify why. Are you skipping meals earlier in the day, which causes you to be super hungry and more likely to overeat or binge when Tea comes? Are there certain foods or feelings that you associate with Tea time and overeating? If these sound like problems for you, then read about Binge Prevention and Break the Overeating Habit.

 Stomach (Abdominal) Fat

=> why are people thin but still have a bumb on there stomach?? please wtrite back x 

=> am 15 years old and a girl. am 5'5 and 135lbs. i know am in healthy weight but i have a big stomach, is like everything i eat goes there. basically am already eating healthy and am planning to start exercising.if i run 30 minutes straight and brisk walk 3 miles in 35 minutes, will i loose any weight?

=> Okay so I'm 12 yrs old and currently 123. I have stomach fat and love handles and I really really REALLY wanna find an easy yet fast way to lose all this fat. Can you PLEASE help me? Trust me when I say this and I am BEGGING for help. Send me an email please and thank you.

 Everyone has a layer of fat under their skin which helps cushion muscles and bones in daily use and protect them from injury. After puberty, fat also becomes concentrated in different body areas depending on whether you are a boy or girl. Girls and women usually develop a “pear” shape where fat is stored in the breasts, buttocks, waist, and hips (also known as “love handles”). Boys and men will find extra fat gives them an “apple” shape because fat is stored in the chest, stomach, and buttocks. The difference in the amount or ratio of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) helps determine these pear and apple shaped bodies. However, not all boys and girls fall into these exact categories so there can be variation among people as to how they carry their fat.
3 pears
If you have extra fat to lose, you may already know that spot reduction (concentrating on losing fat in one area) is not possible. But any exercise or weight loss should help your problem areas in proportion to other areas of fat. Likewise, toning, or strengthening the muscles in a certain location can help give the body a better appearance if the fat layer is not too thick to hide your improvements.

Many people find that they can lose weight when they start walking or jogging regularly as long as they don’t increase the amount of food they eat, or at least don't eat as much as they are burning off. By the way, most people walk an average speed of 3 miles per hour. Covering 3 miles in 35 minutes is the equivalent of about 5 miles per hour, which most people would consider a jog.

Lucy can’t respond personally to emails. But she will post answers to the questions you send in after removing your personal information (names). She thinks this is the best way to help the MOST kids reach their healthy weight goals!

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 How much weight can I lose in one week? two months? 12 days?

=> im not very sure what i should do to lose weight,but more what a healthy weightloss planwould be.i am 171 lbs,12 years old,&5'2. i have a pretty good plan of what im goin to do to lose lbs.so my question is:how much should i lose a week?

=> how much could i loose in 2 months? am 5'5/female and weight around 145lbs & 15 years old.

=> Hi, I'm 121 pounds . I want to get to 115 by August 10th. It is July 29th. Is there any possible way i can lose 6 pounds in 12 days or whats the least i can get to. I'm going to the water park, and don't want to get made fun of.

 Most doctors and dietitians recommend losing 1 - 2 pounds (1/2 - 1 kg) per week as a safe rate of weight loss. Losing weight any faster can be hard on the body and usually is not fat loss anyway. For very obese children, losing weight at a slighter faster rate in the beginning of their weight loss is acceptable and common, but as they get closer to their target weight, they too should lose only 1- 2 pounds per week.
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Safe weight loss in....

1 week: 1 - 2 pounds (1/2 - 1 kg)
2 months: 8 - 16 pounds (4 - 8 kg)
12 days: 1 - 4 pounds (1/2 - 2 kg)

 Why do thin people call themselves "fat"?

=> Hi um i am 12 and weight 75 pounds and is 4 ft 7 inchs.I think im overweight and most  of the time i dont eat or eat less.i excersize everyday.And everyone is getting mad at me because i think im obese.What the hell is wrong with me.?

=> why do people who are thin call there self fat?

 Whether you are a 12 year old boy or girl, weighing 75 pounds at 4 foot 7 inches is within the normal range. It is not overweight or obese. You can check your weight status by using our weight calculator which is specifically for kids ranging in age from 2 to 20 years old.
girl with distorted body image
Some kids may honestly believe that they are obese, when they are in fact, not. This is a problem when it leads to an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. Kids and adults with anorexia nervosa usually have an overwhelming fear of being fat. This is a serious medical issue because starving and exercising excessively to lose weight when you are already normal or underweight, can damage the heart and other vital organs, and even lead to death. If you are a kid who has anorexia nervosa or suspect a friend or another kid suffers from this condition, please contact a trusted adult or school nurse so that they may receive help before there are severe problems.

To learn more about anorexia nervosa and how to get help for it, visit our Eating Disorders page.

Other kids may not have anorexia nervosa, but can often be heard complaining about being "fat". Although this may offend you and the other kids who are truly overweight, keep in mind these kids are not trying to hurt your feelings. They may not have reached what they believe is their “ideal” weight within the normal weight range and are just expressing their frustration. If you hear these comments repeatedly, you may try letting them know how these statements make you feel when you have a much greater amount of weight to lose.

 When I try to walk, my back aches....and I have bad posture. What can I do?

=> lucy, i am trying to loose wieght for my holidays, and i have bad posture when i try to do excersise such as walking my lower back aches. how can i improve my posture and loose wieght in 5 weeks

 If you have a back ache that persists more than a few weeks, it’s best to see a doctor to have it evaluated and treated. If you have severe back pain, numbness or tingling that you feel in your legs or arms, or back pain that continues even after lying down, then see a doctor right away. After ruling out more serious causes, he or she may refer you to a chiropractor or physical therapist. But occasional lower back aches and poor posture may simply indicate that your core muscles are weak.
Girl sitting in upright posture
What are “core muscles”? They are the muscles that surround your trunk (abdomen and back) and pelvis. The reason you should consider doing exercises to strengthen these muscles, is that as they get stronger, it will become easier for you to do exercises so that you can lose weight and perform other daily activities more efficiently.

Here are links showing several exercises that can help reduce lower back aches if your core muscles are weak:

Abdominal crunch


Single-leg abdominal press

Double-leg abdominal press

Segmental rotation


Modified plank

Side plank


 Ideas on how to exercise an hour each day.

=> I read somewhere that I should exercise an hour a day. I don't have enough to do exercise that long!!! What do I do?

 Breaking up your physical activity throughout the day can help you get an average of one hour of exercise per day. For example, doing something physical for 20 minutes in the morning, and then something else for 40 minutes later in the day might be more appealing than trying to exercise all at once for an hour straight. It is understandable that most kids (and adults) aren’t going to run for an hour each day - that is too exhausting for most of us! However, varying the intensity and routine can usually help you exercise more than by just focusing on one type of exercise alone. Also, using exercise for things we need to do anyway throughout the day can also help add up to one hour each day.

Lucy Tip: Increasing Your Physical Activity

Here are some ideas to increase your exercise to one hour per day:
Ping Pong
• Take the stairs (up and down) instead of the elevator.
• Walk or bike to school or other places when possible.
• Park farther away from doors and buildings so that you can walk more.
• Walk your dog (or offer to walk a neighbor’s dog) in the morning or after school.
• Take fun walks or bike rides with friends or family.
• Mute the TV during commercials and get up to stretch, do jumping jacks, and dance during these breaks. (And limit your TV watching!)
• Do chores such as cleaning your room, washing the car, or mowing the lawn.
• Dance to your favorite music in your room or with your portable music player.
• Play games with a sibling or friend such as badminton, ping-pong, and hide-n-seek.

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 How does my body change when I lose weight?

=> If I lose weight will i change in other ways? (i.e, get taller,risk of diceases get lower,etc.)

 If you are overweight, then there will be many benefits when you start losing weight. Consider these advantages:
Healthy Weight School
You get teased less.
You can move faster and are more nimble.
Lower chance of stroke.
Reduced risk of developing diabetes.
Less joint problems.
Less stretch marks.
Arteries open up so the heart isn't overworked.
Blood pressure within a healthy range.

Details about the benefits of being a healthy weight can be found in the Healthy Weight School section.

Losing weight does not directly affect our height. Studies have shown that height is determined by our genes (from mom and dad) and to a lesser extent, nutrition (the types of food we eat). Do not assume that a taller stature means better health as there are many tall people who have health problems - weight related and not. And many short people who are quite healthy!

 I Can't Stop Eating.

=> please help i cant stop eating nothing works

=> hi i am 11 years old and i weigh 180.0 lb. i am gaining about 5.00 lb every week. When i see good things in the house i eat it all because its so good. its like it calls my name. what should i do??? PLEASE HELP ME LUCY!!!!!

 girl eating cinnamon buns
Gaining 5 pounds per week, or lacking control to stop eating when you know you should, are signs of a food addiction. The key is to figure out which foods you can’t resist and then setting up a plan to cut these foods out of your life. Like people who become addicted to drinking or smoking, moderation rarely works. Instead, to successfully overcome an addiction means removing the problem substance from your life -- chocolate, donuts, pizza, pop, chips, cookies, fast food -- any of the foods you can never self-limit. The “How Do I Lose Weight” page can explain and guide you through this process. Saying Goodbye to the Food Drug is also a helpful Lucy tip.

Successfully giving up an addiction may require addressing the emotional reasons that trigger you to overeat. Consider exploring some of these emotional reasons, which can include boredom, anxiety, frustration, depression, loneliness, anger, embarrassment, and even happiness. Visit our Comfort Eating page to learn how other kids are dealing with emotions and overeating.

 Is exercise necessary to lose weight?

=> can you loose weight without exercising just eating healthy and drinking lost of water?

=> will i loose weight if i eat really healthy (no exercise)?

This is a great question. Lucy created a tip specifically on this topic called “The Three E’s: Eating vs. Exercise vs. Emotions”. Is losing weight a balancing act between these three E's? Check it out!

 Stretch Marks! Are they bad?

=> i just wanted to ask, if having stretch marks at the age of 12 is bad, because i do have them like everywhere. i have them on the sides of my body, around my belly button, on the top of my growing boobs and on the under of my arms! i really want to get rid of them before it is too late and they dont go away. ive tried to lose weight but it doesnt work. my sister said that i need to lose the stretch marks otherwise they wont go away for the rest of my life, that scared me! and now i really REALLY want to lose them please help me before its too late!

 Stretch MarksMany kids get upset with stretch marks because they don’t look good. The appearance of stretch marks means that the body is expanding faster than the skin can grow. When the skin can’t keep up, tiny, microscopic tears in the form of red or purple lines appear in places where we tend to store extra fat. These marks often develop in the areas you describe - belly, under arms, sides of body, thighs, buttocks, and hips. Basically a stretch mark is skin damage that may result in some scarring, but these usually fade over time. Many women get stretch marks on their bellies during pregnancy, but they lose their color after the child is born.

Keeping your skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help accomplish two things:
1) maintain skin elasticity and prevent or reduce further damage
2) help reduce your calorie intake because you feel full more often

It takes quite an excessive amount of calories to not only gain weight, but gain weight so rapidly that stretch marks appear. This may be a sign of emotional eating or a food addiction. See if you relate to other kids who report emotional eating and also consider if there are particular foods that you eat all the time or can’t refuse. If so, it is time to Say Goodbye to the Food Drug, and "How Do I Lose Weight"

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