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 Do I have to exercise? Are there fun ways to lose weight?

=> i want to try to lose some weight, but i can't seem to stick to any routines like exercise or anything like that. is there any other ways that i can lose some extra weight?

=> I am overweight for my age. A lot of people tell me 2 drink a lot of water, butits kinda not workin 4 me! do you have any fun ideas on exercising and dieting or any at all?!!

 Although everyone should get some regular physical activity whether they are overweight or not, exercise is not essential for losing weight (although it is helpful!). If exercise is too much for you, focus on healthy eating first. Are you overeating? Changing your eating habits is often very helpful in losing weight. Read "Are You Full of It?" to learn how to recognize what you feel like when you are full vs. overfull. This may be your key to weight loss!

To make reducing your food intake fun, find distracting activities that you enjoy. It can be a great way to distract you from the temptations of food. If you are not one for exercise routines, mix it up by doing different activities such as walking the dog, vacuuming, washing the car, playing hide-n-seek, and dancing in your room. More ideas can be found here. Look for activities that interest YOU. Sometimes it may help to have someone exercise with you, such as a family member or friend. An online weight loss buddy can help keep you motivated. Good luck! Remember weight loss is not a race. Small changes in your diet and activities over the weeks can really add up.

 Am I overweight? How do I find out?

=> I'm 14 years old, 151 centimeters tall (4’ 11”), my waist is 27 inches and I weigh between 112 and 115 pounds. I was wondering how should I lose weight and do I even need to lose weight, I've already started running, skipping and doing push-ups I even try to eat better, also how many calories do you recommend I eat a day and for how long and how many days a week should I exercise.

=> I dont understand the weight calculator. so Ill just ask. I am 15 years old and I weigh 74kg is that overweight. to me I look overweight I hate who i am, im always depressed about my weight.

=> i not that over weight but my grandma says i am iam 12 years old and i my weight is 137 but i look like iam not over weight but am i?

=> How much should an 12 year old girl weigh

=> i am 11 and i weight 105 is this normal because thats what my doc says

=> I think I'm over weight but my friends say I'm not even my parents do... But I think they are wrong. I really really want to lose some weight, look slimmer, feel good about my shape. Could you help me please?

=> i am twelve years of age and i weigh over thirteen stone ?lbs am i obese or just over weight

 The best way to figure out whether you fall within the healthy, overweight, or obese weight range, is to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). This number reflects how your weight compares to your height. We have a link to this calculator on the homepage, but here is a direct link to the Weight Calculator. You can choose to input your measurements in either U.S., British (stone), or metric forms. After you select the measurement system, enter your birthday, weight, height, and whether you are male or female. The results will show not only your BMI, but also the healthy weight range recommended for you.

For more about appropriate calorie and exercise levels, you can use the following links as general guidelines. The “Calorie Capers” tip includes a chart for calorie recommendations based your age, sex, and activity level. Exercise is good for everyone, whether you're overweight or not. Exercise Smart by moving enough to get your heart beating faster than average for one hour most days of the week.

 How do I lose weight?

=> Hey Lucy this one of ur fellow bubblebusters and i am enspierd by u and i am 11. All my friends can run 4 long distances but I can barley run help me Lucy please give me more tips and ensiration

=> hi lucy! I weigh 150 -ish pounds and I'm 5.2 in height. I know im overweight i just don't know what to do. my dad is a chiropracter and even says that i am overweight and is trying to help me, but its not really working. Please Help Me!

=> hi lucy im almost 200! im in miiddle school now [in the 6 grade] so how did you lose weight?

=> I'm soo fat!I am 10 and I am 150 pounds! ME and my mom have a plan but I dont know! How can I lose wieght before middle school?

=> I'm 11 about to turn 12 and i weight about 138 pounds. I don't think my weight is healthy for my age. I have always been lanky and more on the skinny side....I feel so different now and my mother says my weight finally caught up to me...is there like a pan that i should follow? where i do more slowly each day...i dont want a drastic change I just want to be on the safe side... help me please LUCY!!

=> i am 11 years old, i weigh 121 pounds and i am 5ft tall. i went on the BMI calculator and it says that i am overweight what can i do to loose weight? (at least lose 10-20 pounds).

=> i am 12 and 220 pounds i will be 13 in may i am the heviest person in my grade i am in seventh grade i know about eating healthy but i dont in gym i am always the last person when we run i look like i am 7 months pregnet how do i lose weight i would like to be at least 180 please

=> I'm A 11 year old girl in sixth grade and i am 129 pounds.i am 5'2 and i need to lose 29 pounds please help!

 Most all of you know that eating in moderation should help one lose weight. But why is this so much easier said than done? Overeating can be one tough habit to break. Learn to identify what causes you to overeat (addiction to junk food and fast food, excessive portion sizes, emotional triggers such as stress, depression, and boredom) and combine it with support (whether through bulletin boards or chat groups for overweight kids, friends and/or family). Information about factors that cause you to overeat plus support systems can go a long ways towards helping you to achieve your weight loss goals. Check out our How Do I Lose Weight page within our Healthy Weight School section to learn more about overeating and actions you can take to start breaking this bad habit.

 I want to lose weight by (insert date here) because of (insert special occasion or reason here). Help?

=> I am in highschool. I decided to run track but after i run im so hungry so i eat alot of food but i want to stop and look great for the summer, plus im tall so i want to be tall and have great legs and stomach..but how can i do this?

=> I need SERIOUS help im 12 and i weigh 160lbs. i need help because its not good 4 my helth and im going on my dream vac. in july. im so embaresed i dont even like to swim in my backyard. i have to wear a 1 peice. iv never been able to wear a bikini. i need tips, or anything plz

=> i am 13 i am 123 LBS and i am 4 11 i am having a party at the beach april 27 it is march 26 and i kinda want to be in a bikini!! like i am desperate i mean i know i am pretty but i know i will not get a boy friend unless i lose weight...HELP

=> I am going on a vacation to California on June 28th to see my grandparents.I haven't seen them in two years so I really want to impress them by how I look. I weigh 104lbs. and I am 4ft 6in. Any idea how much weight I should lose and how to lose it?

 Having a goal for weight loss is great, but make sure that it is realistic time-wise and weight-wise. It’s common for kids to want to lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time, but this is usually not healthy and often results in failure. Summer time, a dream vacation, a dance, party, or back-to-school are great motivational reasons to lose weight, but you most likely want this extra weight off for good, right?

Many doctors and dieticians recommend losing 1 to 2 pounds (1/2 to 1 kg) per week as a safe rate of weight loss. What rate is best depends on how much you are overweight plus if you are still growing or not. Please consult your doctor or nurse practitioner before attempting any significant weight loss to learn the best goals for you.

To get an idea of your healthy weight range, visit our weight calculator page. Based on what your health professional recommends as a healthy rate of weight loss and the time frame before your next event, you may or may not be able to achieve your first goal. If not, do not despair, learn to set more reasonable goals and you may at least be part way to a healthier you at your next exciting event. Check out what other kids have to say about setting realistic weight expectations on our new Kids Helping Kids page.

If it seems difficult putting weight loss plans into action (in other words, cutting back food, eating healthier, and exercising), please read How Do I Lose Weight to learn about strategies to break the overeating habit.

 I’m confused about short-term weight changes.

=> me and mother are on weight watchers. well last night i went over to my friends house and we ate like we used to eat and like ive lost more weight. im shock because a was expecting to gain a couple pounds but i lost it instead. why did i lose instead of gain it ?

 Day-to-day fluctuations in weight often do not reflect true fat loss or gain. Some factors that may influence short term weight changes include water retention or loss due to a change in salt intake, vigorous exercise, and hormonal variations during menstrual cycles. Even the weight of the food itself needs to be taken into consideration until after digestion is finished.

To get the most accurate scale readings, try weighing yourself at the same time each day and wearing the same clothing. Ideally, weigh yourself in the morning before eating and without any clothes on.

Keep in mind that burning actual FAT is a slow process that will take longer than just a few days to see reflected in scale readings. Be careful not to get too depressed or exhilarated about rapid changes in weight because chances are that it is not due to fat gain or loss, but other more temporary factors.

 Help! I'm getting teased about my weight!

=> I desperately need help!!!I`m 12yrs old and 173lb.Can you help me?I get made fun of everyday at school, plus i dont want to even swim anymore because im so big and i dont want people to be looking at me the whole time just because im big.I want them to look at me and be able to say "hey you look awsome!"

=> Hi!I just love this website with all the cool tips and all.But I am getting tired of being overweight. I want to be at my normal weight. I don't eat a lot but I keep gaining. And Friday, this kid in my class made fun of me and asked me if I liked to eat just because I was biting on my nails. I am 12 years old and 196 pounds.Please give me tips or a guide to succseful weight loss.

=> my story is that alot of pepole have make frun of me even my brother talks about me to his friends. so wiz can you please give me tips and ideas thats how could loose weight.

 It is no fun being teased, especially about one’s weight. Here are a few ideas for dealing with peers and siblings who may tease you.

* Talk with a friend of the person who teases you and ask them to talk with the teaser to see they can be convinced to stop.
* Join a club or team sport that you will enjoy. This is a great way to allow people to get to know you better beyond outside appearances.
* Every day, write down something that you are proud of what you did. Negative thoughts from teasing will be reduced by bringing out these positive thoughts and feelings.
* Always remember, teasing is NOT your fault! People who tease only do so because they are insecure themselves.

For a full list of ideas on how to deal with teasing, visit Lucy’s Tip on Teasing at school.

The Healthy Weight School on our site helps explain how to break the habit of overeating. Within this section, please visit How Do I Lose Weight to see if you can relate to the causes of overeating and learn more about methods to effectively break this habit.

 I’m overweight and suffer from low self-esteem. What should I do?

=> i am only a little overweight but i want to lose weight so badly because i don't have good self esteem right now. But I can't help the urge to eat sweets like icecream. I could use some help.

=> I am 12. I'm really tall and i have a lot of belly fat. I wouldn't really call myself "fat" just kinda chubby. All my best friends are really thin and i feel like i'm the outcast in a way. I don't want to be jelous or feel like their better than me in any way, but i do. i Wear a size 11 jeans and most of my friends are a sizev 8 or 9. I just want to be able to look in the mirror at myself and feel beautiful. The worst part is, i never have enough energy to work out. I'm always so tired. and my diet mainly consists of chips and dip. Please help me!!!

 Have you heard of "The Tale of Two Tanks"? In summary, the red tank is for food to fuel our bodies. The blue tank, on the other hand, holds the fuel to feel good about ourselves. Food does NOT go in the blue tank. Instead, letting out uncomfortable feelings and replacing them with activities that make us feel good about ourselves keeps the blue tank at healthy levels.

Feelings that many of us need to let out include jealousy, loneliness, embarrassment, boredom, and stress. Here are more examples of uncomfortable feelings that you may need to let out. Now, plan on some activities that many kids and teens say help them keep their blue tank full. Here is a list of ideas for your blue tank to get you started. Raising your self esteem can in turn help increase the chances for your success with weight loss.

 How much am I supposed to weigh?


=> lucy my mom says im not overweight (fat) but when i look at myself i am and i dont know what to do

=> Alright. So Im 13 years old...about 153 lbs. Im 5'3 and Im just a bit overweight. Im sposed to weigh in between 130-145...i think. I would really like to weigh about 120-130? Any ideas on how to lose it? I dont really care how long it takes to lose it....I just want the extra baggage GONE.

 The best way to figure out your appropriate weight range is by visiting our BMI calculator page. Basically the BMI number helps show the degree to which you are fat or thin. Higher BMI numbers mean you have more fat relative to your height. To use the BMI calculator, plug in your age, sex, height, and weight. Depending on your statistics, you will then learn if you are within the healthy weight range, overweight, or obese.

If you are overweight or obese, please discuss the results with a health care professional like your doctor or school nurse to see what approach to weight loss may be best for you. Sometimes, if you are only a little overweight and are still growing, the safest strategy may be to just maintain your weight while you grow taller. But other kids may find themselves already in the obese category and taking more active steps towards weight loss should be pursued. Visit our healthy weight school to learn more about losing weight. View the bulletin boards and chat rooms specific to your age group where you might find additional social support to help you achieve your goals. Review the rules for our chat rooms and bulletin boards here.

 I’m physically active, but I am still overweight. Help!

=> im 14 years old i play sports all year round. I don't mean to brag but im a very athletic person always doing some thing and i have an incredible amount of muscle in my legs arms and stomach but i also have about 3 inch thick layer of fat on my stomach and i have extra skin on my arms and legs and i really want to get rid of it i have no clue how to i went from barely eating anything from being obsessed with running every day and not having time to do school work and my grades going down. This did all start by my family getting we fit and it told me i was over wieght. however i am 5'4 and 156lbs and i am a fourteen year old girl

=> I think I'm really fat people say I'm not but I think I am. I do a lot of sports and I know I have mucules but I think I sahold a least lose 25-30 lbs. What should I do?

=> I'm 13 and i think I'm overweight. I'm about 183 pounds and i really want to lose waight. I love sports I play everyone imagineable but i'm still overweight i need help.

=> Hey Lucy. I'm 6'0" and about 240. I am thankful for being tall because it hides some of my weight. I can exercise, that is no problem. But when it comes to eating thats my weakness. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to control or even stop my uncontrollable eating?

=> Hi, Lucy! I don't think I'm too overweight, but it's embarrasing and I think I get laughed at occaisionally. Is there a small diet you can suggest for me? I'm also extremely athletic. Can you please help?

=> I am in highschool.So i decided to run track but after i run im so hungry so i eat alot of food but i want to stop and look great for the summer,plus im tall so i want to be tall and have great legs and stomach..but how can i do this?

 It’s great to hear that so many of you are physically active, but as you’ve found, it can be very difficult to lose weight through exercise alone. Successful weight loss is usually done through a combination of increasing physical activity and decreasing your caloric intake. Look under the food icon on the front page, and there you will see how far one has to walk to burn off the calories of different foods. For example, a typical fast food meal of a cheeseburger, fries, and coca cola drink, would require one to walk 10 miles to burn off all the calories of the meal! Of course, your body does use up some calories while at rest and sleeping, but this is relatively small. Thus, if you are not careful in your food choices, it is easy to eat many more calories than you burn, even if you are physically active.

Keep up the exercise! But please visit our healthy school to learn to identify the reasons you may be over-eating: boredom, stress, loneliness, anger, depression or some other emotional reason, or even cravings and addictions to certain types of food are common causes. In this section, you will also find many tips on how to deal with these feelings more effectively than using food to temporarily make you feel better.

 Does short term use of steroids cause weight gain?

=> I am overweight since I was five. I became overweight when i was four because my doctor had put me on medicinal steroids for my asthma. Well I was suppose to take them for five days but the pharmacy had put on the bottle five weeks. So on the third week my mom had took me off of them. Because I had gained a lot of weight. So I am 16 now, and I have had this weight problem since. I have not had the luxury of being normal and doing things a normal kid could of growing up. I am currently around 300lbs. I am trying to loose this weight, but its not working as much as I would want it to be. I need some help. What can I do?

 Usually people need to be on long term steroid therapy, such as several months to years, before there is a noticeable side effect of weight gain. It is unlikely that significant and lasting weight gain can be attributed to a few days, or even weeks, of steroid use as a child. You may want to check with your physician to rule out any chronic medical side effects as a consequence of steroid use as a child.

Otherwise, you are facing similar challenges in trying to lose weight as many other overweight kids your age. Browse through Lucy's Tips to find topics and strategies that you can relate to and implement. You can also join Lucy on her Wednesday evening chats 4pm Eastern time where you can ask questions in real time and learn how other kids are dealing with their weight loss challenges.

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