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 School’s Almost Here!

=> I start school september 8th and i recently just went to my doctor an she says that i need to lose 10 to 15 pounds i have been dieting for about two weeks an i still see no change what should i do for a diet? my family is not very supported an says im fine i really need to lose the weight so i can be healthier and feel better

=> hey lucy im eleven years old and fixing to go to jr. high and i way over 190 how do i lose weigth fast before school starts

=> I'm 14 years old and i used to weight 156 one month ago now i weight 138 ( i lost all that without exercise). I really want to get to 130 or 133 before august. and then 125 before September :] i only eat a bowl of cereal in the morning and i eat a SMALL portion of food for dinner and then in the night i eat 5 diet crackers. and i drink lots of water (8 or 9 bottles of water a day) do you think i will get to my goal ?

=> im starting the 7th grade in 3 weeks and ive always been the chubby kid and i waunted to go to school looking fit in 12 years old 5feet 2 inches and weight 151 and my goal weight is 110 and i waunt to at least lose 10 lds by the time school starts safeley

School is about to start for many teens and kids and you may be anxious to look your best. Losing 1-2 pounds (1/2-1 kg) per week in overweight children is believed to be the safe rate of weight loss by many health professionals. Faster weight loss, such as 18 pounds in 1 month may not be healthy if you are not taking in adequate nutrients, especially for a growing body. For example, your bones may not be receiving enough calcium, leaving you more likely to break bones and/or develop osteoporosis. See “Losing weight fast: Is it safe?” six questions down to learn more about the problems with rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss should only be under the advice and direction of a physician.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are not losing any pounds at all, despite your attempts, read the next question: “How Do I Lose Weight?” Remember to set realistic goals. If losing 1-2 pounds per week does not allow you to reach your goal weight by the time school starts, this does not mean you can not reach your goal later in the school year. Weight loss is often a journey. It takes a long time. Please allow yourself time to lose weight safely.

 How Do I Lose Weight?

=> I am 12 years old and I live in California.I have been overweight since the age of 9 I am having trouble with losing weight. Any help! Please write back!

=> lucy i am 135 and i am only 12 years old i need to lose weight. So how do i lose weight

=> I'm a 12 yr. old girl whos 5'2 and weighs 122lbs. I know that overweight and i want to lose some without my parents, do you have any workout and eating tips?Please?

=> im 14 and im about 4'10 or 4'11 and i weight 143.2. im ready to go to high school. im tired of looking fat and unhappy with my body. i want to feel like im beautiful and great. before i go to 9th grade i want to look thin. i have like 3 days til school is over. can i do anything to loose 15 to 25lbs during summer?

=> im 14 years old and i weight right at 180 to 188 pounds.I really dont understand why because i am very active and the weight does not really come off.i have tried dieting and more excersize but its very hard.im about 5'6 could that be where the weight is in my height?help me please!?!?!?

=> i am 17 years old and i am 210 and only 5'5 i don't like to be this fat it is the biggest i have ever been and i need to lose it fast is there anyway you could help with that i want to be 110

 Most of you realize that you are overweight and are ready to do something about it. If you haven’t already, visit our weight calculator to see what healthy weight range is appropriate for you. Losing weight involves lifestyle changes which can be extremely hard. It may take several tries before you find something that works for you and start seeing positive changes. If we only ate when we were hungry, most of us would probably remain at a healthy weight. But often there are other reasons why we eat above and beyond our needs.

Try to identify the times and reasons for when you eat. Do you snack a lot after school, on school breaks, or when eating out with friends? Do you seek out food when you are bored? Anxious? Stressed? Frustrated? Angry? Depressed? Are your portion sizes within reason or do you often find that you help yourself to seconds? All of these situations can contribute to overeating and thus weight gain. Visit our Healthy Weight School to learn how to get started with weight loss.

 Will I grow out of my baby fat?

=> I'm 12 and im 5'3 and weigh 120 to 125 lbs. I'm not sure if I will grow into it or if its all just baby fat! How do I find out if I will grow out of it?

=> Im 12 and a half years old weighing 103-104 lbs at 5ft and a half, fluctuating water weight through out the day which i heard is absoulutly normal!!! I eat healthy, exsersize all the time, and obviously cheat some days on occasional sleepovers. My Question and problem is: Trying to loose that excess baby fat? I know im still growing but its summer and im going into seventh grade you want to look your best!!! i just need help and options on how to tighten that baby fat up!!!

 It is difficult to know how tall one may grow although an educated guess may be based on your parent’s height since it is largely determined by genes. Many children are still growing at the age of 12. If you are within the healthy weight range or just inside the overweight category (check your statistics on the weight calculator), then it is probably best to ask your doctor about whether you should attempt any weight loss, or just maintain your current weight while growing out of the excess “baby fat”.

If you still believe that you have baby fat despite being at a healthy weight range, try not to focus on losing pounds (or kilograms or stones) but rather strive to increase muscle strength. Increasing muscle mass will help to define your body so that it will look more trim even though you weigh the same or even a little more since muscle does not take up as much room as fat. For example a teenager weighing 130 pounds with 19% body fat will look smaller (and healthier) than a similar teenager also weighing 130 pounds, but carrying 35% body fat.

 Do I have a Weight Problem or Eating Problem?

=> i have a weight problem and i play volleyball is there anything i can do

=> i have a weight problem and im 14 yrs old and im 5'5 or 5'6 and weigh about 205 pounds but im not round or anything im tall and long but i want to get to 140 pounds i tried everything but i dnt know wat to do and wat i shuld eat?? can you help me

=> I am 11 years old, and I weigh 149 pounds and counting! First of all...I have to admit that I eat when I'm borred, but I don't know what to do, because when I get borred my body thinks its hungrey and if I don't eat when I need to I get shakey and on the edje to passing out. Also, last year I weighed 100 pounds, I usually don't gane weight real fast, but within two months...out of nowhere I ganed 23 pounds!!! I wasn't over eating or anything! It made no since! I was on the average eating time! Then I gained even more weight! I'v gone to docters, health speacalists, est. I DON'T KNOW WHATS RONG! I NEED HELP!

 Weight gain happens when you eat more than you burn up in physical activity. Children are not as active as they were just a few decades ago. This lack of activity can contribute to the overweight and obesity problem. But by far, over-eating is the biggest contributor to weight gain. Excessive food intake is a result of the availability of cheap, high-calorie foods that is used not just for hunger, but to relieve boredom, depression, anxiousness, low self-esteem, or other negative feelings. Food is often used as a means to comfort since it is not possible to feel pleasure and emotional pain at the same time. Unfortunately, emotional pain returns after the food is consumed. In the meantime, this extra food has contributed to weight gain. Finding alternative activities to Comfort Eating can help bring food consumption back in line with our true caloric needs.

So even though children who are overweight often refer to themselves as having a “weight problem”, in truth what they have is an “eating problem”.

Here are examples of how much physical activity is required to burn off certain foods. Visit our Food Bar to see more examples.

Ice cream cone: 10 miles
Muffin: 2 miles
Chicken sandwich: 2 miles
Grapes: 0 miles
Chips: 4 miles
Apple: 0 miles
Cheesecake: 6 miles

How many miles have you walked today? If you’d like to keep a close track on how far you’ve walked, try using MapQuest or using a pedometer. A pedometer is a device you wear that keeps track of how many steps you take. They can be a great motivational tool for some people who want to increase their physical activity. If you sign up for a weight chart in the eCare Area on the home page of our site, you can put your pedometer readings in and it keeps track for you.

 I need a Self Esteem boost…and people who support me

=> I'm 12 and 5'0 and weigh 190 pounds! all my friends are skinny and like shopping and changing with there friends and i just wait until they are gone or dont even change i walk my dogs everyday and not a lot of times to the gym but i need help i dont have a lot of clothes because i feel akward and i suck in my stomach a lot and i dont feel like myself i cry because no one supports me and if i try to talk they dont care no one does only my brother encouraged me (but not in a nice way) and i dont get made fun on but i dont want to look like this i eat healthy and excersise but i keep on gaining. i need help with bein not akward round people.

 Giving your self esteem a boost so you don’t feel so awkward around others, can help ease the transition into a healthier lifestyle that will allow you to reach your weight goals. Try starting a Self Esteem Kit where everyday, you write down three things you enjoyed or liked about yourself in a notebook. Once a month, write down something you want to do when you reach a healthy weight. But instead of waiting, take action to make those dreams a reality today! Maybe you would like to join choir at school or become a photographer. Start looking into course options now that interest you and be sure to sign up for them when school starts again.

Finding others who support you in weight loss will be very helpful in keeping you motivated. Your brother may be interested in seeing you reach a healthy weight range, but perhaps he does not know how to express and encourage you in a positive way. If a sibling is not nice about your weight, take them aside sometime and let them know how their treatment is hurting your feelings. Let them know that positive encouragement would be more helpful and suggest ways in which you would appreciate their help. Other sources of support can be parents, friends, and online motivational mates.

Finally, you might find useful dressing tips by other kids and teens who use this site on the Clothing & Fashion Board.

 What do I do about teasing?

=> There is a group of boys that always laugh at me. They don't do it to my face but as soon as my back is turned I hear sniggering. I see boys pointing to me and puffing out thier cheeks. It's really depressing. What should I do?

 There are several ways to deal with teasing. The best methods probably depend on the situation and tactics you are comfortable in using. For example, if other kids try to confront you personally about your weight, consider the “Greta Garbo” method where you just stare back at them with your face empty of emotion. This will usually make the bullies very uneasy and they’ll think twice about teasing you again. Click on the above link to see a video demonstrating this technique.

If kids are teasing you behind your back, then there are other things you might try. For example, consider talking to a friend of the boys who tease you and ask if they can convince them to stop teasing. If there are other kids teased by these boys, ask them to join you in some after-school activity. By forming new friendships with kids who are experiencing the same problems, you may find strength in numbers.

Remember teasing is not your fault. Bullies tease due to their own insecurities. For more ideas on how to deal with teasing, visit our “Teasing at school...ouch" tip.

 Losing weight fast: Is it safe?

=> i dontn like to be over weight. i have lost weight every day so far but i want to know how to ose istant weight fast. please help me and i wil never regret it. once i have lost the amount of weight i need to i will stay like this thank you

=> wekk am 17 years old am 5'1 and my doctor saids am over weight at 157 but am happy to say i lost 8lbs but i need a faster result can you help?

=> I'm 14 years old. I weigh 148 pounds and I'm 5'3. I'm losing about 3 pounds a week and I was wondering if this was healthy or not. I heared from someone that it wasn't safe to lose more than just one pound a week. Help?

 Safe weight loss is generally considered to be about 1-2 pounds (1/2-1 kg) per week for most people. Faster weight loss may be appropriate for those who are extremely overweight, but only under the supervision of your physician.

Rapid weight loss (more than 2 lb per week) is essentially starvation and can be damaging to the developing bodies of kids. Aside from potential damage to development, rapid weight loss often backfires, leading to subsequent weight gain. The extreme hunger from starvation often ends in comfort eating and bingeing. Weight loss of no more than 2 pounds per week avoids damage to your body and bingeing.

While it would be nice to see results quickly, it is safer and you’ll be more likely to keep the weight off if you lose it at a rate of 1-2 pounds/week. Try taking a picture of yourself once every week or two so that you can see the changes over time. It is easy to forget what we looked like one month ago or more, so pictures can provide the motivation and proof that show weight loss can work. In fact, if you replace some of your fat with muscle (which is denser than fat, thus taking up less space) you may be surprised that you look better than the scale says!

 I’m so STRESSED about being overweight. I’m worried about my health!

=> Please,I want help!! Im so overweight and i'm so scared im going to die. As I type this im crying, because im afriad that i will never be healthy. I just need some help or ideas to help me. Im afraid to go to the gym, so that wont help. Im afraid to talk about weight to people, even my mom. I dont know what to do and im so scared!

 Going to the gym is not required to lose weight. If you feel self-conscious about your weight, you can start off exercising in private such as in your room by dancing to music, following exercise tapes checked out from the library or fitness shows you may find in the TV schedule, or lifting weights by using improvised objects such as canned food if there are no dumb-bells at home.

It also may help to identify the reason(s) you are overeating. Often kids are Comfort Eating to alleviate boredom, stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, loneliness, and sometimes even happiness. Distracting activities can also help reduce overeating due to this type of emotional eating.

Here are some ideas for distracting activities:

Call a friend.

Listen to music. Dance to your music.

Go outside and walk.

Write poetry or journal.

Squeeze your hands together really tight until the urge to overeat goes away.

Go online to this site. See if anyone is in the chat room or boards.

Chew gum.

Drink lots of water. Keep a water bottle with you all the time.

Read a book.

Scream into a pillow or in your head.

Volunteer during the summer at an animal shelter or hospital during your most bored times.

Perhaps overeating is simply a habit of large portion sizes, which is common in the supersize culture of fast-food. Visit our “How Do I lose Weight?” page to learn more about the causes of being overweight and how to transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Finding support for overeating can really give some kids the boost they need to succeed in weight loss. If you don’t feel comfortable with talking about your weight with your mom, perhaps there is another adult you can confide in. Consider your school counselor or nurse, youth minister, or any other adult you trust. You can also Chat with Lucy, a Registered Dietician, every Wednesday from 7p-8p in the chat room. You can find support not only from her, but the other kids and teens that show up for chat time. We hope to see you there soon!

 My family life is not ideal for losing weight.

=> im 12 and im 126 lbs my mom lives with her mom and no one will buy healthy food for me or the family so i try 2 stay fit and workout and eat rite and only have sugar free stuff but it wont work i need excize and how long do i do them my mom woulnt let me go anywhere without her so she is lazy and so i stay home all the summer i cant go 2 a frinds house whitch im bored alot so dat makes me mad and sad so how can i be active when i dont and cant go no where

=> Hello, I weigh 160 and I'm only 12. I did the BMI test thing and it said that I could weigh like 130-150 to be at a healthy weight for me. I have big bones and I'm tall. My mom is always buying like a lot of junk food, because my family is like skinny. Well, except for my dad. And we are always in town because were like always busy and when my mom ge hungry she eats fast food which tempts me to eat something too. I am very very very embaressed about the way I look. I think that I am fat, ugly, that I don't look good in any clothes or shoes, I just hate me I hate the person I am I hate the way I look. I have like no confidence or anything. How do I gain some confidence and like how do I lose weight? Please help!!

 Both of you describe situations that make it extra difficult to lose weight. However, an open discussion with your parents about your desire to reach a healthy weight range may improve the home environment and make it easier to achieve weight loss.

Read our tip about “Talking With Your Parents About Your Weight Loss Wishes”. Before talking with your parents, prepare a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Then write down a list of specific ways in which your parents can support you in losing weight. For example, if mom is pressed for time and always chooses fast food, explore other items on the menu that are healthier (chicken salads, fruit-yogurt cups, milk). Or find and suggest other quick eateries that have a healthier menu than where your mom usually takes you. There may be a local soup and sandwich diner with healthier food. If your mom doesn’t like you to leave the house without her supervision, see if there are adult-supervised clubs or activities in the area where she would feel comfortable allowing you to attend. Swimming lessons, outdoor arts and crafts classes, and more are offered by the YMCA, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, City Recreation & Park departments, and church youth groups in many communities.


=> well i wanna noe dose it make u lose weight and is it gud or bad for u

 Self-induced vomiting (making yourself throw up) is bad for you. Self-induced vomiting is a type of purging often used by those with Bulimia Nervosa. Throwing up is always bad when used as a strategy for weight loss. Vomiting repeatedly may or may not cause weight loss, but it never helps to keep weight off permanently AND it puts one’s health in serious jeopardy.

Many medical problems can develop when attempting to use self-induced vomiting as a form of weight loss:

  • teeth erosion (due to stomach acid)
  • inflamed esophagus (due to stomach acid)
  • chronic sore throat (due to stomach acid)
  • stomach ulcers (due to a weakening of the stomach lining)
  • dry skin (due to water loss)
  • irregular heart rhythms (due to electrolyte imbalances - you lose essential electrolytes when you vomit)
  • fatigue and shortness of breath (due to loss of iron which results in anemia)

    If self-induced vomiting does not stop, life-threatening conditions can develop:

  • higher risk for esophageal cancer
  • ruptured esophagus
  • perforating (hole that goes all the way through) stomach ulcers
  • seizures and brain damage (due to severe dehydration)
  • heart failure (due to severe electrolyte imbalances)

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