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 I eat when I am bored.

=> I seem to be overweight and I am eating a lot of junk food and sweets. I can't seem to stop when I get bored. I just joined a gym and I can't seem to lose weight.

 Eating because you "feel" a certain way is called "emotional eating". It's important you realize that this is something you might do when you are bored. It can be difficult to quit eating junk food and sweets because you crave them and rely on them to help you feel better, or occupy your time. Take it one day at a time. First, look for something else you can do when you are bored instead of grabbing food. Listen to music, call a friend, or go for a walk. Some people relate the craving to riding a wave. When surfers catch a wave it is really big at first, but the longer they ride it,it turns into a ripple of a wave. The wave may be kind of intense at first but then it sort of fizzles out. This is what happens when you try and give up foods you are addicted to. Read more about food addictions on the Weigh2Rock.com web site. Good luck

 I have little family and friend support

=> I can't help eating, I mean... my family and I eat out so much. It is hard not to weigh as much as I do. We go to a restraunt that doesn't have anything but pizza(they do have more stuff, but it still isn't healthy foods). HELP I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT SO THAT MY BEST FRIEND QUITS MAKING FUN OF ME! She is always calling me names and it really hurts my feelings. I think part of the problem is the stress that my friend is putting me through. I need help BIG TIME. HOW can i losse weight?

 Sounds like you have a lot to deal with and you may not have the support you need. Have you tried to talk to your family about not eating out so much? Maybe you could try and look for a healthier place. Ask your parents if they would be willing to try. Sometimes people don't realize how other people are feeling, so if you feel comfortable enough, talk to your parents about what is going on. If they don't want to try another place to eat, offer to cook dinner with their help. If that is not an option, try your best to pick a healthy meal. You can ask the waiter to make special accommodations like putting sauces and dressings on the side, not adding as much cheese, or grilling your food rather than eating the fried version.

It sounds like your friend is not being very supportive. Friends don't call each other names if they know they are hurting the other person's feelings. Have a talked with your friend? Let her know what she is saying is hurtful and it’s not helping. Ask her to help you come up with a plan for being a healthy weight and you can work on it together. If she is not being very supportive, talk with your parents about an alternative plan for after school. Think about joining a club that meets after school where you can make new friends. Check out the local YMCA and see if they have a program you may like. Many of their programs include exercise or physical activity. Good luck!

 I want to be healthy!

=> Hi I'm in a funk. I'm down all the time because I am so over wieght. Next year im going to high school and I have never had a boyfriend either and not that I want to lose weight for boys. I want to be healthy and have a nice body so do you have any advice or tips for me?

 Starting high school can be scary with new classes and new people to meet. You said you do not want to lose weight for boys but rather because you want to be healthy and look a certain way. It’s so important that you want to lose weight for yourself and because you want to be healthy! It’s natural that you may start thinking about dating as you start high school. Become a healthy weight for you. Just like friends, a boyfriend will like you for who youare, and will be supportive. Like many other questions posted, kids just like you, want to know how to lose weight. Remember to work on both eating healthy and being physically active. Take it one step at a time and any weight loss, whether it’s a pound or half a pound, you are moving closer to your goal and should be very proud of yourself! Check out some of the websites below
Denise Austin's Fit Kids
Be Active Kids

 Going out to eat with friends.

=> What about when you and your freinds go out to eat together and all of your skinny friends eat 1-2 slices of pizza while you have already eaten 3 and still wanting more?

 When you go out with your friends to eat, of course you go because you are hungry, but you also go because you want to have a good time with your friends. It sounds like you were too distracted with wanting to eat more pizza. Sometimes we may grab extra food because it tastes so good. Usually when friends hang out, they are wrapped up in talking about different things, that sometimes eating usually takes a while. Ask yourself “what did my friends & I talk about the last time we went out to eat?” If you can't think about anything because all you could think about was the next slice of pizza, something else may be going on. Think about how you felt when you were with your friends. Did you feel nervous, happy, sad, etc.? Ask yourself "am I really hungry and want to eat more, or do I want it for another reason?" Next time really concentrate on having a good time with your friends and don't let food be the focus.
Good luck!

 Snacking after school

=> I want to lose weight because when I am running in P.E I get out of breath really easily. I can not help going to the fridge when I get in from school so can u help me please?

 Usually when you feel out of breath when you move around, or you just don't feel good physically, weight loss will help. You will be able to move around easier and be able to exercise longer.
The way we eat is by habit. We usually eat around the same time each day and usually the same foods. When you get home from school and go to the fridge, it’s probably out of habit because it’s what you do on most days, even though you may not actually be hungry! Try and switch up your routine. Instead of going to the fridge right away, look for something else to do after school. Try starting your homework, ask some friends to hang out, get involved in a club, read a book, or go for a walk. Eventually you won't miss your usual routine. If you’re actually hungry and reach for a snack, pick something healthy and watch how much you eat. Good luck!

 Embarrassed about my weight

=> I was wondering if you knew the average weight for my height. I feel like I am EXTREMELY OVERWEIGHT. And I dont want to go to the doctor, because I feel embarassed. I dont want my parents finding out my weight either. because I think I weigh more than they do. Which diet is more effective, and is dance an effective way to lose weight because I love to dance.

 You can use the "weight calculator" on the Weigh2Rock.com website to determine your BMI, which is what's typically used to determine if someone is considered overweight or obese.
It can be so very difficult to talk to your doctor or parents about your weight. Many times, kids avoid these situations because they don't want to have to deal with talking about their weight. It's not a topic many kids like to talk about! What makes this difficult is that it can lead to feelings of helplessness or stress because you feel like you need to take care of this on your own. It’s important you lose weight for yourself and because you want to be healthy, but the most successful weight loss stories actually happen when other people get involved to help and support. Your doctor and your parents are there to help you and won't judge you.
Throw the word "diet" out the window! Rather think of ways to change how you eat or what you eat, so it will help you become a healthy weight. Cutting back on high sugary foods like soda and juices and replacing them with water or diet drinks/sugar free drinks, will cut way back on the calories you may consume. Think about the snack foods you choose. Replace them with 100 calorie snack packs or fruits/veggies or yogurts. Think about how big the portions are on your plate. Talk to your doctor, they will be able to help you along the way by giving you information and by encouraging you!
Dancing is a fabulous way to burn calories! You have the right idea! It’s so important to do an exercise or activity you like. You'll be burning calories and having fun doing it.
You are on your way to becoming a healthy weight. Stick with it and remember to ask for help. Good Luck!

 Hard Sticking with a Diet

=> I am obese and want to lose weight quickly, but its sometimes hard for me to stick to a diet but I really want to lose the extra pounds what can I do?

 It’s hard to stick with a diet, that's why most of the diets you have heard of don't really work. Don't think of it as you "can't" do it because most likely these diets are just too hard to follow. Many cut out food groups which are important for us to eat, and cut back way too much on the amount of food. This usually causes people to overeat at their next meal. Don't think of it so much as a diet you need to follow, but rather, changing the way you eat for the better.
It’s important to choose healthy foods and make sure you watch your portion sizes! Unfortunately, there is no way to lose weight as quickly as most people wish they could. Besides eating healthy, it would be hard to be a healthy weight without exercise. Good luck!

 Fruits and Veggies

=> I want to keep a healthy diet. I dont like any vegies or fruits. I try them but i just cant stand the taste. What kind of foods should i eat if i dont like fruits or vegies? thanks for your help!

 Some people really like fruits and veggies and others think they are boring, or don't like the taste. But we really do need our fruits and veggies! They have so many healthy benefits and are great snacks that are low calorie. Many people would rather drink the juice but that’s not always the healthy way. Juice doesn't satisfy your appetite and has many more calories than the fruit! Think about trying a new fruit, or adding things like dips or yogurts. You can always make a healthy fruit smoothie! Check out the website for other good suggestions

 Asking for help

=> I am quite overweight. I want to know how to talk to my mom about this as she is very small and I'm not sure how she will react. I eat alot everynight and my mom has no idea. She drops hints about dieting and losing weight but it is just really hard to talk with her.

 It’s probably really hard to go to your parents and ask for help. It sounds like you realize you need some help with dealing with your weight and your eating habits. It’s so important that you realize you need support and the help of your Mom. You should be very proud of yourself to want to confront your fear of talking with your Mom. It may actually be that your Mom may not know how to approach the subject with you either! Talk to your Mom, if she feels like she may not know how to help, then ask your doctor or nurse for help. Let her try to support you. It will feel good to let out your feelings! Good luck.

 Self confidence

=> I need to lose weight before june because the whole sixth grade is going swimming and they will probably make fun of my weight in my bathing suit and I don't want that to happen because I will be so embarassed about my weight please help me and tell me it only took you for months to lose a lot of weight.

=> At school....how can I gain confidence and not care about the popular people teasing and talking about me? How can I feel better about myself?

 Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for weight loss. Weight gain doesn't happen overnight and it's the same with weight loss. Many kids feel the same way as you do. It's really tough to think people are looking at you and judging how you look. In fact, sometimes it's so overwhelming that you don't even feel comfortable walking down the street because of what complete strangers may think. The best thing you can do is realize that people,are actually not thinking about you the way you think they are! Just as you’re trying to "mind-read" what people are thinking, people are probably thinking it about themselves. Many times we take what we think about ourselves and think "that must be what they think about me because it’s what I think!" Well, chances are, they are more concerned about what’s going on with themselves.
Nothing can shut down someone who’s being disrespectful and just plain mean more so than self confidence! If you let them get to you with their comments, it will reinforce their behavior and they will continue. But you can show up to swim class with confidence and show them that they need to accept you for the way you are because you like yourself and accept yourself. This will take the pressure off of you feeling like you need to instantaneously lose weight and you can do it the right way. Good luck.

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