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 I don’t know how to lose weight.

=> i am overweight and i need to lose weight. but i dont know how to lose weight. i weight 210 lbs. i am only 11 and im tall. i want to be as skinny as my friends. is it possible to wiegh 90 pounds at 5ft tall

=> Hi i am a freshman i weigh 175lb and i dont know to loose weight everthing i hace tried does not work for me can you give me some ideas how to loose weight.

=> How can I not be Overweighted?

 Eating more than we need can be bad habit and often it develops at an early age. Habits can be hard to break, but they can be broken little by little with persistence. Breaking this habit involves identifying the reasons you are overeating. Do you find that you are reaching for extra snacks when you are bored? Stressed? Lonely? Angry? Depressed? Food is a common way to deal with these unpleasant feelings because we feel good for the short time while we are eating, although the good feeling is short lived and the side effect is weight gain. Instead, try to find ways to deal with the unpleasant thoughts and boredom by using alternative activities such as calling a friend, going on a walk, or starting a new hobby such as painting or building a model railroad set. Visit the How Do I Lose Weight? section within our Healthy Weight School to learn more about to break this bad habit.

 What does being anorexic mean?

=> Hi lucy. Im 12 years old, and weigh 6 stone (84 lb.). I find this very worrying, even though I am 5 foot tall. I am quite skinny but feel like i have to lose weight. I know that I am not anorexic because I eat, but i find myself counting calories and feeling ill before every meal. No matter what anyone says, I still feel like i need to lose weight but i want to do it in a safe way. I cannot let my parents know! any tips?

 Based on your height, weight, and age, you are within the healthy weight range. In fact you are at the lower end of the healthy weight range, so losing weight may drop you into the underweight category. You can use our weight calculator to see what weight ranges are appropriate for you as you grow.

Even people who are anorexic eat. Many people with this type of eating disorder may think they are fat when they are really underweight. Anorexia nervosa is particularly dangerous in the growing years since undernutrition may cause damage to the bones, heart, and other vital organs. Girls with anorexia stop having menstrual periods, for example.

Anorexia typically starts out as a distorted body image. The child or teen believes he/she is overweight, even though online weight calculators say this is not true. Anorexia is often tied to the issue of control. For example, severely restricting food intake can serve as a means of controlling other people. One common situation anorexic nervosa patients face are extremely strict parents. If a child feels too suppressed by their parents or others, one way they may try to exert their own power is by manipulating the one thing that others can’t control – their own food intake.

Obviously, people with anorexia nervosa should not try to deal with this eating disorder by themselves. If you feel uncomfortable talking with your parents, look for another trusted adult such as a school nurse, teacher, mental health counselor, or a family friend. Our eating disorders web page has additional web resources.

 How do I get motivated to lose weight?

=> i just wanted to know first do you have any ideas on ways to help me because i am the kind of person who says i will start tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and i say the next. Also my second problem is that my mom who really is the one who wants me to lose the weight because i dont like talking about it with my friends.... but anyways she is very discouraging when i say i cant go to the gym she always will reply with something like fine be on medicines at 14 or ok just keep getting bigger and bigger. please help me i feel so stuck i really do want to lose the weight but i feel like there are so many obstacles in my way!

=> i live in Mississippi. Down here sports i a really big thing. i weigh 230 lbs and id like to try and lose some weight to become something better than a 4th string offensive lineman and maybe make the baseball team. id like to try and lose 80 lbs.

=> i here really want to lose my belly fat for my birthday that is coming real soon. i will be 12, so of course that means now i am 11

 Whether one is losing weight for health reasons, sports, or wanting to look better for a special occasion such as a birthday, we are usually frustrated with finding the motivation to make the steps necessary to lose those extra pounds. Making changes to our eating habits and activity levels is hard work because they can represent big changes in our lives.

First, you many want to outline the reasons why you do want to lose weight AND the reasons why you don’t want to lose weight. Lucy wrote down her own chart of pros and cons to losing weight here. Filling out the chart helped Lucy to reflect on how making lifestyle changes may be hard, but it also made it less scary. Going through this process motivated Lucy to set some small doable goals that added up to significant weight loss over time. For instance, for the first few weeks, she decided to reduce the amount of soda pop she drank from two to one can per a day. After she achieved that goal, she then cut down soda pop to one can per a week and then finally none! Drinking enough fluids is important so Lucy started to drink more water, milk, and tea instead of soda pop. She also chose to start walking 15 minutes three times per a week. Once she achieved that, she felt motivated to try walking 30 minutes three times per a week. These small changes added up over time. Chose goals that YOU are interested in and that you feel confident in achieving.

Even though some kids may be reluctant to talk about weight problems with friends, you might reconsider after learning about how you can get A Little Help From Your Friends.

 Sometimes I feel so hopeless about losing weight.

=> hi lucy. i am 11 and i weigh 172 lbs. i have lots of friends, so i should think who cares i have friends and seem happy but when i look at myself in the mirror i hate what i see. I’ve only lost a couple pounds and i felt amazing, like i could lose more weight but then i look in the mirror, and im trying on clothes, and i think im never gunna lose weight but you changed my mind. i now just realized that it takes a while but if i work hard and believe in myself i can do it. so thank you. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!

 You are right: believing in yourself, working hard, and patience are important attributes in successful weight loss. We can’t be perfect, but we can learn from our mistakes and be stronger as a result of them. A big part of trying to lose weight is learning to effectively deal with the thoughts that run through our heads. When faced with huge challenges, we are sometimes overwhelmed with negative thoughts and fall into the trap of “all or nothing” thinking. For example, one might think, “I just had four pieces of pizza for lunch. I’ve screwed up for today and so I might as well eat junk food the rest of the day.” Instead, replace disparaging thoughts with a more balanced attitude such as, “I ate four slices of pizza for lunch. I am going to drink lots of water until dinner time and go for a walk this evening.”

Click here to learn more on how to deal with Stinkin' Thinkin': All or nothing!

 I am getting teased about my weight and I hate it!

=> i am a 11. i am really obese and i am soo fat and wobbly. i weigh just under 14 stone and i am a size 14 but my 4 lawers of fat still hang out. people call me fatty and big mama. i have stretch marks on it all. im soo upset

=> i am overweight and i really dont like it people at school make fun of me and laugh at me when i am walking up the stairs cause i am always out of breath and i really dont like it.

=> i am 12 and weigh 190 people always make fun of me and i hate it. i see all these skinny girls and i want to be like them, and i really like this guy but i am too fat for him. and i eat too much i cant help it, i have to eat ALL the time! plz help me wat did u do??

 Teasing is very common during school age years, especially for children who are overweight. People who do the teasing usually do so out of their own insecurities. This may not seem obvious at first, but if people were truly comfortable with their own lives, why would they go to the trouble of putting other people down? Although they may not realize it, most people who tease are trying to make themselves feel better at the expense of making someone else look or feel bad. This usually backfires in the long run, although it may take many years before they recognize and regret their bullying or teasing. In the meantime, there are ways to successfully cope with teasing when you encounter it. For example, ignoring remarks or smiling or joking when teased will probably confuse bullies and force them to reconsider their taunts. Click here to see more Lucy Tips on Teasing.

Self Esteem Start-up Kits can also help you deal with teasing as well as all the other challenges that often come with trying to lose weight. Start your kit today by writing down three things that you enjoyed during the day or that you like about yourself.

If you feel like your eating is out of control and “can’t help it”, you are not alone. Many overweight kids report similar feelings and often find themselves eating due to stress, loneliness, depression, anger, boredom, sadness, or any of the other negative feelings that we are all prone to experience periodically. Many of these negative feelings can be brought on by teasing. Visit our Healthy Weight School to learn more about how comfort eating can cause weight gain.

 What is the healthy weight range for me?

=> what is the normal weight for girls 12 yrs

=> im 4'11 and i weigh 95p am i overweight i feel like im hungry but really im eating just because im board

 Try our weight calculator to find your healthy weight range. This range will change as you grow taller and older. It also varies a little depending on whether you are a boy or girl. The weight calculator finds your BMI (body mass index) and determines where you fall on the BMI percentile chart for kids. You will fall into one of four categories:

• BMI 1st to 4th percentile: Underweight
• BMI 5th to 84th percentile: Healthy Weight
• BMI 85th to 94th percentile: Overweight
• BMI 95th to 100th percentile: Obese

Even if you are a healthy weight but find yourself eating when you are bored, be careful not to let this develop into a bad habit. Eating out of boredom is one of the top reasons overweight kids cite for comfort eating .

 How do I lose weight?

=> what do i do from being over weight

=> hey im a 12 year old girl that weights 150 how can i lose weight i spend more time at school and when i get home i eat a lot plz help my lose weight

=> im 12 years old nd weigh 9 stone! all my friends are 5-6 stone! every month i put on weight !please help.

=> im fifteen and im 5'1 and i way 152lb and i hate it i feel like i have no support at home because my mom is smaller then i am and i dont know how to loose weight 20 pounds would be great but i dont know how to do it..can you help me?

 Most people know that losing weight is a matter of eating less and exercising more. But why does it seem so hard for some people? Many people use food not just for hunger, but to also drown out bad feelings such as boredom and stress. Try keeping a journal for at least a week by writing down the feelings you experience before you eat. Identify times of the day that you seem to be eating for reasons besides hunger and then find fun activities to replace the pleasure food is giving you. Visit our Healthy Weight School to learn more.

The more support you have in your weight loss journey, the better! Finding a motivational mate helps many kids successfully work towards their goals. If you think you need help talking about your weight with your parents, click here .

 Is it okay to lose weight quickly?

=> soo ive lost 3lbs in 3 days thats good right

=> How do i lose weight fast? Can you please tell me!

=> Lucy what should i do to lose 50 lb. off my body before my banquet

 Most health professionals recommend losing only 1-2 pounds (1/2 to 1 kg) per week as a safe rate of weight loss. Others recommend an even slower rate of 1 pound (1/2 kg) per month. Losing weight too quickly is not only dangerous for your health, but also makes it more likely you’ll regain this weight in the future since most of the fast weight reduction is due to a loss of water, not a loss of fat.

Many people put far too much emphasis on day-to-day weight fluctuation, which doesn’t represent real fat loss or gain. Since safe and effective weight loss takes time, try weighing yourself every few days or just once a week instead of every day. This will accomplish at least two things. First, you’ll be more realistic about your goals by focusing on the long term changes. And second, short term fluctuations in weight, which is often due to water gain or loss, will not be so distracting from your overall weight goal. Short term fluctuations in weight can be caused by such things as hormonal changes during periods, or eating extra salty meals.

Consult with your doctor for the rate of weight loss most appropriate for you. Then track your progress by signing up for our free weight chart.

 Is starvation a good way to lose weight?

=> if every thing u think about is food and u r starving ur self the death then wat do you do cuz i am intrested of loosing weight i just got done exersising and my just now told me about this web site i weigh to much and i am tired of my own friends saying i am fat.

=> is it true that if u skip meals u will gain weight?

 If you are not taking in sufficient calories while you are trying to lose weight, then your body may think you are in a starvation mode and will slow down your metabolism, which in turn will make it harder for you to lose weight. This is a survival mechanism. Thus, effective and safe weight loss requires sufficient calories for the body to maintain its normal metabolism and realistic goals of no more than two pounds of weight loss per week. This Calorie Capers tip is a general guide to how many calories kids require at different ages and activity levels. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to accurately count calories. For some overweight kids, a more helpful strategy is to cut back a third to half of what they normally eat, or learning to eat when they feel true physical hunger and not eat for comfort.

Some type of physical activity is essential for successful weight loss, but it is very difficult to lose weight by only exercise or only food modifications. Identify changes that you can make in both of these categories. Start with small doable goals and as you reach them, set new goals. Take the Motivation March challenge to set some realistic goals for yourself this week!

 Which foods cause weight gain?

=> What are the main tings that causes weight gain in a list

=> I want to know how I gain weight in a list what causes weight gain and the top 20 foods

 Most people gain weight because they over-eat high pleasure foods that contain lots of fat and/or sugar such as chips, pizza, donuts, etc. Which food(s) a particular person may overeat or become addicted to depends on the individual. For example, when kids were asked in This Month’s Poll to list their problem foods, the answers ranged from bread, "anything salty", to fast food, Pepsi, and donuts. All foods that the kids listed, however, qualified as high-pleasure foods.

If you find yourself eating these types of high-pleasure foods frequently, then you need to identify whether you are truly hungry or eating for the extra comfort these foods provide because you are bored, stressed, or trying to suppress some other negative feelings. These foods can provide a temporary feeling of comfort, but in the end will cause weight gain if used more than just to satisfy hunger. Weight gain is a result of the body taking in more calories than the body is burning. Why Do You Get Overweight? is part of our Healthy Weight School section.

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