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Teasing at school...ouch!

Many kids & teens say they feel different because they are overweight. Feeling and looking different can hurt some people's self esteem. Since it is already hard looking different, it can makes things even harder when a person points out the differences in a negative way. Here are some suggestions if you ever get teased:

*   Try to talk to a friend of the person who teases you that doesn't tease you. That person maybe able to talk to the person who teases and convince them to stop.

*   Notice the other people teased by the person or people. Invite one of them to watch a movie with you or to go the park after school. Many people find safety in numbers and the two or three (or more) of you can join forces to stand up to the bully. Also, you can make new friends!

*   Practice in front of a mirror how you will respond to teasing if it happens again. Maybe have something to say, like "That's a compliment coming from you!" You could even ask a parent or counselor what you should say if it happens again.

*   Join a club or team sport that you enjoy. Here people will learn more about you outside of how you look. They will get to know the real you. Over time, you will have more friends which will help stop the bullies from picking on you.

*   Write down something everyday that you are proud of that you did. Make sure to do this every single day and put it in a place that is special for you. Writing down the positive things helps to silent the teasing and make the good stuff louder.

*   Remember, you are NOT alone. There are other people who go through the same thing everyday. You will find many on this site. Check out the bulletin boards and chat room. Consider finding a weight loss buddy. Encourage each other to exercise and eat healthy. Even more, support each other when days are tough.

*   Lastly, consider discussing with a trusted adult what is going on. Meet with a teacher, school counselor, or with a person at your church, temple, or mosque. You can even give your parents a try. Talk with someone who will listen about what happens to you during the day. Talking about it can help!

*   Remember...the teasing is not YOUR fault! The teasing comes from the bully's own insecurities and has nothing to do with you! You are the stronger and braver one for not being a bully!

      Adapted from: Rimm, S. Rescuing the emotional lives of overweight children: What our kids   go through--And how we can help. 2004.

Make this a healthy week!

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