BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy


Self Esteem Start Up Kits!

Sometimes being overweight is hard. It can be hard to look different than many of your peers. Also, many people may want you to be healthier. This may make you feel more stress or pressure.

Many overweight kids and teens say they don't feel happy about themselves. Some people call this low self esteem. Having low self esteem can make it harder to lose weight. To start feeling better about yourself today, consider trying some of the activities listed below. It will be your self esteem start up kit. Put it in a cool box. Write it in a cool notebook. Keep it in a special place. And, look at it often!

*In a notebook, write down things you like about yourself. Maybe you like your sense of humor. Or, you may be good at solving math problems. You may be a good listener. Write down as many as you can think of. This may be hard at first. That is okay. You can add more as you think of them.
*Everyday, write down 3 things you enjoyed during the day or things you learned you liked about yourself. Here is an example of what Lucy wrote:

March 7: I loved feeling the warm sunshine today. I liked that I was able to listen to Maria when she was sad. I got an A on a spelling test.
*Decorate your self esteem start up kit with things you love and things that make you feel happy. Cut out pictures from magazines. Paint or color them from your imagination. However you pick to decorate it is the right way!
*Write down all the things you want to do once you are at a healthy weight. You may want to try out for the school play once you are at your goal weight. Or, you might want to join the track team. Whatever your dreams are, write them down. Now...instead of waiting, do it today! Every month, pick something you are waiting to do when you lose weight. Try it out. You don't need to wait until you are at your healthy weight to fulfill your dreams!

Remember to add to your kit everyday. You may want to add something else to your self esteem kit! Great! The more you add to it, the better it will be! Soon, you will be remembering the good stuff of everyday. You will remember the good stuff about yourself. You will also start to forget the bad stuff!

Make this a healthy week!

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