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 My parents make me exercise to lose weight.

=> My parent say that i am to fat to be on the swim team and that the make me do every excrice that they can think of. And i am getting really tired of beaing bossed around even though i'm adopted and i really want to lose weight to get them to stiop making me excirce. thank you lucy , please give me some great avidie.

 Exercise helps to lose weight, but it should be fun stuff, like hiking with other kids, or easy games. Call your local Parks Department or your YMCA and ask if they have fun stuff for kids to do. Your school nurse may also know of fun things you can do. Good luck!

 How can I help my friend who is overweight?

=> I have a friend with a weight and self-esteem problem. She is 5'4" and approximately 175 pounds, which puts her in the category of obese. Even though she plays a lot of sports, she eats badly so she keeps the extra weight on. Sometimes she feels severely depressed and her body has a ton to do with it. She has even considered suicide. How do I help her lose body fat without damaging her body and boost her self confidence without a professional?

 You are a wonderful friend. Help your friend to think about why she eats so badly. Usually it’s to cope with sad emotions like poor self esteem or the stresses of life. Unfortunately, just being obese can make kids depressed. Then they eat to feel better, which of course makes them gain more weight, then more depression, then more overeating, and so on. This is called a "vicious circle". To break the vicious circle, persuade your friend to do things with other kids, anything fun and active, like walking or hiking clubs. Also, tell her about this site and the kids here. They would love to help her as well.

 I'm scared that I might die from being overweight.

=> am 13 am a female and i weigh 158 pounds... i dont wanna die i eat kinda healthy i love suger but have cutt down but the wigeht wont come off nnot only that it rises am so scared i hate neddles i hate blood test i hadent had one before but am scared of pain i dont wanna die what do i do !!! help

 You sound really motivated to do something about your weight, because you are worried about your health. When you are about to eat a food that you have a problem with, think about your health and what you fear (needles, pain, etc.) Then ask yourself, “Is the brief pleasure that I get from this food worth it?”

 How can I get half my weight off?

=> im a 14 year old girl that live in philadephia .my wieght is 228 can you help me get half of it off.

=> I am 11 years old and I am about 175 pounds. I don't like being over weight...I have to change in front of other girls. I can't have both of my legs completely touching because of the size of my thighs... I wear an x-large adult... I just over eat. So I guess my main question is, how to lose the weight quick, safe, and easy?

 You have to make a decision: which it worth more, the comfort that you get from food, or stopping the pain that you feel from being 228 pounds. Sure, food gives you comfort, but only briefly, and it has the terrible side effect that it makes you heavier. If you lost weight you probably wouldn’t need as much comfort, anyway. Look at the tip in the answer just above this one. But it’s your decision. You have to go through the terrible cravings and antsy feelings of getting off the high pleasure foods you are hooked on. But it gets a lot better if you can make it though the first few weeks. It’s like “detox”. And at the same time you must learn to substitute other things for comfort that do not involve food. The kids on this site are happy to help you. Look at the bulletin board in the Teens Area.

 I wish I were skinny.

=> Hi im almost 13 and my friend is almost 11 we both think were fat well we no were fat my weight is about 170 amd her weigt is about 165 im way taller she is 4'11 and im 5'4 we are best friends . like we will be wacthing tv and see this pretty skinny girl and will say i wish id be that skinny well we are tired of wishing

 It’s always painful when you compare yourself to someone thinner. But remember that there are many kids a lot heavier than you two are, who probably feel bad when they see you. Nearly all overweight kids wonder why it is so hard to resist cravings for pleasurable food, even when they know that gaining more weight will make them more miserable. It’s very much like an addiction, not really much different from smoking or alcohol.

Here’s a tip. Which food do you have the worst problem with? Chocolate? French fries? Ice cream? Just stop that one food completely. Don’t eat it, don’t buy it, just stay away from it. Imagine that it will harm you if you eat it. You may crave that food terribly for a couple of weeks, but then the cravings will become much less, until at the end of a month you won’t hardly miss that food. Then pick another food that you have a problem with and do the same with it. Just by stopping a few foods that you have the most problem with, you can lose weight. But be careful not to then abuse other foods as substitutes for what you’ve stopped. Find other things for comfort like calling a friend or get a pet. Look at the article on this site on "How do I lose weight?"

 I Need Help Starting An Exercising Plan!

=> I am 14 years old. I am 5 feet and 8 inches tall and I weigh 165 pounds. I really need to loose 45 pounds. Do you have any exercise plans that can work for me? I don’t eat junk food or drink sodas. Trust me, my mom is a health freak. I just can’t seem to loose the weight. Please help.

=> I’m a 14 year old girl that lives in Philadelphia. I weigh 228 pounds. Can you help me get half of it off?

 Eating healthy is so important to becoming healthier. Having a support system makes losing weight more successful. Check out
Tips and Resources . You can find tips on balancing food and physical activity.

You can then click on this week's tips from Lucy. Here you can find all sorts of different types of exercises you can do that are also fun! You can also click on
Teens . This site is specifically for teens. There is a chat room to share your feelings and get support from others.

 How Can I Improve The Way I Look?

=> I am 14 years old and I hate my body. It makes me so depressed that I never want to go to the pool or the beach. It really upsets me as I used to be my school’s swimming champion. I can’t face wearing a swimming costume anymore. I hate my hips and thighs. I was wondering if you could help me with an exercise plan to shift weight off these areas?

 As a teenager, your body is constantly changing, so it is normal to have happy and sad feelings about the way you look. There are some thin people who do no like the way they look and there are some overweight people who are comfortable with how they look. Society has put so much pressure on us to have a certain look. The first thing you can do is click on the Weight Calculator to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI). This will be a guide to determine if you are a healthy weight or not. You can then click on this week's tips from Lucy. Here you can find all sorts of tips, such as different types of exercises you can do as well as learning how to build your self esteem.

After you have tried these suggestions and you are still feeling sad or depressed, it can help to talk to someone you can trust like a school nurse, teacher, close friend or relative about your feelings. Sometimes talking to others can help you deal with your emotions.

 Do I Need To Lose Weight and How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

=> I am 11 years old and I weigh about 140 to 145 pounds.I wanna know if I'm over weight? If I am how can I lose it fast even if I'm not over weight?

=> Hey I wanna lose weight but I don't know how to. Can you help me somehow?

=> I just took a quiz on kidshealth.org and it said that I am overweight. I am an 11 year old girl who ways 99 pounds. Am I normal or overweight?

 To determine if you are a healthy weight or not, you will need to see your doctor to get your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI is a number that shows how your weight compares to your height (BMI = weight / height2). Depending on this number, your doctor will then determine if you will need to make any eating changes or increase your exercise. Losing weight fast is not healthy or safe. If you are not overweight, you don’t necessarily have to lose weight. Working with your doctor is the best way for you to remain a healthy weight if you are not overweight and before beginning any type of weight loss or exercising program to lose weight. The Weight Calculator on this site and the lessons in the School Area may also be helpful to you.

 Should I attend Fat Camp?

=> is fat camp a good idea

 Fat or Fit camps can be a good idea if this is something that you are interested in doing. Before you attend, find out what type of programs they have such as activities and sports. Take a look at what other children or parents may have written about their experiences while there. Also, be sure they don’t make you feel like you should be on a special diet but instead encourage you on how to make healthier food choices everyday and help build your self esteem and confidence for life long success. Good luck to you if you make the decision to attend one.

 How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

=> hey i live in arkansas i am overweight i am 5'3 i think and weigh 160 i want to way 145 before school starts which is august 19 can u please help me im crying and begging for dis to happen!

 To be honest that's a bit too much weight to want to lose in that short a period of time. You want to be safe when you are losing weight, you don't want to become tired or depressed that you aren't losing fast enough. Ask your parents or guardian to look up the number of your local health department so you can talk with a dietitian. Or ask your school nurse if there is someone in your school that you can talk to. Losing weight slowly will be more successful and safer.

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